Hunting : Urgent Action Needed to Protect a Stag Named Red

“Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.”
James A. Froude

Another post on hunting for which I make no apology as the whole idea sickens me. While doing research for grouse shooting I came across another atrocity that takes place this time of year, namely stag hunting

Yes sadly In addition to grouse shooting,  it is open season on deer.

Red is a stag who is in eminent danger of being shot

Autumn is stag hunting season. You cannot image it can you that the law allows for such vile brutality towards another sentient being whose life means as much to him as your does to you. A creature who like all other animals feels pain because he has a brain and a nervous system and also like all creatures he wants to survive, he wants to live. He is an intelligent animal who shares this world with us, he is one of the many myriad species subjected to man’s abuses.

Please read more from the League Against Cruel Sports about this situation that requires urgent action  :

“At the peak of the autumn stag hunting season, the League has grave concerns for the future of ‘Red’, one of the nine estimated adult red deer stags left on the Quantock Hills, fearing that he could be the next victim of the local Quantock Staghounds hunt after hunt supporters were heard saying that if they couldn’t find a stag to hunt on the hills, they would come after him.

Red is currently residing on League owned sanctuary land, but will be in immediate danger as and when he leaves this area. There is a stag hunt local to him who already know where he is, and who would like to claim him as a kill for the season.”

Please continue reading:

Please read carefully the following links and take the required action to help protect red. – please speak up for red and spread the word using your Facebook and Twitter accounts and remember . #ProtectRed is the twitter hashtag

Please take the above actions to stop these sadistic monsters from killing this animal.

It is time that all cruel sports were banned. Until such time we need to do all we can to protect vulnerable animals and increase public awareness of the atrocities that take place in our countryside where helpless animals can be shot and killed on a whim.


2 thoughts on “Hunting : Urgent Action Needed to Protect a Stag Named Red

  1. “Hunting”. What a pissy name for a despicable activity. Ambushing and murdering innocent beings unable to defend themselves isn’t “hunting”…it’s an abomination. Disgusting and cowardly and heinous…no words are powerful enough to describe this activity.

    • Thank you for commenting, I see you hate hunting as much as I. As you say it is not hunting but murder, it shocks me that an animal can be killed for pleasure and the satisfaction of sick minds and there is nothing anyone can do because the law allows it. I hate to hear the sound of gun fire when walking in the countryside as I know some poor defenceless creature has died.

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