Take Action to stop Fracking: Join No Dash For Gas’ Reclaim the Power Event

A reminder about No Dash For Gas’ Reclaim The Power event beginning Friday 16th August

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More information:



Support Balcombe if you can. Solidarity is the key to defeating this disastrous assault on our environment, our health and our wellbeing. This doesn’t stop at Balcombe, or Lancashire, any area of any part of the UK may become a fracking site.

Check out your area: http://frack-off.org.uk/locations/  This is only the beginning!

North or south nowhere will be exempt says energy minster Michael Fallon

“North or south, it will only be allowed if it is safe and poses no risk to the environment. If it’s approved by the council and they have the necessary permits then we need to explore the potential of shale.” –

See more at:

According to the first commenter of the above article not even AONB  (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) or National Parks are except:

“Cuadrilla are drilling in an AONB.  Also in Sussex Celtique are to apply for permission in an AONB in the South Downs National Park. We are not protected, as the recent government planning guidance pointed out. No area is safe.”

Well we all know it is not safe. Furthermore it will turn our landscape into an industrial eyesore. Fracking will not only be a serious detriment to humans of course, but animals also will be effected by noise, atmospheric pollution,  light pollution and the contamination of the water supply.

For more information concerning the serious consequences of fracking be sure to read this particularly disturbing account and watch the video:


More information from Frack Off  Extreme Energy Action Network:


Don’t be fooled by promises of cheaper energy, this is all about greed and profit for the few at the expense of the many including future generations. Even if fracking pulled the USA out of recession it has not done much for the ordinary person in the street who continues to suffer the deprivations of austerity, such as the 1 in 6 Americans who go hungry in the richest country in the world :

Remember the promises made about cheaper energy to justify privatisation? Well we all know the result of that empty promise as energy prices continue to soar along with the profits of the energy suppliers. The Renationalisation of our gas and elasticity would go along way to reducing our bills

I struggle to pay my energy bills and because of inadequate heating I have damp growing on my walls

Yes I am desperate for cheaper energy but not at the expense of the environment and our health!

However our bills will not be cheaper anyone who believes that is naive to the extreme and that is the politest way to put it!

Say No to fracking before it is too late

More action you can take.
Even if like me you are unable to attend due to health or other circumstance there are other actions you can take such as writing letters or signing petitions. For some ideas See previous blog entry:


Why not write to your MP stating your protest against fracking:


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