Skinned Alive in China

“Killing an animal to make a coat is sin. It wasn’t meant to be, and we have no right to do it. A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she’s truly beautiful.”
Doris Day

The skinning of live animals is the most hideous cruelty you can imagine. Yes it does happen, the fur trade continues amidst the most unimaginable cruelty as animals have their skins torn from them while they are still alive. The thought of the pain is unthinkable.

Such hideous practice occurs in China, the world’s largest exporter of fur garments, half of which are imported into the USA.

There are no laws against the abuse of animals on fur farms in China were animals are treated in any way the owners of fur farms please. Animals including rabbits, mink, foxes and in many cases cats and dogs – more information about this further down – are housed in out-door cages in cramped conditions exposed to the elements, in freezing cold, rain, and heat from the unrelenting scorching sunshine.

“When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal’s leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut.”

Read more and watch the video by clicking the link below. Please note the video is shocking and many people will find it deeply disturbing, so if you are very sensitive please do not watch. I think we can imagine quite well simply by reading , and that in itself can be difficult, the horror that awaits defenceless animals at the hands of these callous brutal people.

It is shocking that we share our world with people who are so cruel and sadistic and often as we go about our daily lives the horrors of barbaric brutality to human and non humans alike can seem unreal, as most decent people cannot quite grasp the mentality of such callous behaviour.

Though it is of course wrong to raise any animal for fur, particularly in such brutal conditions as those in China, many people will however be shocked to realise that cats and dogs are also bred for fur. Moreover it has been the case of family pets being taken from the streets, thrown into lorries in cramped cages and transported to fur farms where they meet the same fate as other mammals such as rabbits and foxes. To my mind the cruelty to any animal reared for the fur trade regardless of species is equally abhorrent.

An investigation by the Humane Society of the  United States HSUS revealed that animals were hung by the neck while water is poured down their throats so that they drown. Other animals are skinned alive. Scenes of this kind of horrific treatment of cats and dogs came to light as a result of an eighteen month undercover investigation into the cat and dog fur trade in China. The result of this investigation showed that the extent of this heinous practice is bigger than was first believed with more than 2 million animals killed in this brutal way for the fur trade. Fur from cats and dogs has been found not only in the USA but also in Britain, Italy, Germany and Spain. Usually the fur is made up into coats – it takes 24 cats to make one coat and 10 to 12 dogs – hats and gloves and the skin used for drums.

Read more about China’s Fur trade here:

Shocking isn’t it.

You have to ask what kind of person can so callously skin a breathing sentient animal alive than throw is or her flayed body still alive into a pile with others who have suffered a similar fate. The contemplation of such is sickening.

The globalization of the fur trade has made it impossible to know where fur products come from. China supplies more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States. Even if a fur garment’s label says it was made in a European country, the animals were likely raised and slaughtered elsewhere—possibly on an unregulated Chinese fur farm. Besides the fur trade is wrong even if the fur comes from else were where animals receive better treatment. At the end the day there is nothing humane about causing the death of any creature even to sate the appetite for a food that is not natural for humans, let alone for the whims of silly fickle women who give little or no thought to the suffering of animals in order to adorn their bodies with clothing that symbolises the most appalling cruelty.

What can we Do

Here are some suggestions

Stop Wearing Fur

The only way to bring an end to the fur trade is of course to stop buying fur. For the sake of the fickle fashion of the equally fickle minded animals suffer unspeakable cruelty. It has to stop.

Faux fur looks the same. However beware that if it comes from China it may contain some animal fur.

Sign a pledge to go fur free:

Talk to people who wear fur

Here is a video with suggestions about how to approach someone wearing fur. While the temptation is strong of course to really give them a piece of your mind in no uncertain terms, even tip paint over the garment, a better approach is to be friendly and have some leaflets handy. Furthermore it never helps to break the law as often doing so shifts the support to the wearer of fur.

What To Say to Someone Wearing Fur:

Sign Petitions

There are many petitions on the internet here are two for you to sign.

Please sign and pass on to others via Twitter Face book, blogs, web sites and forums:

Stop China’s fur trade using Dogs and cats

More information


2 thoughts on “Skinned Alive in China

  1. Did PETA pass the draft to have this practice banned completely? I went to the site, but it was an article posted 3 years ago…

    • I am sorry but I am uncertain about the draft you refer to. I have checked PETA’s website and can’t find any new information. The cruelty of fur farms in China continues and as far as I am aware PETA and other organisations campaign against this. I assume until information is removed from PETA’s website that it is still relevant and campaigns are on-going

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