Political Satire and other Political Artwork

If you are one of the millions detrimentally affected by the coalition government’s policies you might enjoy viewing some incredible political artwork from flickr user Byzantine K


such the latest one below:


Garbage – Grey

“Underpaid and overworked? Difficult to get time off for sickness or holidays? Barely any breaks, and restrictions even as to when you can use the toilet?! Why? Because you are increasingly regarded not as a person but as an asset, essentially a machine to be exploited and used to ‘it’s’ maximum potential, and then discarded when you are no longer efficient enough. Hence the ever decreasing protection from employment legislation which is being stripped away by successive governments, in order to make hiring and firing easier and more ‘cost effective’. In many workplaces now, any activity that is not completely focused upon work and hence making a profit, is viewed as wasteful and sometimes literally regarded as theft. To anyone with a shred of reason this is an absurdity, even insanity; unfortunately however reason is in shrinking supply where money is concerned.

This treatment is unhealthy, even abusive; damaging people’s physical and mental health and having a detrimental effect on society as a whole. Furthermore, this view that people are merely ‘assets’ or “stock” is leading to the shocking exploitation of the unemployed through so called workfare schemes in which people are expected to work part or full time jobs for only their benefits. This is grotesque. Not only does this diminish the number of available jobs; existing workers are often having their shifts cut so that employers can exploit the scheme, and those put into workfare find it more difficult to find real work – contrary to what the scheme is allegedly ‘supposed’ to do. Even the disabled are now being hounded into participating in these schemes.”

To read more:


and view other graphics:


See also this artist’s  Blog:


Let face it unless you are super rich the Con/Dem government’s policies have been devastating, few have escaped except huge corporations who have been exempted from paying their taxis. No one has benefitted from the severe, radical, idiotic and frankly unnecessary austerity measures imposed upon the vast majority by the tiny minority of the over privileged who have themselves remained unaffected by these measures.

These disastrous measure include:

Welfare Reform resulting in savage and indeed vicious cuts to benefits leaving thousands of seriously sick and disabled people in dire poverty, driving hundreds to suicide and others to suffer mental torment and deprivation, forced to seek work they are too ill or disabled to do. Work that is not available with over 2.5 million unemployed.

Both the disabled and the unemployed exploited under workfare schemes

Loss of public sector jobs

Cuts to services

Privatisation of the NHS with disastrous consequences

Please take time to view this extraordinary political art and satire which so creatively expresses what is often so difficult to say for most of us.


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