Canadian Faces Imminent Execution in Iran: Please Help Hamid Ghassemi Shall

Please take part in Amnesty International’s campaign to save Hamid Ghassemi Shall from immanent execution by signing petitions, writing letters and other actions.

Hamid Ghassemi Shall is a Canadian citizen who was arrested along with his brother in 2009 while he was visiting his mother in Iran. For eighteen months he was detained  in solitary confinement charged with espionage.

Legal proceedings leading to his conviction were unfair and did not provide an opportunity for him to defend himself. Lawyers who have reviewed the case concluded that there was no basis for Hamid’s arrest or subsequent detention.

For more details and information:

Please take as much of the suggested actions as you can and share widely. Information how to do so is included in the above link.

There is also a petition at care 2: Stop the Imminent Execution of a Canadian in Iran

Again spread widely in the usual way via social media Twitter, blogs e-mail and so on.


When writing letters, including e-mail of course, and signing petitions please be polite , angry abusive correspondence rarely gets read let lone considered.

Personally I am opposed to the death penalty for any reason and most certainly if there is any doubt whatsoever about the guilt of the convicted person, most particulary when there is no loss of life involved. So please take as many of the above suggested actions you can.

It should be noted of course that countries such as Iran and China – see post  –  are not alone in the use of the death penalty.  In 2012 the USA executed  43 inmates  and 3,146 were on death Row.

Death penalty statistics, country by country:


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