Please Help Rabbits Tortured for Angora

“If it says ‘Angora,’ remember the gentle rabbits whose fur was cruelly ripped out of their skin – and leave the item on the rack.”
PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi

Address list update December 14th – scroll down for the contact details of more retailers that sell angora – New list is about half way down. Also added December 23rd a petition for you to sign, please scroll further 

If you have not done so already, before continuing please read the previous blog entry: Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!
– Watch the video if you can but be please be warned it is very distressing. This is by far the most shocking video I have ever seen of animal cruelty, this atrocity has to stop now.

PETA ask you to refuse to buy angora and to ask family and friends to do the same.

There is however more action we can take to stop this atrocity.

Action You Can Take

I hope in time PETA will organise further action such petitions and letter writing campaigns.

In the mean time

Please Write to Retailers – Also please sign this petition to tell Ralph Lauren to stop selling angora

Please write and ask retailers to stop selling angora products made in China.

Please be polite, the store you are contacting may not be aware of the treatment of rabbits in Chinese farms.

Here is a list of stores that sell angora:

As ninety per cent of angora clothing is produced in China it is highly likely that the angora sold in the following stores is made in China.

A  friend and I have done an on-line search for stores that sell angora however as the country of origin is not included in the on-line information I cannot be absolutely certain that the garments sold by each store come from China. Nonetheless it is worth writing to ask them not to stock angora produced in China.

I began my letter with:

“As a retailer of angora products I urge you to please consider not selling angora clothing that is produced in China.” Then I went on to explain what happens to rabbits in Chinese farms and included the PETA link and links to the Independent and the Daily Mail.

Thanks to Rabbits United Forum user Compass for the list of retailers below. There are no doubt other stores which sell angora and if you know of any not on this list please let me know by leaving a comment.

  • John Lewis
  • Laura Ashley
  • Debenhams
  • Topshop
  • Ted Baker
  • Lidl
  • ASOS
  • Net-A-Porter
  • White Stuff
  • Marks and Spencers
  • La redoute
  • Phase Eight
  • New Look
  • Whistles
  • Oasis
  • House of Fraser
  • American Apparel

Letters are more effective and more likely to be read, but please if this is not possible send e-mail or use the stores on-line form. Please do your best and write to as many of these stores as possible.

The information below is correct to the best of my ability. Please verify yourself if you have any doubts. There’s not always an appropriate subject choice for e-mail or on-line forms, few stores provide a general e-mail address. Where appropriate I have advised the best subject selection.

Also please consider writing on the Facebook and Twitter pages of retailers asking them to stop selling angora products made in China.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a problem world-wide. 

Although the PETA campaign included on this blog is featured on their UK website many other countries world-wide sell angora products produced in China.

A similar campaign can be found on PETA’s USA website:

Check on PETA USA’s website for similar campaigns in your country: – scroll down to the bottom of the page

So far most , but not all, addresses  for retailers included below are here in the UK

Contact Details of retailers who sell angora 

Marks and Spencer

The Registered Office and Head Office of Marks & Spencer is

Marks and Spencer Group plc
Waterside House
35 North Wharf Road
W2 1NW

Telephone: 020 7935 4422

To send an e-mail click the link below the only e-mail I can find is for customer services where after clicking “Contact us by e-mail click here” you are taken to a page where you will be asked to ” Select a subject for your e-mail” I choose “instore service and feedback”


Head Office

United Kingdom – London
120 Regent Street
Tel. 44 20 78514300
Fax 44 20 78514301

Contact by e-mail

John Lewis

e-mail  Contact us – from what I can ascertain it is only possible to e-mail a specific shop. In which case I would e-mail the shop nearest to you or send a letter to head office

