NHS: Yet Another Serious Threat.

If it is not one outrage then it is another. Again the National Health Service here in the UK is under threat as the government consider a proposal to cap the number of GP visits. It could not get much worse could it? Well yes it could, if we do not stand against this the latest threat to our health care system then we could find that we have no free health care as bit by bit, little by little this callous inhumane and unelected government destroys our NHS.

Here’s what the chair of the Royal College of GPs Dr Clare Gerada said about these proposals: “This was obviously written by someone who has never been unwell, or has never met people who work in the health service.”

Frankly the callousness of this proposal is staggering. Few people have the financial means to consult a private practitioner should their appointment allocation run out. What will happen to the chronically ill? The disabled? Indeed anyone at any time may need to see a GP more frequently than is usual. People who are chronically ill or disabled are unlikely to have the means at their disposal to go private. Even more so when you consider the drastic and deeply unfair welfare reforms instigated by this government of millionaires for whom this proposal will of course not present a problem.

Take Urgent action

This is a serious issue, please continue reading the information below from 38 degrees and sign their petition.

“The Conservatives are floating plans to cap the number of times we are allowed to visit our GP.  If we run out of visits – because we’ve got a sickly child or long-term health condition, for example – we could be forced to pay to go elsewhere.

At the moment it’s just a proposal. But if the Conservatives don’t see a big public backlash, it could soon be a grim reality. So let’s raise an outcry as quickly as possible and push them to drop the idea immediately.

Please sign the urgent petition now: tell health minister Jeremy Hunt to rule out limiting our access to NHS GPs”

More information from a recent 38 degrees e-mail I received recently

“Jeremy Hunt will be watching the public’s reaction carefully. He is an ambitious politician with an eye on his own popularity. If he sees a huge petition growing fast, he’ll realise this is damaging his ratings. So if enough of us sign, we could play a key role in getting this idea dropped.

Being able to visit the family doctor when we need it is a bedrock of a decent health system. GPs are often our first port of call when we’re ill.  Limiting access to GPs could mean a dangerous illness is left undetected until it’s too late – unless of course you’ve got private medical insurance…

But this isn’t just about GPs. This is about a principle at the heart of our battle to protect the NHS. Since the NHS was created, everyone in Britain has been able to rely on visiting a doctor as often as we need to. Limiting access would undermine the NHS at its very foundations. So let’s send the Conservatives a strong message: drop this terrible idea.”

You could also write a letter to Jeremy Hunt and express you concern

The above proposal is contained in a “Conservative Policy Forum” paper on NHS policy, you can read it here:

This proposal is very worrying. People with chronic illness may need to see their GP more often than the general population and people with chronic illness may be less likely to afford an alternative. More people could die as a result of this irresponsible scheme. What is happening to this country.  The Tory’s are destroying our NHS, a system of free health care for everyone which was once the envy of the world. The social progress of the last sixty years is being systematically destroyed setting the clock back to times that most people did not expect to see again. Capping GP visits is the most outrageous proposal imaginable short of a full privatisation of the NHS which I fear will be the end result .In the last two years or so the progress of sixty years has been severely undermined as they chip away at our NHS, our welfare system and everything that once made this country a good place in which to live, where those who needed medical care received it and those who needed help because of illness, disability or unemployment were financially supported in their time of need, even if that need lasted a lifetime. Free medical care and the support of those who cannot support themselves are marks of any civilised society and are a basic human right.

Links to more information

“A cap on the number of times patients can visit their GP in a year is being considered by the Conservative Party, it emerged yesterday.A Tory consultation document on local health provision asks activists whether they agree or disagree with the idea of an annual limit on GP appointments. The paper also asks whether evening and weekend appointments with GPs and consultants are a “luxury the country cannot afford”.


Labour health spokesman Jamie Reed told the Independent on Sunday: ‘This paper, hidden away on their website, reveals the Tories’ true agenda for the NHS. After throwing the NHS open to ever more privatisation with a wasteful and damaging reorganisation, it seems the Tories want to go even further.

‘It’s shocking that they are considering limiting the number of times patients can see their GP – changing the fundamental principle in the NHS constitution that access to the NHS is based on clinical need.
‘The Tories have already wasted £3bn on a top-down reorganisation of the NHS and overseen a crisis in A&E – now they are consulting their members on opening up the NHS to even more competition, and making it harder for patients to see GPs in the evenings and at weekends.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2331068/Fury-Tories-look-limit-number-times-GP-year.html#ixzz2UkvUWPOM
Consider for example this campaign on the importance of going to see your GP early if you could have symptoms of bowel cancer:


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