Injustice In Japan

This is just so shocking and must be stopped now. As a vegan I oppose the killing of any living being. I am so appalled that in any modern progressive society the slaughter of these intelligent beings is allowed. It is even more shocking to propose a Marine Park to allow tourists to swim with the dolphins to fund their slaughter!


A water park where visitors will be able to swim with dolphins before sitting down to eat their meat is actually being planned in Japan. You cannot believe it can you.


I had to read the petition several times to get my head round this shocking news.


Gandhi once said

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

I have to ask what does Japan’s treatment of Dolphins say about the government of Japan who allow such atrocities to sentient beings to take place?


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Film: Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

This film will break your heart. How can anyone do such terrible things to these sentient beings? Even if it were true that the dolphins are killed instantly it is not right to take the life of these animals, there is nothing humane about death quick or otherwise. All creatures wish to live.

“Japanese fishermen claim they kill dolphins instantaneously and without pain. This video WHICH IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC shows that it can take 7 minutes for a dolphin to die an agonizing death. The video was taken at great personal risk by German journalist Dieter Hagmann at Taiji, Japan. Dieter manages the BlueVoice website for Europe”

Walking with the Alligators

Bottlenose_Dolphin_KSC    dolphintruncatas   Tursiops_aduncus,_Port_River,_Adelaide,_Australia

Dolphin picture credits, left to right:  public domain, truncates and NASA.


As I  sit here admiring my new ” Winter”  mouse pad and still feeling the warm glow from our visit over the weekend to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium,  my first email this morning has turned my stomach and filled me with outrage.

Right now, I am seeing  red, blood-red, the blood of many of Winter’s own kind.

Her sweet face is still strong in my mind and the thought of others like her being slaughtered, makes me want to do bad things to those who are guilty.

The petition which is listed  below, came as a horrible reminder,  that there are still places on this confused plant,  where some life has more meaning than others.

While the US and Japan long ago ended their cold post war relationship,  which has since become one of extremely high valued goods exchanges…

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