Head Office

John Lewis Partnership
Partnership House
Carlisle Place

Tel: 0207 828 1000

Laura Ashley

Contact details by e-mail and post

Head Office

Laura Ashley
27 Bagleys Lane
Tel: 0207 880 5100
Fax: 0207 880 5200



Scroll down there is a subject selection I chose general enquires

1 Welbeck Street, London, Greater London, W1G 0AA

Ted Baker


Head Office

Ugly Brown Building
6a St Pancras Way
Tel: 020 7255 4800


So difficult to find this contact link in tiny letters right at the bottom of the customer information page

e-mail form

Head Office

Lidl Head Office
19 Worple Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4JS

Regional Offices

This is the only on-line contact information I could find

twitter   Facebook

Head Office

CUSTOMER CARE, Customer Care
Building 2. Peoplebuilding
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate
Hemel Hempstead



other enquires- feed back and suggestions:

Head Office

The Village Offices
Westfield London Shopping Centre
Ariel Way
W12 7GF

La redoute.

Customer Services. Phone Number 01274-729544.

No-one at their HQ in the UK could give me the address for the HQ in France, they just gave me a

telephone number in Paris to ring…. 0033 156 929800.

On-line Form:

There is the following UK address on their website under Head Office Contact details:

Redcats (UK) plc
2 Holdsworth Street
West Yorkshire

Phase Eight

There is an on-line form on their website: – Choose General enquiry

Head Office

Phase Eight (Fashions & Designs) Ltd,
90 Peterborough Road,
London SW6 3HH.

New Look

Tel. Customer Services 0844-499 6690

Or there is an on-line form on their website. Go to their contact us. Then go to their help

centre….then scroll down to the bottom of the page to Ask Your Question and you will find the email form. – choose general feedback may be the best option

This sounds like a pretty unconvincing address, but I was told that this is where the knitwear buyer

is located….

New Look
PO Box 782

Other contact addresses –
Also Facebook and Twitter

Main Office

Main office
New Look Customer services
PO Box 782


E -mail

Head Office:

183 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1BU


A really hard-to-find online form to contact them with.

Head Office:

69-77 Paul Street ,
Tower Hamlets,
London EC2A 4NQ.

House of Frazer

Tel. 0845 602 1073

On line contact form on their website.

A long list of enquiry options though none for a general enquiry. I would choose “other store enquiry”

Head Office:

House of Frazer,
Granite House
31 Stockwell Street
G1 4RZ

UK address:
American Apparel UK
123-125, Curtain Road

US Postal address:

American Apparel
747 Warehouse St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

American Apparel

Online contact form at their website.

Facebook :


This is a list update 14th December with new addresses of retailers that sell angora.
I rather think that any store that sells clothing is likely to stock angora so I intend to add as many stores as possible.

Evans – Arcadia
Harvey Nichols
Edinburgh Woollen Mill
French Connection
River Island
British Home Stores
Top Shop/Topman
Harrods LTD
French Connection
Simply Be/Fashion World,
Yours Clothing,
If as many people as possible can write to any of these stores about the cruelty of rabbits hopefully things will change. I know it is a busy time of year but just do the best you can. Some of the list was sent by a blog visitor – see comment below. I have endeavoured to find postal addresses for as many as possible and on-line contact details. Unfortunately it seems some retailers are not that helpful in providing contact details.
On-line Form
Head Office
Next Retail Ltd
Desford Road


Head Office
Gillibrands Road, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9TB


This retailer is number one with regards to difficult to find contact details.

On-line form – There are two on-line forms .  I would worry about the reliability of either concerning this issue and recommend that you write a letter if possible.

Evans / Arcadia
Head Office
This is the only address I could find other than one for recruitment.
This is the head office for the Arcadia group which includes Evans and a number of other high street shops.


Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Head Office
365 Chiswick High Road,
Chiswick, London,
W4 4HS.
Customer Services – email

Twitter –


Registered office:
400 Oxford Street,
London W1U 1AB

(Head Office and Department Store).
39 Northumberland Street.
Newcastle upon Tyne. NE99  1AR


Edinburgh Woollen Mill
On-line form
Postal address
The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ltd.
Waverley Mills
DG13 0EB
French Connection
On-line form I choose product question

Postal address
French Connection
3rd Floor
Matrix Beta
Matrix Business Park
River Island
On-line form

e-mail –

Postal Address

Customer Service Dept.
River Island
Chelsea House
London, W5 1DR

British Home Stores
On-line form

Postal Address

Bhs Limited,
6th Floor North West House,
127-129 Marylebone Road,
London, NW1 5PX

Top Shop/Topman
Concerning Top Shop. This store is really unhelpful as regard to any obvious contact information on its website other than by telephone. I tracked down a customer service e-mail address included in the Terms and Conditions Page right at the bottom customer. service@TOPSHOP.COM.
I recommend that for this store a letter would most certainly be the best option.

Top Man have an on-line contact form – choose Stock Query

Heard Office
Topshop Topman
47-48 Berners Street, London, Greater London, W1T 3NF
On-line form for customer service –

There appears to be no head office address for Wallis
Wallis however like Evans is part of the Arcadia Group.

This is the address of the head Office of Arcadia

Harrods LTD
On-line Contact form

87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL

Simply Be/Fashion World,

I think Simply Be and Fashion World belong to the same group – all very complicated as I am unfamiliar with either. Below is the best I could do with tracking down their contact details. if anyone has any further contact information regarding either please let me know.
Really hard work finding contact details for this retailer. –

On-line form. I choose the “our products” option



This is the only postal address I could find
Griffin House
40 Lever Street
Greater Manchester
M60 6ES

Yours Clothing,

On-line Form:
Registered office:

Yours Clothing
1184 Lincoln Road,
PE4 6LA,
United Kingdom.

Don’t overlook the  supermarkets
On-line Form

33 Holborn
On-line form –
I think it is best if you can to send a letter by post as there is no real e-mail or online form- at least one that looks reliable. The above which is for Tesco Direct is probably the best way to make  contact on-line. I would not recommend on-line contact with this store.

Postal Address
Tesco Head Office
Shire Park, Falcon Way
AL7 1TW Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


There appears to be no on-line contact address for ASDA. Clicking on their contact link right at the bottom of the homepage takes you to this page which as you will see is anything but a contact page, no e-mail, no on-line form. Anyone would think they do not wish to hear from their customers.

So please if you are able to write only one postal letter please write it to  ASDA.

Great Wilson St,
West Yorkshire LS11 5AD

If for some reason letters are not possible please send a tweet
Or contact by their Facebook page

Update December 16th


E-mail –

Postal address

Customer Services,
Liberty Store,
Regent Street
London W1B 5AH

Please now sign the pledge if you have not already done so

Ben Williamson, a spokesman for PETA, said: “Ninety per cent of the world’s Angora come from China.

“Chances are if you are buying Angora, it comes from China.

“In half of the farms visited by our Asia investigator, they saw this live plucking happen.”

Please say no to angora wool and join PETA’s campaign against this cruel and violent industry by clicking this link:

Will add to the list if more contact details become available

It is important to keep in mind that this is a problem world-wide. 

More Links

According to CBS News “The soft fiber (angora)is used as an element in sweaters and other knitwear found at stores all over America.”

More information about this atrocity including a video many of us will find disturbing
PETA releases video of angora rabbit investigation in China

Please return to this page for further updates and if you know of any stores not listed above please include in the comments.

If there are any errors or links not working please let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you.

Apologies for the rather messed up formatting, hopefully will rectify as soon as possible. This update has been a huge and time consuming task and I do not wish to delay further because of formatting errors.

Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!

As a supporter of animal rights I have come across some shocking instances of cruelty but what follows turned my stomach at the very thought of the sheer cruelty involved. How the hell can any sane rational person commit such an atrocity against a living feeling sentient creature is beyond my ability to comprehend. The pain suffered by these defenceless animals is unthinkable.

Bleeding bunnies scream in pain as they are plucked alive for hats, socks, scarves and jumpers.

A PETA Asia investigation into angora farms in China – the world’s top producer of angora wool – has revealed shockingly cruel treatment of rabbits.

