(If this looks familiar you may have read this before on my previous blog platform which I accidently and irretrievably deleted. I am in the process of trying to publish as many entries as possible that I had backed up. I have changed blog providers as I wanted to keep the original name which is now not available with my previous blog platform)

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”
Che Guevara

“Evil thrives when good men do nothing”
Edmund Burke

I am strongly opposed to oppression, injustice and exploitation whether it is implemented, against animals, humans, or the earth.

I blog for social justice, for animal rights and for animal and human liberation and will write about whatever I consider important or interesting within the remit of my worldview. Not always negative – I will try and find some occasional respite and highlight some of the good that has happened and not simply rant and rave about all the awful things that occur. My entries will not always be profound either, there will be the odd gripe or two about more trivial issues that really ‘get your goat’ such as those irritating store points that have people practically grovelling and ever changing their energy providers just for relatively insignificant amounts of money accrued by points. I kid you not, people signed up for Sainsbury’s energy just to get extra points and believe it or not Sainsbury’s actually reneged on the deal – more about that in a future entry.

Yes I do ramble on a bit and if you are looking for short and sweet you won’t find it here.

I am a sufferer of a number of debilitating and chronic conditions who nonetheless cannot stand by and say or do nothing about the appalling treatment of humans and nonhuman animals and the destruction of our environment. From here on I will use the terms human and non human animals because I consider that we are an animal like any other.

I am vegan and a pacifist, however I will not mince my words nor hesitate to be outspoken and defend my world view.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton, written for Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy.

The idea of communication to bring about change rather than the use of violence was considered long before the above quotation, Greek playwright Euripides is supposed to have written: “The tongue is mightier than the blade” Maybe communication will not radically bring about such drastic changes in the foreseeable, future but communication does have the power to bring about change in gradual ways. The more we speak out the more hope there is that what we say may make someone somewhere think differently and by so doing change the world, hopefully for the better, at least that is my intention.

This is a unique time in our entire history when many more people by means of the internet have the opportunity to have their say. Not everyone of course as millions of people have barely enough to eat or clean water to drink or shelter or warmth or any of the basics of life and this saddens me as do so many things that occur in this world that need not happen, when such is preventable.

Regardless of the “right” education or qualification many of us can now speak out more than ever before, so here I am to take advantage of this amazing phenomena, the internet that has brought such radical changes to peoples’ lives and has opened up the world in a way never possible before. Consider the revolutionary changes brought about recently in middle eastern countries, changes which many consider where inspired by social media such as facebook and Twitter.

Things can and must change and we should try to play some part in this, even if it is only to sign a petition to make our voices heard so that in the future we can have a fair and just society were no person goes hungry, no one is exploited and resources are used for the benefit of all at the expense of no person nor any other creature or the environment. We have to bring about an end to the voracious greed of the one percent and make our world a decent place to live. Every journey so the old Chinese proverb says begins with a single step. I hope to include some small steps/actions we can take for the betterment of all, such as the signing of petitions and letter writing campaigns which may surprise you are often quite effective

I am not a professional writer but as someone pointed out it is what you say that matters.

My World View


1. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world.

2. A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or group.

The Free Dictionary

I would like to see a vegan world, a just and fair world for all creatures where everyone recognises that every creature be he human or non human has a right to life. I envision a world where no being or the earth itself is exploited to meet the greed of the few at the expense of the many. I hope for a world without killing, greed, exploitation, a world were finally once and for all time we recognise that every creature has a right to life regardless of species, race, religion, ideology, age or any other status with which humans set themselves up upon a pedestal and consider they are better than other people or other creatures because they have the right ideology, religion or are member of the right race or species.

What I support

I support an end to corporate greed, an end to the exploitation of the planet and all its inhabitants both human and non human to support the one percent at expense of the ninety nine and all the other animals with whom we share this world. The insatiable and unbridled greed of corporations has destroyed many lives worldwide from the millions who are starving and dying of preventable diseases in Africa, to those dying of cold here in the UK because they cannot afford the ever increasing extortionate cost of heating their homes imposed on them by the greedy power suppliers, the millions world wide who have lost their jobs and their homes, the old, the sick and the disabled who have lost or seen a reduction in their benefits and services, all and much more due to the greed of the those who see it as a right to have more than they need. Everyone has a moral right to food, medical care, shelter, and education.

I support animal rights in its strictest meaning which is the abolition of all animal exploitation. Therefore I oppose the exploitation of any living creature for food, clothing, experimentation or entertainment.

I would like to see an end to all kinds of live stock farming, an end to circuses, zoos, horse and dog racing, hunting, vivisection (animal experimentation) for any reason including medical, the use of animals for labour, the ownership of pets . Concerning the ownership of pets or I prefer companion animals, in a perfect world no animal should be kept as a pet, and I wish this situation did not exist, but this is by no means an ideal world and the domestication of dogs and cats has progressed beyond the point of turning back. The opposition by many animal rights advocates towards keeping a companion animal should not be considered as a call to release domesticated animals. Domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and so on are now dependent on us for their survival, it would not be in the best interests of these animals to release them into the wild or let them loose in our streets where in both cases they would starve to death or come to other harm.

For my stance on companion animals and other animal right issues please visit my website

Home Page: Think Differently About Sheep

I could go on, basically I support the underdog, the down trodden, the exploited, the abused whether he be human or non human or the very earth its self.

For a while many of the entries will focus upon the unjust and draconian welfare reforms taking place in the UK and also the fight for our democratic rights concerning the NHS reform bill, officially called the Health and Social Care Bill. The implementation of which yet again the government has ran rough shod over public opinion in the same way as it did to force the ill conceived and detrimental welfare reforms. A reform undertaken for the sole purpose of saving money by cutting the welfare budget at the expensive of the lives of sick and disabled people who are already struggling with serious debilitating and disabling medical conditions.

The blog though will eventually turn to other issues concerning injustice as well as animal rights, a cause that is close to my heart.

In brief I support the following causes and organisations
Animal rights


The Vegan Society

League Against Cruel Sport

Human rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Black Triangle and similar organisations campaigning for justice for the sick and disabled and all those effected by the UK coalition government’s detrimental welfare reforms.
The environment

Care 2
Note: I do not necessarily support all care 2’s campaigns some of which do not fit in with the concept of veganism or animal rights. But in the main this is a good website for on-line activism with petitions and other actions.

The occupy movements world wide


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Your blog is fantastic. I’ve only just got round to having a more detailed look through your posts and I will be continuing to explore its depths.

    I could have written this introduction word for word myself 🙂

    • Thank you so much for enquiring about my absence from posting. It is nice to be missed. I have had a lot of problems and not coping well along with the need to look after our very sick bunny with what the vet has described as very intensive nursing which has exhausted me with all the work and the worry. A serious GI stasis with bloating that required hospitalisation and his stomach emptied. He is lucky to be alive. He is hopefully improving albeit slowly, though I dare not say too much too soon. I am hoping to begin blogging again next week or as soon as possible after that. Again I so appreciate your enquiry which has really made my day.

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