Please Help to Stop the Slaughter of Badgers

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”
Mohandas Gandhi

The Slaughter of Badgers has begun. The total target is 5,000 badgers.


The public are opposed to the killing of badgers as evidenced by the largest number of signatories on the official government e-petition, other petitions and letter writing campaigns, protests and so on. However despite this and also scientific evidence that the cull will make no difference to bovine TB the coalition government intend to go ahead anyway.

I am shocked that despite such strong opposition this slaughter is to take place, though really I should not be surprised as this government it seems listen to no one hell-bent as they are on doing whatsoever they choose to do. As a vegan I of course do not condone the killing of any creature and deplore man’s interference in the lives of the other beings with whom we share this world. Furthermore I am shocked that the government not only considers it ethical to kill wild animals, including badgers which are a protected species, –
but also to go ahead regardless of overwhelming public and expert opposition in the matter. Sadly here in the UK it appears that democracy is dead and what the electorate want is of no consequence.

Please read the following request for urgent action which I received in my e-mail box this morning from the International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW and take the suggested actions:

 It is with deep regret that I have to tell you that licensed gunmen started killing badgers in Somerset last night. Culling is scheduled to begin in Gloucestershire later this week. The total target: 5,000 badgers.

Along with a coalition of over 30 charities, the backing of eminent scientists and the work of supporters like you, IFAW argued that not only is this killing unlikely to significantly reduce bovine TB in cattle, but it could even increase it. David Cameron’s coalition Government seemed determined not to listen to us and seemingly only had ears for the National Farmers’ Union.

And so the shooting has begun.

Tell your MP that you’re opposed to badger culls.

The Government say that the pilot culls are intended to check that this kind of shooting can be done humanely. However they have so far refused to explain how this will be measured. There is already talk of the cull being “rolled out” to the rest of the country – which makes me worry that the results are a foregone conclusion.

IFAW and our partner charities in Team Badger believe that it is extremely important that the reasons for any further extension of the cull should be scrutinised by Parliament before going ahead. This is where you can help us once again.

Please write to your MP and ask that they sign Early Day Motion 299, which calls for full disclosure of the evidence gathered during the cull and for Members of Parliament to have the chance to study this and vote again on the issue before the cull is rolled out nationwide.

Also, if you haven’t already, sign the Government e-petition. It’s already the biggest ever and a further surge of signatures this week will redouble its impact.

The shooting in the pilot zones may have started, but the campaign to stop the roll out of this misguided and wanton cull has just begun. Please make your appeals to David Cameron measured. He needs to see that this cull is not in his interests, not in the interests of his Government, and that it is widely deplored by British people regardless of which party they vote for.

Many members of the public feel very strongly that badgers should be protected. Whether you are in England, where the cull is taking place, or anywhere else in the UK, you can still have your say on this issue and ask your MP to take action.

Please send the draft e-mail, adapt in your own words if you can but if you ‘re not able to do so just send as it is, do the best you can.

Other organisations with actions you can take to stop the slaughter

Team Badger:

The League Against Cruel Sport:

Stop the Cull:

The shooting of Badgers must stop now!. This is cruel, inhumane, barbaric and unnecessary. What right has anyone to kill these animals? The whole thing disgusts me. Badgers have as much right to life as you or I. Frankly the way human beings treat the other creatures with whom we share this world is appalling and it has to stop. The massacre of other animals is barbaric to the extreme and is not worthy of any ethical and socially progressive society.

The slaughter of all defenceless animals must stop now!!!!!! This includes the wanton slaughter of animals as a result of hunting.

Consider that people who can so easily kill another animal could just as easily kill another human being if they thought they could get away with it.

I am opposed to the killing of any creature and the thought that at this time of year it is open season for the mass slaughter of defenceless animals is depressing and frankly shocking. Last Wednesday  in the Yorkshire Dales hunters were out in force killing hundreds of tiny grouse. Shameful. Utterly shameful. We will never progress to be a fair and just society while we slaughter the other beings with whom we share this earth.

With regards to TB the answer is simple, stop eating meat. Go vegan. It’s not about the protection of cows or people or farmers is it? It’s all about profit and greed.


Please take the above actions


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