Please continue reading and watch the video

Warning this film is shocking I could not watch for more than a moment or so, the screams from these poor rabbits is unbearable to hear.

Please please read the following information included in the link below and  say no to angora wool and join the campaign against this cruel and violent industry.

How can any one be so cruel. Rabbits are stoic creatures, as pry animals they have evolved to hide their pain, it is only when pain is extreme that a rabbit will scream.

Please spread this far and wide and do not buy angora products particularly those from China.

Ninety per cent of the world’s angora comes from China where there are no animal welfare laws, no penalties for the abuse of animals on farms and no standards to regulate the treatment of the animals.

Similar atrocities would likely take place in any country where there are no laws to prevent such abuse and cruelty. Did you know that in seventeenth century Ireland wool was once plucked from live sheep rather than shearing. The first legislation directly against animal cruelty in the English speaking world was a bill passed in Ireland in 1635 that prohibited the unimaginable cruelty of pulling wool off sheep and attaching ploughs to horses tails. This bill was the first known animal rights law in history:

There is something deeply wrong psychologically with anyone who callously harms any animal in such an horrific way . To be so unmoved by the screams of an obviously sentient being is disturbing. The mentality shocking, the kind of mentality of the individuals who perpetrate cruelty towards their own species, such as those who ran concentration camps and those who torture people. There is no place in any ethically progressive society for people who can so readily inflict such harm. Such people need to be tightly controlled and until China introduces laws to protect animals,  sadly such inhumane behaviour will continue.

These poor animals need our help. Do not buy angora.   Ask friends and family not to buy angora. Please share this information as much as possible, on and off-line. If you see angora being sold anywhere please complain.


You can now sign a pledge to boycott angora wool by clicking the link below


Related Links

Labour loses Bedroom tax debate

“Progress is not an illusion; it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.” 
George Orwell

It was hoped that Lib Dem MPs would rebel and vote against the spare-room subsidy – the bedroom tax..

After hours of debate and hearing accounts of the hardship of those who have been affected by this unjust tax MPs voted to keep the bedroom tax by a majority of 26. The government usually achieves majorities of more than 50, which shows some Lib Dem members voted against the coalition government or abstained.

I cannot understand the mentality when it is clearly demonstrated that the bedroom tax causes enormous suffering, particularly, but not exclusively, to disabled people. It is often said that the government are out of touch with what life is like for most people. I say that the government know perfectly well what life is like for the vast majority of us including the sick and disabled, the unemployed and the low paid and they do not give a dam. I have to say that I strongly consider most of their polices are intended to bring about as much suffering as possible, to reduce people to poverty, to bring about low wages and virtual enslavement. The Nazi style propaganda to turn the public against benefit claimants is a perfect example of this government’s underhanded tactics to divide and conquer.

What is the point of all the debating, the arguing, the persuading when each and every MP who walks through the door and takes his or her seat in the house of commons knows perfectly well how he or she will vote – usually in accordance with the partly line. How is voting as you are told to vote a democracy when it is only a few who make the decisions ?

Read about the debate
Live: Bedroom Tax protest and debate as Labour calls vote on controversial policy
12 Nov 2013 13:05

Hear the Debate

At the present time about 600,000 people have had their housing benefit cut by an average of £14 a week. A so-called spare bedroom means a reduction of 14 per cent of housing benefit. The government claims it is making housing benefit fairer by ensuring that taxpayers are not subsidising social housing tenants who are living in homes that are too big for them. There are many MPs and other well-off people living in homes that are too big for them. An extra room is often required for sick and disabled people and frankly in a rich country such as the UK surely it is too much to expect that everyone have one spare room for the pursuit of hobbies, privacy and even work. Spare rooms are often not much bigger than cupboards in the tiny and cramped houses built nowadays. The problem is as always, there are people who consider that they have the right to far more than they need while others have to live their lives in what passes as a rabbit hutch – incidentally I don’t like hutches for rabbits either – while multimillionaires live in houses with many spare rooms. How many spare rooms does Cameron have or Miliband for that matter while homelessness rises?  How many spare houses do they have?

