More Action to Stop the Badger Slaughter

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke political philosopher 1729-1727

Make a note in your dairies for Saturday June 1st

On this day there will be a National March Against The Badger Cull which will take place in Central London.


The culling or rather the massacre of thousands of badgers is imminent, set to go ahead in Somerset, Gloucestershire and possibly Dorset. We must act to prevent this atrocity against defenceless animals. With total disregard to the democratic process and scientific opposition the government intend to go ahead with their plans to kill thousands of badgers beginning on June 1st 2013.

On the same day there will be a demonstration in opposition to the governments’ plans to slaughter this icon of our British countryside. This will be a peaceful family friendly demonstration.

If you cannot attend the demo there are other actions you can take.

Recently I received the following from the International Fund For Animal Welfare IFAW  listing three actions you may participate in including the above demonstration:

June 1 could be a sad day for us – and a deadly day for badgers.

In a bid to tackle the issue of Bovine TB, the Government has decided to undertake badger cull trials in pilot areas in England. Scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing the disease. It could actually make things worse in some areas.

The proposed culls would result in the cruel and needless slaughter of thousands of British badgers.

Despite clear opposition from most of the independent scientific community, the public and MPs, the Government does not seem to be listening. The pilot badger culls in one area of Gloucestershire and another in Somerset, or now perhaps also in Dorset, seem set to go ahead.

The killing could begin as soon as June 1. Even worse, if the Government continues to ignore the scientific evidence, these pilot culls may be the prelude to a wider cull that could be extended to other areas of the country.

We need the public to express their absolute opposition to the cull so that even if the current pilot culls take place, at least we can stop them spreading to other areas.

There are three ways people can express their opposition.

On June 1 a peaceful “National Anti-Badger Cull March” has been organised by “”, and they would like this to be attended by as many people as possible from all over the country. Participants will assemble at noon at Millbank (close to the Tate Britain in London), SW1P 4RG, to walk a route that will go through Parliament Square and finish at Tothill Street. Click the link for further details. The organisers have asked people to wear black and white clothes to show support for the badgers.

· Other events may be organised in London and elsewhere. Check the for more information.

· Members of the public can sign the set up by Dr. Brian May, which has already collected more than 210,000 signatures. If it exceeds 260,000 signatures, it will be a record for this type of petition.”

You could also write to your MP even if you have done so previously:

We have to keep up the pressure on the government to abandon this plan, which is a crime against wildlife, against nature and against these defenceless sentient creatures who have as much right to their lives as you or I. We do not have the right to wantonly take the lives of other creatures simply because they are deemed to interfere with the constant manipulation of our environment and the exploitation of other animals, in this case cows, which man exploits to provide him with a food that is not natural and to provide the meat industry with huge profits. After all said and done at the end of the day this is all it is about: profit. The government do not care about the farmers or about the cattle who themselves will eventually be slaughtered.

TB can be controlled by vaccination and this is the only intervention that the government should embark upon. Frankly I believe that killing badgers is wrong under any circumstances. What right have the government to kill other creatures with whom we share this world, it is their world too. It is as simple as that.

Read this delightful story of orphaned badgers

Orphaned baby badger follows animal lover and his dog to safety

Thankfully there are still caring people in the world who want to see an end to the destruction of our wildlife, the exploitation of animals and the environment.

If you are one such person please take the actions above to stop the cull.

You can find information about Badgers, their behaviours, habitats and so on included in this delightful and interesting blog:
Tales from the Wood – The Diary of a Badger Watching Man
Personal experiences of a (very) amateur naturalist

 More information about the Campaign to stop the Cull:

“Badgers do not belong to anyone. They share this land with all of us. No one single organisation has the right to decide the fate of badgers – time and time again, we’ve seen where that leads us! It’s time for everyone to work together to make sure that we never ever find ourselves in this situation again.”

“Vaccination has already been a proven success in Wales, where well over 1,400 badgers have already been protected against bovine TB as part of a five year programme of work to eradicate TB completely.”

The Welsh initiative reflects the constructive alternative to culling that the League, along with Team Badger, is calling for. It also demonstrates the co-operation that is possible between the farming industry and government in taking swift, positive and decisive action against the spread of Bovine TB.”

“Badger culling will not help TB in British cattle

Culling badgers could make the problem of cattle TB worse

No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle through killing wildlife

Vaccination is the only way to tackle TB in any species

Owen Paterson is ignoring Defra’s own scientific research “

To read more including videos



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