The Hypocrisy of the Bedroom Tax

Please attend the nationwide demo against the bedroom tax.

For more information and to find a venue near you:

This is a peaceful rally to protest against this outrageously unfair welfare reform which will leave many people already struggling with the devastating affects of the Con/Dems vicious reforms even more impoverished. 

The excellent political artwork below and commentary by flick user Byzantine_k clearly conveys the hypocrisy of Freud’s ill-conceived Bedroom tax.


To view all sizes: Byzantine_k’s photostream

All sizes of this photo are available for download under a Creative Commons license. Also check out Byzantine_k’s photostream for more political artwork.

Bedroom Tax: The Hypocrite

“David Freud, millionaire and former banker, began his current role under Labour, but ‘jumped ship’ to the Conservatives on the eve of their taking control of the government in 2010, and so it seems, to pursue a more vigorous and hostile attack on welfare and the claimants of such.

Freud’s so called bedroom tax is a cut being applied to the housing benefit of anyone in social housing perceived to have spare bedrooms -irrespective of whether these bedrooms are actually spare or not. The more supposedly spare bedrooms, the more money is taken. 100,000s of households stand to lose at least £650 per year, which on top of the existing cuts and rises to the cost of living; will be nothing short of a disaster. People will be reduced to poverty, and some to homelessness as a direct result of this ruthless and disgusting cut.

Under the bedroom tax rules; children of either gender must share a room if both are under 10. Children under 16 if both are of the same gender are expected to share a room. Considerations of privacy and personal space mean nothing to this government – at least when it concerns the poor. Even parents of disabled children are being told that their child is not allowed their own room under these rules! No consideration for the needs of those with physical disabilities, who may have to have specialised equipment, none for such as autistic children who again may need specially adapted rooms. And no consideration for the siblings expected to share a room with them. Rooms adapted to suit other needs, such as containing medical equipment that there is no space for in the primary bedroom? No, sorry, according to Freud it’s a ‘spare room’. A therapeutic space for your disabled child? No again. If you have a foster child, his or her room is now regarded as ‘spare’, as are the rooms of offspring away at University, or serving in the armed forces. Indeed, the country that you are allegedly fighting for, is no longer prepared to cover the costs of your bedroom in your family home. As for university students, the rising costs of higher education are drifting above the grasp of poorer families anyway.

You must take the cut or downsize insists the government. But many can do or afford neither. Besides this, there is a vast shortfall of available accommodation to downsize to. There is simply nowhere for most to go even if they were willing and able to, none of which seems to have occurred to, or to bother those behind this miserable scheme.

And the sheer rank hypocrisy of David Freud and the numerous other wealthy members of this government, people who claim thousands of pounds in expenses every year whilst receiving substantial salaries, other income and owning 2 or more properties. Freud owns an historic eight bedroom mansion in Kent (and that’s not considering the numerous other ‘spare rooms’ that such houses contain) and which comes with outlying cottages, and a four bedroom town house in London. That’s twelve bedrooms between two people. The poor things must be so cramped! And that’s just what we know of.

Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State at the Department for Work and Pensions, and Freud’s boss, deserves singling out for his hypocrisy as well. A millionaire too, his own country ‘retreat’ is a£2 Million Tudor manor house with landscaped gardens, a tennis court and swimming pool – none of which he even has to pay for, coming via the family of his even wealthier wife.

The audacity and carelessness of these people is staggering though not ultimately surprising. This vicious bedroom tax, and all of the other outrageous attacks on welfare by this government and it’s establishment partners must be resisted at any cost, or we will be left with appalling misery for millions; an impoverished nation with an evermore vast divide between the rich few and the poor majority, being taken back to an age long and thankfully past.”

Included here with permission:



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