Time to build more homes for people, homes where people can live meaningful and fulfilling lives not tiny cramped quarters which are nothing more than dormitories in which to sleep while slaving away their entire lives providing wealth for those who have far more than they need and who live in homes far larger than is necessary while others live in cramped accommodation or  are homeless, such as the unfortunate people who have to resort to sleeping  in caves near greater Manchester:

Labour have promised to reverse the bedroom Tax
“Let me be very clear – if I am secretary of state in 2015, this will be the first thing that I will do, reverse this unfair and pernicious tax.”
Rachel Reeves Shadow work and pensions secretary

That however is a long time to wait for an end to this gravely unfair tax concerning which there are many heart breaking stories  including that of the Shadow Northern Ireland minister Stephen Pound who told MPs that his brother, who has kidney failure, faced losing his home of 20 years because he has a spare bedroom he uses as a dialysis unit.

More stories
I had to stop eating to pay bedroom tax’ claims Morley woman

Disabled man told ‘pay £78 or we’ll evict’ says he is a victim of the “bedroom tax”

Action You Can Take
Despite the unfavourable outcome of the debate we can continue to take action

Labour Bedroom Tax action
“On Tuesday, Labour MPs forced a debate on the Bedroom Tax in the House of Commons and voted to scrap this unfair, cruel policy.
The government could have abolished the Bedroom Tax, but instead they voted to keep it. Tory and Lib Dem MPs defended a policy that inflicts hardship and suffering on children in poverty and people with disabilities.
This is just the start of our campaign to scrap the Bedroom Tax. Labour will see this through to the end — and if we win in 2015, a Labour government will scrap the Bedroom Tax immediately”

While Labour promise to scrap the bedroom tax if of course they are elected they have no plans to scrap other benefit reforms and I rather think that they will continue where the Tories left off in this regard.

Don’t forget you can still write to UN representatives

Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living. It states that:
“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control”.

Raquel Rolnik, wants evidence of how the bedroom tax, council tax and welfare reforms have impacted on you
Raquel Rolnik’s email address is :

More information:

You can also write to United Nations Secretary-General:
His Excellency Mr Ban Ki Moon
United Nations Secretary-General
UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

United Nations Enable
You can write to the  United Nations Enable concerning the detriment of the bedroom tax on the sick and disabled
Write to Enable:
Also see

Now I know to many that it may seem rather way out to write to the UN but please do so. Some time ago now I wrote an extensive e-mail mentioning all the so called welfare reforms including the bedroom tax . You do not have to be an expert just write and express your concerns, your own experiences and perhaps highlighting some of or even all of the issues. Regardless of experience or even writing skills the more letters they receive the more someone way take notice.

You might not get a reply, I did not but it is still worth writing, particularly now the problems have been highlighted by Ms .Rolnik’s visit back in September. Do not be deterred, unless we speak out nothing will happen.

Please Complete Bedroom Tax Survey

Bedroom Tax: We will be heard Bedroom Tax survey
There are about 660,000 households directly affected by the bedroom tax both able and disabled. The bedroom tax is a serious detriment and everyone effected suffers in some way or another. For people claiming benefits who have seen a reduction in income as a result of benefit reforms or, increasingly more common as a result of benefit sanctions, no income at all this is an extra burden and all of them are suffering in different ways.

“Please take the time to be a part of something special. To help make a difference to the lives of so many people. Thank you for you help, together we can achieve change.”
“We are proud to present the most comprehensive survey to date regarding the Bedroom Tax. We need as many people as possible to complete this survey in order to demonstrate what is happening to everyone affected by it. This is extremely important, not only to help those in higher positions to understand the impact of it, but this survey is also a way of identifying how the Bedroom Tax is affecting a cross-section of society in a very detailed way.”

