Say No to Fracking Under Your Home

Please read the following information and take the suggested actions to stop fracking under your home – also other actions further down you can take to support clean energy.

Regardless of the detriment to our health and the countryside the UK is about to become one large fracking site with nearly two thirds of England earmarked for fracking.

not for shale2

As most of us know fossil fuels have contributed to climate change, surely therefore it is insanity to now be extracting new fuels of this type. Fracking – short for “hydraulic fracturing” – involves drilling deep under ground and releasing a high-pressure mix of water, sand and hundreds of chemicals to crack rocks and release gas stored inside.

Fracking is linked to water and air pollution in the United States, and to earthquakes in the UK.  Fracking poses a serious detriment to your health and the environment, yet despite this the Government are determined to go ahead anyway. As always money comes before people.

We should protest against fracking and not be led astray by promises of cheaper energy. Such will never happen, the only people to benefit will be the energy companies who will make more profit, any savings avoided from buying gas elsewhere will not be reflected in the price of your energy.

We have an opportunity to make an effective stand and say no to fracking under our homes. We can make things very difficult for the government and the greedy energy companies who for profit are only too willing to set aside the dangers to ourselves, other animals, the environment and future generations.

We have a rare chance to challenge UK fracking. But we don’t have much time. Fracking companies are lobbying the government to change the law so that they can go ahead and drill without the consent of residents.

Here is one very effective and simple solution from Greenpeace

According to Greenpeace’s solicitors it is unlawful for companies to drill under your home without your permission or a statutory right. Doing so would be trespassing. But we need to act fast, as there are indications that the government will try to change the law to allow drilling under your home.

Right now residents can create a legal block to fracking throughout the country by refusing permission for drilling under their homes.

Please take action

Firstly find out if your home is at risk of being fracked by clicking the link below:

Look up your postcode at now. –

The purpose of the above is to raise awareness of the areas in Britain which could be affected by hydraulic fracturing, and help people in Britain challenge fracking companies looking to operate in their communities.

More information can be found here:

If where you live is included add your name and say no to drilling under your home.

If your area is not included please support the campaign by sharing this link widely with friends, family, and other contacts as they may be affected.

You can also  download and print the above  Wrongmove sign   and put it up in your window to let your neighbours know that your home is ‘Not for Shale’ and spread the word even further by taking a photo of yourself with your sign and post it to Facebook or Twitter with the #NotForShale tag.

More information from Greenpeace:

“The ‘Not for Shale’ legal block is a campaign by Greenpeace to support residents in fracking-affected communities to challenge the Government and the companies trying to drill in their immediate area.

Through, residents can refuse permission to frack under their homes, even if companies have made, or are already making plans to drill there.

Fracking is a form of fossil fuel extraction that involves horizontal drilling. Fracking companies can drill up to two miles from a drill site, meaning operations regularly pass under people’s homes and farmland.

But in English law, if you own land then your rights extend to all the ground beneath it…
In Scotland, people also have very substantial and complex property rights, so the situation will be even more difficult for fracking companies to get around.”

You can read more about this by clicking the Wrong move link if you have not already done so and entering your post code and then clicking the link: More Information About This Action.

The more of us who take action the more difficult it will be for oil companies to carry out fracking.

Important even if your name does is not included please pass on to others as theirs could very well be

For Other Actions you can take against fracking check out Friends of the Earths website:

Includes a petition to David Cameron for you can sign – remember he promised that his government would be the greenest government ever. He needs to be reminded of this and live up to his commitment,

Click the get involved tab for a variety of actions both on and off-line:

Also please sign the following letter to be sent to the House of Lords calling for: “the Government to introduce a ‘clean power target’ that would slash the carbon in our electricity system, and encourage a rapid switch to renewable energy.”

“A YES vote would help stop fracking and the reckless dash for gas, and help us avoid the worst effects of climate change. We’ve got 10 days to persuade Lords to vote YES – let’s make the most of this opportunity.”

Please read more and add your signature to the letter



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