Help Britain’s Rabbits

Britain’s Rabbits Need You


Please take action to bring an end to neglect and abuse of the UK’s third most popular pet.

Rabbits desperately need help. Radical changes are needed to ensure their welfare.

Please sign a petition to urge the UK government to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits. One hundred thousand signatures are needed

The above website includes a link to the UK government’s petition and also a petition to the Scottish parliament on behalf of Rabbit’s Require Rights (Scotland)

Please sign and widely share both petitions

Also posters like the one above to download and print and display or add to your blog or website

Please share both petitions

Rabbits are sensitive and intelligent creatures, it is time they were treated with respect and accorded the same  protections as cats and dogs. Like you or I and all animals rabbits suffer pain, stress, and depression. Sadly the usual outcome for many rabbits is abandonment at the bottom of someone’s garden after the novelty has worm off, consigned for a life time to live alone in a cramped hutch suffering from untreated conditions, often dying in pain that could be prevented. 

As bizarre as it may seem to those of us who care for animals , all animals, many  people consider that rabbits do not need veterinary care and many rabbits end up dying in pain and living miserable wretched lives. A neighbour of mine actually said you don’t take rabbits to the vet. Why Not! Are they immune to disease, pain and death? Of course not they are mammals just like a cat or a dog, just like you in fact. The fact is rabbits have delicate health and complex care needs.

They say that ignorance is bliss but for rabbits the ignorance of owners concerning the needs of their pet is anything but bliss for the unfortunate rabbit.

As a nation of so called animal lover’s the way many people treat their rabbits is shocking. Really ignorance is no excuse these days with information so readily available.

As for deliberate abuse this is never acceptable behaviour towards any animal and people need to be taken to account and punished for abusing a rabbit as they do for a cat or dog.

It is time for the government to tighten up on rabbit welfare and provide better protection for rabbits.

Please now click the link below and sign the petitions if you have not done so.


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