Read more and please complete the survey if you are affected by the bedroom tax:

Please consider joining the letter writing campaign you need not be personally affected by the bedroom tax to write the more public support the better. Like all social injustice whether or not we are affected makes no difference, we need to stand up for what is right and protect those who suffer form this grave social injustice.

Bedroom Tax Debate Update


For more information about the bedroom tax debate and details of protests please visit :
Lobby of parliament as it debates abolishing the bedroom tax (Tues 12 Nov,1  Pm) as called for by the Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror article:
Bedroom Tax: Labour MP Rachel Reeves condemns disgraceful squeeze on hungry families which affects 375,000 children

If you cannot attend please e-mail your MP

Here are same draft e-mails. Try to personalise if possible. Also a convenient list of MP’s contact details

See earlier entry:

Also check out:

Please attend if possible, sadly for me distance and ill health prevent me from doing so. If you like me cannot attend please e-mail your MP.

There are about 660,000 households directly affected by the bedroom tax both able and disabled. The bedroom tax is a serious detriment and everyone effected suffers in some way or another. For people claiming benefits who have seen a reduction in income as a result of benefit reforms or, increasingly more common as a result of benefit sanctions, no income at all this is an extra burden and all of them are suffering in different ways.

Read the account of how a homeless veteran is affected by the injustice of the bedroom tax

A HOMELESS Scottish veteran has been hit by the bedroom tax because the temporary accommodation provided by his council has three bedrooms.

SEALS OF NAMIBIA: A club to avoid

This is so shocking, how can people be so cruel to harmless creatures .I have to ask myself what kind of a person commits such an atrocity. Rather like the Canadian seal hunt/ massacre this must be stopped. Sadly there seems to be less publicity about the Namibian seal slaughter which is just as horrific. The protection of fish stock is an excuse and besides as a vegan I consider that it is time we stopped eating fish, before the oceans are decimated. The abuse and exploitation of most every animal on the planet sickens me, most of it occurs as a result of greed. Sad that these harmless and defenceless creatures should die so that some fickle minded person can wear their fur. Shame on the Namibian government for allowing this barbarity. Time to ban the fur trade and consign it to history where it belongs.


  Me, demonstrating against the clubbing of seals in NamibiaCape fur sealsNamibia, a country on the West coast of Africa and bordering on South Africa, has the most incredible natural beauty. It has vast desert expanses and a rugged coastline named the Skeleton Coast, which is known for its deep red sand dunes.                                                                                                                                                                                                  …

View original post 383 more words

Scrap the Bedroom Tax – Debate in Parliament 12th November

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent social injustice , But there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

Elie Wiesel

Please read carefully the following blog entry from Dairy of a Benefit Scrounger and take action. If you cannot take some of the actions please at least write to ask your MP and ask him or her to vote to scrap the bedroom tax, In the comments section someone has included a template letter to give you an idea what to write but do personalise as much as possible. But please do write even if you just simply request that the bedroom tax be scrapped.

This is urgent please act before 12 November! There will also be a virtual campaign.

Scrap the Bedroom Tax – Vote in Parliament
Rachel Reeves confirmed yesterday that Labour is calling an Opposition Day debate on scrapping the Bedroom Tax on the afternoon of 12th November. That’s only eight days away, so if we’re going to make any difference to the vote, we need to let our MPs know as soon as possible

She’s asked you all if you would consider coming to the Commons on the day. She’s booked a wheelchair accessible room in Portcullis House (Boothroyd Room) from 10am-12.30 on the morning of the debate – the idea is to orchestrate a mass lobby from there – and she’ll also be able to come and meet as many of you as possible.

We’ve also been told they’ll try and get tickets for as many people as possible to attend the debate in the afternoon over at the Commons.

For those who can’t attend in person, we’re told there’ll be a mass “virtual lobby” at the same time and the Mirror are supporting the last minute calls to MPs.

If anyone would like to attend either event – or has any questions – contact her parliamentary assistant Keir Cozens – – and hopefully see you there…

You can email your MP from here just by entering your postcode.

