Last Minute Action you can Take to Help the “Enough Food for Everyone If” Campaign

Below is some last minute action you can take to help the Enough Food for Everyone If campaign

Yesterday I received the following action alert from ActionAid:

“We haven’t got long.

The next 48 hours are crucial to making sure world leaders don’t leave developing countries out in the cold when they meet for the G8 summit on Monday.

In the next few days they could make big decisions to crack down on tax havens that are draining poor countries of billions, and stop land grabs that are driving hunger for millions of people. But if we don’t keep the pressure on, our demands could fall short.

We have to make sure he goes to the G8 with our demands literally ringing in his ears. Take action now:

Please call David Cameron’s office on 020 7219 4272 to demand that he makes sure developing countries aren’t left out of the G8 tax deal. Click here for some suggestions on what to say.

Or post your message straight to his facebook page.

David Cameron knows the heat is on him – last week he saw 45,000 of us rally together in Hyde Park, calling on him to make 2013 the beginning of the end of hunger.

Now, it’s time to be direct. If thousands of us keep the message buzzing, we can tip the balance to make sure world leaders do the right thing:
Click here tell David Cameron to put poor countries first at the G8, or call him on 020 7219 4272. ”

source of the above:

Please take as much action as you can.  In a world of plenty no one should go hungry, it is a crime that they do. There is enough food for everyone. World leaders need to take urgent action and we need to pressure them into doing so.

Please pass on to as many people as possible

Apologies for the rather messed up formating.  As this is an urgent action I do not have time to sort it all out. 


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