Join No Dash for Gas’ March For a Frack Free Future August 18th

Join No Dash for Gas’ March For a Frack Free Future

When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
~ Cree Prophecy ~


If you can make it join the March this Sunday August 18th. We cannot allow the insatiable greed of the few to destroy the lives of the many, our countryside , our wellbeing, the very air we breathe and the water we drink!.

And don’t forget this effects the other creatures who share our beautiful countryside.  Here is information about the effect of fracking on California’s wildlife:

Similar will happen here to our wildlife

Here in the UK the RSPB  has joined with other wildlife and environment groups to call on the Government to rethink its shale gas policies.

Act now before it is too late. If the government are willing to hand over Balcombe in the Tory heartland they will not hesitate to frack elsewhere. Support the people of Balcombe.  Remember it will not stop there, solidarity is the key.

In fact licences for  two-thirds of the UK have been sold by the government to oil and gas companies,  our countryside will be turned into an industrial site.

“Fracking threatens our health, our communities, our environment, our climate and our future.
Working together in our communities we can defeat Cuadrilla and build a better future.

Join communities facing the threat of fracking, and residents of Balcombe, on a family friendly march to the Cuadrilla site. They will be carrying symbols of the sustainable future that they want to create in place of community threatening, climate changing, ecologically damaging fossil fuels.

Key info

Where: Balcombe
When: Sunday 18 August, 3pm”

Read more about this and other actions:

See also:


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