A short note, outlining why you think the Bedroom tax is unfair and asking them to either meet you at the parliament lobby, or if you can’t attend, to vote to scrap the tax.

Please continue reading

You can also contact  your MP by clicking and entering your post code.


You need not be personally affected by the bedroom tax to write, the more public support the better. Like all social injustice whether or not we are affected makes no difference we need to stand up for what is right and protect those who suffer from this grave social injustice. The government’s divide and conquer strategy has set people against one another. The labelling of benefit claimants as scroungers has tuned people, who would otherwise have opposed the government’s extreme and unjust welfare reforms,  against those unfortunate to need benefits as a result of disability, chronic illness or unemployment.

 “The suffering caused by the bedroom tax is now well documented in thousands of individual stories of hunger, stress and homelessness, not least those of disabled people who make up two thirds of those affected.”
Dave Weltman, campaign co-ordinater  Bristol

Though the bedroom tax does not affect only disabled and sick people it has added to the impact of already devastating welfare reforms which has plunged sick and disabled people into poverty driving many to suicide. Up and down the country people are struggling to survive the vicious welfare reforms compounded by the Bedroom Tax. Many are struggling without heating or food. Some people are so poor they cannot afford to heat food donated to them from food banks. Many struggle with debt and cannot pay their rent.

The bedroom tax has added to the misery of profoundly disabled people including children plunging them and their carers into financial crisis. The story below from the Daily Mirror highlights the injustice of the bedroom tax :

“Warren Todd isn’t like a lot of 13 year olds. There’s only one person like him in the UK, and less than 100 in the world.

He was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Potocki Shaffer syndrome, which affects the development of his bones, brain and other organs. He has epilepsy and autism, skeletal problems and learning difficulties. He also has a beautiful smile.

One of the few words Warren can say is “Ganpa”. He lives with his grandmother Sue Rutherford and her husband Paul who, for years, have provided extraordinary round-the-clock care for Warren, even though Paul is also disabled.

Then, 200 days ago, the Coalition brought in the Bedroom Tax – cutting the family’s support by nearly £60 a month and plunging the Rutherfords into a financial nightmare that could still lead to Warren going into care.”

Please continue reading

Please take as many of the recommended actions as possible if you have not already done so.

Also please take the bedroom tax survey:

We live now in a culture of fear not knowing what will happen next to make our already miserable lives more difficult and the saddest things is those who are healthy and able bodied allow this atrocity to happen to those for whom life is  already a day to day struggle as a result of illness, disability or unemployment.

More Information
Bedroom tax: “Thousands forced to pay because they have nowhere else to go”
Two thirds of council/ social housing tenants are behind with their rent
For more bedroom tax information

Live Animals Kept Inside Keyrings.

“For hundreds of thousands of years the stew in the pot has brewed hatred and resentment that is difficult to stop. If you wish to know why there are disasters of armies and weapons in the world, listen to the piteous cries from the slaughter house at midnight.”
Ancient Chinese verse

Living animals such as fish, tiny lizards and small turtles sealed in plastic keychains are sold across China. These are considered by the Chinese as good-luck charms and have become very popular. Even though many people will buy these key rings, which to my mind are symbols of cruelty rather than talismans to bring good-luck, there will be many people  who buy them just to free these poor creature from their tiny plastic confinement.



Unbelievable cruelty: LIVE animals kept inside keyrings in China street trade

“Tiny turtles, lizards and fish are kept alive in the bags by crystallyzed oxygen and nutrients, which are claimed to last for two months.

But activists claim that the animals last as little as a day as their oxygen supply runs out.

David Neale, animal welfare director of Animals Asia told CNN: “Lack of food and diminishing oxygen concentrations within both the water and the small amount of air in these plastic pouches will cause the animals to die in a relatively short period of time after the pouches are sealed.”

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Please sign the petition to “… call on the UN to demand the Chinese government to ban the manufacture and sale of amulets and jewellery containing live animals.”

