Please take urgent action to save Li Yan from execution

“Justice is not served by executing Li Yan. Amnesty International calls upon the Chinese authorities to commute her death sentence to a term of imprisonment,”
Roseann Rife, Head of East Asia at Amnesty International.

From time to time I will include entries with requests for you to participate in campaigns. Please read carefully and take as much action as you can to save Li Yan, who killed her husband in self defence, from imminent execution.

Read on to sign a petition , send a text message, write letters , send e-mail and faxs to ask the Chinese government not to execute Li Yan

Li Yan who was denied protection from domestic abuse is now facing execution.

This unfortunate woman suffered months of domestic violence which included beatings, burning of her face with cigarettes and even cutting off one of her fingers. After one attack Li Yan needed hospital treatment. Complaints to the police were not followed up and she was offered no protection and no investigations were initiated

Tragically after exhausting all appeals Li Yan who accidently killed her violent husband in self defence now faces imminent execution .

Please help with a campaign by Amnesty International on behalf of Li Yan by clicking the following link for more information and a way to send a text message toTell China: Don’t execute domestic violence victim.”

Or by writing letters, faxes or e-mail ( You will need to scroll down for this information).


Though the opening information says Li Yan could be put to death any day between now and the Chinese New Year in early February, there appears to be no confirmation that this has happened and the campaign continues. According to the the urgent action case sheet, appeals may be sent until 7th March 2013 after which time you are asked to:


Individuals at Risk Programme, Amnesty International UK, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA, 0207 033 1572,

Please click the link below to take the above actions

Also please Sign care 2 Petition

Here is Li Yan’s story and a plea by her brother: My sister, on death row for fighting back

Also see

Amnesty International Ireland

Please take the actions suggested above. This unfortunate women has surely suffered enough

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