Stop the Bedroom Tax: More Action you can take

Want to defeat the Bedroom tax? Here’s how

Yet another entry concerning the welfare reforms here in the UK. I regret that so far my blog, which is intended to focus on worldwide issues, has mostly concentrated on the struggle we are having here in the UK to preserve our welfare and health care systems which were once the envy of the world. Here is a little background information for anyone not familiar with the situation here in the UK. The right wing Tory government along with their supposedly middle of the road coalition partners the Liberal Democrats have waged war on the poor, sick and disabled, the low paid and the unemployed. This the government for the rich led by the rich are slowly eroding our welfare system, our universal free care health system the NHS and the social progress of common morality and decency, the mark of any socially progressive civilisation. Unless people make a stand the progress of the last sixty years will be gone and we will return to a time which most of us had thought had been forever consigned to history.

The welfare reforms imposed upon the most vulnerable in our society instigated by Cameron and his lackeys are killing people

There are two actions below you can take to stop one of these vicious and unfair welfare reforms, namely, the Bedroom Tax.

More bedroom tax protests planned

 Saturday March 30th.

The bedroom tax effects anyone living in social housing but will be of particular detriment to the disabled, including those with mental health conditions, single parents, families of those recently deceased and anyone on low pay or unemployed.

Please consider attending a peaceful demonstration near you on Saturday March 30th This time there are 50 venues up and down the country.

For more information and location of venues:

Again solidarity is the key so please please please even if you are not personally affected by this shocking reform  support the protest. My husband son and I attended our local protest on Saturday even though this particular reform does not effect us. Unless you are rich most people have had their lives marred in one way or another by Tory austerity measures . Enough is enough, time to stand together and support one another.

Here is another way those of us who are required to pay bedroom tax can make a stand and consign this particularly spiteful vicious cruel inhumane reform to the garbage bin of unfair welfare polices that is literally killing UK citizens.

We could stop the Bedroom Tax if we Chose to. Here’s how

For an excellent blueprint for destroying the Bedroom Tax please click the following link from the Blog, Diary of a benefit Scrounger and take action.

This post looks at WHY and HOW every bedroom tax affected household should challenge their local council’s bedroom tax decision

All that is required is about ten minutes of your time to read the instructions and the writing of two letters to the council. Also included in the information below is a template letter.

This is a very effective method of destroying the bedroom tax so please read carefully and take action.

DWP estimate 200,000 people will lose their homes from this policy. 440,000 of those affected have disabilities. We cannot allow this to happen.

As the author of the information contained in the above link says:

“Time is of the essence given how imminently the bedroom tax will be imposed“.

Please share share share with everyone by social networking and by simple word of mouth.


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