Thatcher’s Legacy

It is an outrage to have provided former Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, the destroyer of all the social achievements of past decades with a lavish funeral to the tune of £10 million. It is a disgrace of self indulgence and Tory propaganda, an attempt to have this infamous woman’s name go down in history as a saviour rather than a destroyer.

It is wrong on just so many levels to spend this money on a funeral for this divisive women while the sick and disabled have drastic cuts to their benefits; while 3.6 million (one in four) children live in poverty here in the UK today, while thousands of people die because they cannot heat their homes and pensioners struggle to live on a pittance. How many elderly people get to die in the Ritz or in similar luxury; a more common scenario for many is a lonely death neglected in a care home after being forced to sell the home for which they have slaved all their lives.

It is an outrage to moral decency that £10 million is wasted to provide a funeral for anyone when one child in a “developing country” dies every 3.5 seconds from malnutrition – what happens to their poor wasted bodies ? Who remembers them? Nothing more than a statistic as they pass into oblivion.  Young lives thrown away so the one percent can live decadent life styles and have decadent funerals. During the two hour ceremony and funeral 2060 African children died as a consequence of the rampant greed of capitalism gone mad mostly as a result of this woman’s policies over the long dark years that she was prime minister. Yes, of course there has always been starvation in Africa since the arrival of the white man but Thatcher’s policies have allowed the unfair ideology of greed (capitalism) to escalate out of control deepening the already great injustice of millions of our fellow human beings dying of starvation, preventable disease and other derivations when they need not.  Her polices of self centred ambition come at the expense of other people and the environment itself. The ideology of avarice and exploitation is her legacy to future generations.

The only people she helped were the rich, let them pay for the funeral.

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The Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Paymaster General, Minister for the Cabinet Office. Cabinet Office. 70 Whitehall. London. SW1A 2AS  The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister, 70 Whitehall London SW1A 2AS. Rt Hon Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition, UK Parliament and Government.

Recover the cost of Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

I was going to list Thatcher’s legacy of misery but I think Glenda Jackson MP sums this up nicely and includes the often overlooked debacle of “care in the community” which was anything but and left countless people with mental illness to fend for themselves, many of whom found themselves on the streets.

View the Video here

I applaud Glenda Jackson who stood up for the truth while so many did not, in fact as far as I am aware the only other person to do so was Dennis skinner.

View the video here

Along with an accompanying graphic Art:


The commentary below nicely sums up Thatcher’s legacy to the vast majority of us.

“Despite hypocritical calls not to politicize the event by the Conservatives; Thatcher’s funeral was possibly the most political funeral in British history, a multi-million pound propaganda spectacle for the benefit of the elite and the promotion of their greed and power driven ideology. Thatcherism, extremist capitalism, neo-liberalism; label it however you will, but yesterdays event was an expensive wasteful attempt to further this failing cause, to entice the public to be complicit in their own ruination or destruction.

Margaret Thatcher was no freedom fighter, no saint, no visionary.”

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Thatcher’s legacy continues

While the rich and famous paid tribute to a women whom the majority of people deplore we need to be aware that her warped policies continue as our government has set about destroying our welfare system and our NHS. The drastic cuts in benefits are just the beginning of a campaign to set back the clock decades to a time of hardship, poverty and deprivation that no one thought would ever exist again.

This blog commenter* more than adequately sums up the possible progress of but one of the many detrimental welfare cuts, the bedroom tax :

“In one of the richest, most technologically advanced societies on the planet, our government of posh-boy millionaires choose policies that will bring suffering and pain to those who can least bear it, those who have no choice but to ‘live a life on benefits’, those who deserve the respect and support of a thriving welfare state. These policies pursue a sadistic and discriminatory objective, an exercise in cruelty and depravity. Spare bedroom tax? We haven’t seen the half of it yet. I predict that they will deny all social security support to anyone who has property of any description. The rich haven’t got enough, and they will be coming after our houses. We might have paid our mortgages when we were in work, but as sick and disabled people now, we won’t be allowed to live in them”

Slowly but surely this government largely unchallenged by Labour will chip away at our welfare system until it is nothing more than a distant memory, one which will be defamed by the rhetoric of scroungers and skivers.

Odd isn’t it how the only good thing Thatcher did for those of us who are sick and disabled, namely the introduction of DLA, the present government of the unelected seek to destroy when PIP replaces DLA with a target reduction figure of 600,000 disabled and long-term sick people. Ironic that she died on the very day this unfair cut to benefits begins in the North. So typical that the government have decided to pilot this drastic change that will leave many seriously disabled without a benefit that helped them to live a more normal life, including going to work, in the North were her policies have had the most destructive effect adding to poverty and deprivation. It is shameful is it not that people here in the north, particularly the Northeast are often considered with disparity, denigrated  by those who live in the more affluent south when it was the people of the north who were the backbone of the industrial revolution and the achievements and progress this has brought, an achievement which was so lavishly promoted at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.

Never forget that the advancements of the industrial revolution rather like Thatcher’s and the present Tory policies came at the expense of so many to provide wealth for the privileged few.

Still not convinced:

Here is a tribute to a prime Minister that is well deserved. Compare the achievements of Clement Attlee to those of Thatcher, his was real social progress for the good of the many, progress that she and the Tories have and continue to demolish. 

Clement Richard Attlee was Deputy British Prime Minister during the war years and British Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951.

During that time he created the NHS, welfare services for deprived children, support and financial help for the elderly and the disabled, he introduced the right to a free secondary education, sickness and child benefit, he raised pensions to a liveable level, built large numbers of affordable housing for low-income families and built numerous new towns for working people.

Read More:

In memory of Clement Attlee RIP – the greatest British Prime Minister of all time

Please now sign the petition if you have not already done so:

Recover the cost of Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral


* Blog commenter Daniel :

Thatcher’s Funeral – From the Most Vulnerable of All

The above is well worth a read, it focuses on a more beneficial way in which £10 million could have been spent: The “Youth Premium”

One of the most sickening details of all (welfare reforms) still grates with me almost daily. It was so cruel so unnecessary. It overturned decades of cross-party consensus and decency. It picked on a group so vulnerable it takes my breath away. And it stripped that group of basic rights despite ministers not actually understanding the policy at all. How cavalier can you be? How arrogant and out-of-touch?

It was called the “Youth Premium” It only related to children who were born so profoundly disabled that they would never work as adults. Forget your Work Capability Assessments and your Scroungers, these children would never take part in society like you or I. Many would never talk, self feed, walk, play, laugh, fall in love. But they could still lead independent lives. Because we were a society that believed they should have a right to if they chose to.

Dairy of a Benefit Scrounger

Read more by clicking the above link


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