Fracking Hell!

‘Fracking poses a real threat to the local environment and causes more climate-wrecking pollution.

‘It’s little wonder communities across the country, including the Tory shires, are mobilising against it.’
Craig Bennett, of Friends of the Earth

Welcome to my blog from here in the “desolate North”, a reference to the idiotic remark made by Tory Lord Howell. Yes in the North East there are isolated wild places were few people live, they are usually referred to as National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty AONB and we do not want them ruined by fracking . So yes the North has large areas that are sparsely populated, other than that the definition of desolate does not apply. Besides what the hell is wrong with desolation? The beautiful desolation of virtually unspoilt nature. We need our wild remote countryside to get away  for a while from the nightmare of the largely unopposed insanity of unbridled greed that is destroying the UK and indeed the entire world as greed hungry people obsessed with accruing more wealth they can spend in a lifetime destroy our planet, not only for us and the other creatures with whom we share this world but for future generations.

The world is short of water, fracking takes millions of gallons of water creating shortages now and in the years to come. While in many parts of the world people die because of unclean water, here in the UK gallons of this precious resource will be used in the process of fracking, a process that is likely to contaminate supplies of a resource  that is so essential to life.

Fracking is a serious threat to the environment for the sake of profit for the few at the expense of the many. The promise of cheaper energy bills is unlikely, and even if this were true the cost to our health and our environment is simply not worth it.

Fracking is one of the more outrageous forms of insanity which will destroy our countryside, our environment and endanger our health.

Is there nothing this government will do to further the greed of the few.

The Tories’ promised to be the greenest party ever! Fracking is anything but green, yet another Tory promise broken. This millionaire coalition government are interested only in selling everything including our NHS, making money no matter what the ethical, social or environmental cost to the people of this nation, our wildlife and future generations. Time for the Tories to live up to their promises and concentrate on renewable energies.

“This will totally ruin the British landscape and turn the country into a dirty mining complex and leave huge grid type scars on our entire landscape. Fracking sites will be as common as pylons.”
Forum commentator

To get an idea of what our countryside may look like see the photo further down.

I am opposed to fracking anywhere in the UK , indeed anywhere on the planet.

If you read no further please at least click the following links and take the required action.

Action 1
Defend your neighbourhood from fracking

Did you know that your local council can refuse planning permission for fracking in your area, so email your councillors now.

Tell your counsellors to say no to fracking by clicking the following Link from Green Peace

Act now don’t leave it until the tankers are rolling in destroying your neighbourhood as they are in Balcombeand and Lancashire

Action 2

You can join the protest in Sussex.  No Dash for Gas are holding a five-day camp in Balcombe from 16 August. Check their website for all the details.

 “‘Our event is called Reclaim thePower and that’s exactly what we need to do. We need to reclaim our energy system out of the hands of corporations that will frack our
countryside, crash our climate targets and send fuel bills through the
roof. We want democratically controlled, renewable energy. Our action
will echo the local community in showing Cuadrilla that fracking is
unwanted, unsafe and unnecessary.’

Sharon James of No Dash for Gas:

At Balcombe the potential fracking site is near one of the main reservoirs for Sussex and close to the railway line between London and Brighton:
See more at:

Action 3

Sign petitions

Urge the UK government to stop fracking:

More UK anti fracking petitions and anti fracking petitions world wide:

Not only are fracking  wells an eyesore, fracking is highly dangerous not only to the environment, including  biodiversity loss but also to public health in the form of water contamination and the release of dangerous chemicals into our environment, such as methane.

There have been methane leaks in Pennsylvania, USA, where residents have found  methane in their water, along with up to 27 other chemicals. In fact for such reasons fracking is of great concern to people in the USA, who like most people here vehemently oppose this destructive form of environmental damage.

Here the effects will be even worse because unlike the vastness of the USA  the UK is relatively small and compact. Therefore unlike the USA fracking here will inevitably take place much closer to communities or places of natural beauty such as national parks and so on. There are few wild or unspoiled and remote places here in the UK, we do not want them destroying as a result of fracking.

Here is an aeiral photo of a fracking in the USA:

fracking-in-Wyoming (The Equation, UCSUSA)

Fracking in Wyoming (USA).

This is shameful and an outrage, a crime against humanity and the other creatures with whom we share the earth and the very planet itself. In the name of greed the likes of Cuadrilla –  an oil and gas exploration and production company – destroy the earth for future generations.

What is Fracking?
Fracking – short for “hydraulic fracturing” – involves drilling deep under ground and releasing a high-pressure mix of water, sand and hundreds of chemicals to crack rocks and release gas stored inside.

Water companies are worried the process could contaminate drinking water aquifers that lie above shale gas reserves. But supporters of fracking say it is safe and essential to making the UK more energy self-sufficient.

Don’t let promises of cheaper energy fool you into condoning the destruction of our countryside, the contamination of our water and the pollution of our atmosphere .

I rather think its about making more profit rather than being self sufficient. Cuadrilla claims that Lancashire’s shale gas could have a market value of £136 billion:

Brenda Pollack, regional campaigner for Friends of the Earth South East, has said:
“Shale gas and oil are not the solution to our energy challenges.

“They threaten local communities, pollute our atmosphere and there’s plenty of evidence they won’t bring down fuel prices.

“It’s time to end the nation’s costly addiction to dirty fossil fuels and build a clean future based on energy efficiency and harnessing the power of the wind, waves and sun.”

See more at:

Here are the dangers of fracking:

This is an American website, however the dangers of fracking are of course the same.


Information from Friends of the Earth

This is what Fracking Looks Like

Lord Howells Desolate North comment

fracking isn’t about gas – it is about destroying the ancient aquifers which contain the purest water on the planet. They are also the foundation of water for the entire planet.

So – get ready the explanations when your children ask for clean drinking water and there isn’t any.

You better wake up to what is happening here.

Forum commentator



4 thoughts on “Fracking Hell!

  1. Shared on facebook. What a great resource posting. Lots of hard work here, thank you…and thank you for standing up and speaking out for planet Earth, home to all known life.

    • Thanks for sharing on facebook and thank you for your comments. Fracking is a very worrying development worldwide which few really understand the dangers of and the effect on the environment for all creatures, not just humans.

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