Greed, Tax Dodging and Related Rants

I grow weary of the rampant greed in this country, the exploitation of the vast majority of people as the rich get richer on the labour of the working poor , although no one should be working and poor, the two phrases do not belong in the same sentence and in a just society they would not be. I am angry because of the shameful treatment of sick and disabled people who are suffering the consequences of vicious welfare reforms. Though the word reform is misleading, the sick disabled and unemployed are suffering the consequences of cuts to decrease the so-called deficit, a complex financial situation that few understand and if the did would realise that the financial crisis does not exist in any real sense at all and is nothing more than a means to impoverish, control and enslave the masses and discard those who are unable to contribute their precious existence to slaving away their lives to make another man rich, to line the pockets of greedy corporations who look for and exploit any loophole they can find to avoid paying tax.

A relatively new exploiter and now tax avoider is Npower one of the so-called big six rip off energy providers.

Isn’t it bad enough that these providers of a vital commodity in a climate such as ours charge extortionate prices for gas and electricity, accruing huge profits, without them dodging their fair share of taxes. This winter countless numbers of people have shivered in unheated homes and many have died as a consequence of the insatiable greed of energy providers including NPower with its ten percent price hike.

Fact: Britain experiences much higher winter death rates than countries in Scandinavia

“Every single excess winter death is preventable”
Maria Wardrobe, of fuel poverty charity National Energy Action


Though the above article focuses on insulation as a remedy, the real culprit is greed, the greed of the energy providers which prevents people turning on their heating.

While the Daily Mail focuses on the plight of the elderly, it needs to be said that long-term sick and disabled people face a similar dilemma made worse by the cuts to welfare. Sadly the Daily Mail is one of the media responsible for spreading propaganda vilifying sick and disabled people ladling them as scroungers. A rhetoric very similar to that of pre war Germany:

Extreme you might think and at one time I may have agreed but now I am not so sure.

Concerning the cost of heating,  it is not only death as a result of escalating energy prices, it is the continuous misery of living in a cold unheated home. The effect it has on your health, your sense of well-being. For people with chronic pain the cold increases the suffering. For people with respiratory problems damp like that which grows on my walls because I cannot adequate heat my home is a significant detriment, a serious health hazard. Warmth is as essential as food and shelter in a country like the UK, people should not be at the mercy of greedy companies who indirectly choose who will live and who will die. A disgrace for any country what wishes to consider itself as civilised.

Shame on all you greedy greedy tax dodgers. You are the real parasites living off the misery and suffering of others.

NPower is the latest tax avoider 

If you feel the same way please sign the 38 degrees petition and tell them to do the right thing and pay their taxes like the vast majority of people have to who have far less money than they.

“Is Npower the new Starbucks? At the same time as hiking our energy bills, Npower are using accounting tricks to dodge paying their fair share of tax in the UK. Yesterday it was revealed that they haven’t paid a single penny in corporation tax for the last three years! “


While it is a disgrace that energy providers and companies such as Starbucks avoid paying taxes it is also an outrage that £10,000000 of the tax payer’s money was used to pay for a lavish funeral for the women who is responsible for privatising our energy supply. The privatisation of gas and electricity was amongst the first of many of Thatcher’s misguided polices which have made the lives of many a misery and which none of the three main political parties seem keen to rectify, instead tying to pacifying the problems by the constant emphasis on insulation and switching providers, which in reality saves very little and then only in the short-term.

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