Help Stop Nuisance Calls and Texts

Are you fed up with the phone ringing  several times each day, of being bombarded with unwanted annoying calls and text.

Time for the government to take action and bring an end to this misery. Yes for many it is more than a nuisance.  Several times a day my family and I receive such calls and we are ex-directory. Many people get dozens  of these calls each day, every day and at  any time.

Please help with a campaign to bring an end to this intrusion in our lives by signing this pledge.

This is a campaign by Which?:

We’re campaigning to call time on nuisance calls and texts. We want a tough new approach from Government to give people power over their personal data. We want regulators to have new powers to police and punish companies that break the rules. And we want industry to provide technical fixes to filter out unwanted calls and texts.

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Frankly I do not want any unsolicited calls. Until relatively recently the only calls I got were from friends or relatives. I do not even want calls from people I do business with. I don’t want the bank ringing me a 7.30 in the evening trying to sell insurance or my ISP pestering me to sign up for another eighteen months. I most certainly do not want cold calls or anyone selling PIP claims, insurance or anything else, and I certainly  do not want phone calls from banks asking me to take part in a survey.

Until something is done try this strategy: Don’t answer the phone

My family and I like most people nowadays have an answering machine with our land-line and get friends and relatives and anyone else were happy to talk with on the phone to leave a message. Mostly when the person does so you can pick up the phone if it is someone you to want talk with. You may find as we did that if you ignore them these phone calls get less over time. Yes there maybe times when his is not a good idea, if you ‘re expecting an important call or if you are running a business from home, you have to play it by ear of course. It’s not a good idea for everyone  and some people may worry should someone need them urgently.

I don’t have my mobile phone turned on as I use it is only in emergency or on the odd occasion when necessary and I have never received a call or a text so know nothing about how this works with mobile phones.

More action you can take

If you missed this check out how to avoid cold calls:

this page includes a link about how to deal with spam text messages and more.

Sounds like a lot of work and we should not have to take all these actions. It’s time the government put a stop to nuisance calls & texts but unless we pressure them to do so I rather think little will change.

Personally, I am sick and tired of being pestered and bombarded with advertising, on TV, on the net,  spam, e-mail, junk mail but when you are constantly interrupted by intrusive calls it is plain and simply not acceptable and it is high time the government did something about it. It seems that no one has any standards of ethics or decency any more. Even solicitors are touting for business in shopping centres  anything from funeral plans -really how tacky –  to injury claims and so on. All the time you are pestered. You cannot call your bank to make an inquiry without being pressured to sign up for their insurance cover on the phone, now I ask you who with any sense is going to make a snap decision over the phone? Not me that’s  for sure.

How things have changed in my life-time and it is getting worse.

The more we allow such things to happen the longer they continue until they’ re so common place people accept it as normal. You should not have to put up with dozens of phone calls all day long, it’s a nuisance, an inconvenience and plan and simply wrong.


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