More on the bedroom Tax: Out of Touch Freud

Please show your opposition to the bedroom tax by attending one of the 57 protests up and down the country:

Freud has angered many people including myself over numerous issues concerning welfare reform including the bedroom tax. Perhaps you remember when he responded to a call from a separated parent about this unjust reform.

In response to a call on the BBC Radio 5 Live caller programme he told separated father of three that he did not deserve a spare bedroom as his children only stay with him at the weekends and holidays and on such occasions they should sleep on a sofa bed.

Read the full story here:

I am  safe in saying that Freud has a spare bedroom, more than one in fact:

“Loads of room to talk! Bedroom tax Tory Lord Freud lives in eight-bedroom country mansion”. Includes photo of Freud’s Kent mansion “

I would like to ask him why he thinks that he has the right to a spare room and others do not?

He told another caller on the same radio show to take in a lodger. Well Freud why don’t you take in a lodger? It would be good to give a home to someone in need, someone made destitute by your vicious welfare reforms.

Perhaps he thinks he has worked for the right to have at least twelve spare rooms, if this is the case and his wealth is not inherited than so have most people and those who have not it is most likely no fault of their own either as a result of disability, chronic sickness or unemployment. Maybe they have earned poor wages and never been able to afford a home of their own. Most people work for low pay, barely managing to pay their bills. My husband worked for twenty-five years, sixty hours a week before being made redundant. Yet despite the long hours we had little money for luxuries; it was and still is a struggle just to pay the bills. We have only had central heating in the last decade, now we can barely afford to use it. Unlike Freud, Cameron and the rich they support we cannot have our heating on all night and during the day we have to keep the temperature low. The sudden and bitterly cold snap this January is a nightmare for many people and I wonder how many will lose their lives too afraid to turn on the heating because of the extortionate cost of energy. By the time we have paid our bills we have little left for clothing, replacement of crockery, bedding etc and the means of maintaining our home,  let alone luxuries. A holiday? Extremely unlikely. I dread to think what will happen if some major repair is needed. And I mean vital repair, for our home is in need of repair, for instance damp proofing. Every room in our house is riddled with damp I mean serious black unhealthy mold.

Why do some people think they have the right to possess more than other people, the right to far more than one or two  spare rooms, a spare house even. The right to get up in the morning to a warm home while others die of cold. The right to luxuries, holidays and so on. The right to accrue wealth they do not need usually at the expense of other people or for work they have not done, either as an inheritance or the interest accrued on the huge amounts of money they have acquired usually by exploiting others. 

Cameron and his cronies such as Freud have not been affected by the severe and frankly insane austerity measures that have blighted the lives of so many people, people who are already struggling to pay greedy corporations for warmth, food and housing –  the bare essentials of life

I ask you Freud why should you not make some sacrifice for the sake of the so-called financial crisis? Why do you feel you should be exempt?

Why does Cameron and the other blood sucking parasites who live off the labour of other people not think they should make a sacrifice, like the president of Uruguay who has taken a huge 80 percent cut in wages or the French president and his ministers who have taken a thirty percent wage cut.

Jose Mujica: The world’s ‘poorest’ president

This austere lifestyle – and the fact that Mujica donates about 90% of his monthly salary, equivalent to $12,000 (£7,500), to charity – has led him to be labelled the poorest president in the world.

 By Vladimir Hernandeznews/magazine-20243493

“France’s new Socialist government agreed a 30% salary cut for the president and for members of the cabinet at its first meeting on Thursday. “It’s setting an example,” Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in a televised interview Wednesday.”

How dare you ask the exploited of this country, the low paid, the sick and disabled to bear the brunt of the so-called financial crisis, which they were not responsible for?

How dare you expect others to live in deprivation, to sacrifice the small luxuries in life which really aren’t luxuries are they? I mean a spare room for god’s sake. Penalizing people by reducing their housing benefit because of one spare room which in most cases is nothing more than a spare cupboard. I bet these politicians have wardrobes bigger than most people’s spare rooms. Do you bloody well mind if we have an extra room to sleep a visitor or family member or a place to practice a hobby or just simply a bit of space to live.


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