Money For Murder

This is just so shocking, is no animal safe from man’s abuse and exploitation.? Worldwide the assault upon the other beings with whom we share this earth seems relentless. I cannot understand the mentality of people who kill any animal. There is not a day that goes by without some atrocity towards animals and indeed to our own species.

Walking with the Alligators


This is the life they are supposed to have~


To all of you dear devoted,  caring readers, please help to stop this monster.

This will be very short, but most definitely,  not sweet !

This was just received and it must be addressed immediately.

I do not even know where to start.

But I know that all of you will, so this is in  your very capable hands now.

Adam and  Eric are you listening?

Please, please, sign it, share it , reblog it, post this story anywhere and  everywhere that you write.

Do  whatever you can, get on the phone, call anyone that you think will listen, do not let this man continue this.

They have no one to speak for them, no one to fight for them,  but you and me, we must answer their cries.

Despite Shutdown Horses Are Being Slaughtered

American Wild Horse Preservation News and Alerts




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2 thoughts on “Money For Murder

    • You are so right. Human cruelty to the other beings with whom we share this earth never ceases to shock me. There seems no end to the abuses that people inflict on other species. Not a day goes by that my e-mail box is not loaded with petitions, requests for donations, to write letters, attend protests, all attempts to stop the rising tide of unimaginable abuse and exploitation of animals both human and non human.

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