Save Grandmother Lindsay Sandiford from Execution by Firing Squad.

“I think life is sacred, whether it’s abortion or the death penalty.”
Tim Kaine

Please sign an urgent petition to save grandmother Lindsay Sandiford from execution by firing squad. Sandiford’s punishment should be comparable to other sentences for similar crimes in Indonesia. Others involved got lighter sentences. Three other Britons and an Indian national connected to the case were jailed for terms ranging from one to six years.

Please read the following below and sign the petition or go directly to the petition by clicking the following link:

“British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford has apologized to Indonesians for her involvement in smuggling cocaine into their country. All she asks for is fair punishment, but instead Bali has sentenced her to death by a firing squad.

Even though two others involved in the crime served only short sentences, and Sandiford’s role in the smuggling is under question, the country just rejected her final legal appeal against execution.

Sandiford’s supporters are expressing bewilderment at the severity of her sentence in comparison to those imposed on others involved. And human rights groups believe Sandiford acted only as a “mule” in the operation and was exploited by those higher up on the chain. In fact it was her cooperation with authorities that led to the arrest of two others.

The circumstances of this case demand that Sandiford receive clemency or at least a “sentence proportionate to her offense.” as she requests.”

Please read more and sign the petition:

I think this unfortunate women has suffered enough, she was only acting as a mule and was exploited by others.

Zoe Bedford, from legal charity Reprieve, says:
“It is clear that Lindsay was merely a vulnerable mule, exploited by those further up in the chain who have avoided serious punishment,”

Lindsey was targeted by drug traffickers who exploited her vulnerability and made threats against her children.

Read More:

Also see :

Indeed this poor women has suffered enough.

I abhor the use of the death penalty in any circumstances but in this particular case it is unusually harsh. No one has the right to take the life of another person.


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