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Frankly I feel sick to the stomach at the very idea. How can anyone be so cruel. I have heard of this before and this horrendous cruelty has been going on for some time. What is the matter with people, have they no sensitivity, no moral compass, no sense of right and wrong. This world will never be a good place to live while cruelty continues unopposed, while governments allow people who seemingly know no better or even worse are deliberately cruel to do exactly what they like with the other creatures who inhabit this world with us. Shame on the Chinese government for allowing this to happen. China has made some great leaps forward in technological advancements yet still continue the most appalling barbarity towards other animals. Yes all countries allow the exploitation of animals and wanton cruelty such as hunting here in the UK and most everywhere else and that has to stop also. However in China with few exceptions it seems to be possible for anyone to do whatever they like to animals no matter how cruel.

China has a particularly shocking record of animal cruelty.

For example:
(Warning All the links below show harrowing, sickening and shocking pictures of animal cruelty)

The dog meat Trade. Organised gangs snare and catch pet dogs off the street: 

In China 50,000 dogs are slaughtered everyday for meat or fur.
The following  video will break your heart if you love animals, but for one dog there is a happy end.

Dogs Killed by mob:

Horrific animal cruelty that shames China: Wild mob kill dogs just for WALKING into a city

Animals skinned alive for fur:

How can people be so cruel, so lacking in compassion for the plight of other living feeling sentient beings.

The above is a small sample of the treatment of animals in china, it is shocking to the extreme yet in China there is an estimated 50 million vegetarians and Vegans who are as appalled as you and I about such dreadful treatment of animals.

There are people in China of course who oppose such cruelty and are struggling to bring about change.

China has a long way to go despite some moderate progress 

In a country that pioneered the eating of shark’s fin and tiger penis, and where zoo visitors are known to amuse themselves by assaulting caged animals with everything from rocks to sulfuric acid, calls to respect the rights of animals have long fallen on deaf ears. But there are signs that attitudes are beginning to change.

Animal Rights in China – Times Are Changing

While there are some positive inprovments, I have to say again China has a long way to go and indeed, though perhaps to lesser degree, so do western countries which, while not allowing such overt violence and cruelty, nonetheless allow appalling suffering to take place day after day to millions of living beings in factory farms, in laboratories and other less obvious abuses such as the wanton massacres of thousands of animals as a result of hunting.

Mahatma Gandhi acutely observed that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” To seek to reduce the suffering of those who are completely under one’s domination, and unable to fight back, is truly a mark of a civilized society.
Charting the progress of animal-welfare legislation around the world is therefore an indication of moral progress more generally. Last month, parallel developments on opposite sides of the world gave us grounds for thinking that the world may, slowly and haltingly, be becoming a little more civilized.
The best hope for further progress, it seems, lies in animal welfare becoming, like human rights, an international issue that affects countries’ reputations.
Peter Singer


I hope that Mr Singer is correct in his assumption that moral progress is being made though when you consider what is happening in the world today with regards to our treatment of animals it can seem as though we take one step forwards and another step back. While the UK have liberated circuses animals the same UK government has orchestrated the massacre of thousands of badgers.

Currently only endangered species are protected in China, this has to change and new legislation introduced to protect all animals from abuse. Lack of legislation makes it very difficult for good progress by Non Government Organisations such as Animals Asia and grass routes organisations to bring about any real change.

Chang Jiwen, the law professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, leading the drafting of animal welfare legislation, said, ‘China has begun to be aware of the importance of animal welfare because it touches on the economy, trade, religion, and ethics …’ he added that enacting such legislation will be no easy task, ‘The future is bright, but the path ahead will be tortuous.’
Action you can take

Please sign a petition to Encourage Animal Welfare Activists in China

Be a part of the change help Animals Asia by visiting their website and click the Get Involved link

Investigators infiltrate the dog and cat meat mafia in China
Information and petition

While animal welfare is important, it is time animals were granted rights in the same way human beings are. Animals have the right to live their lives free from man’s negative interference, exploitation and abuse.

UK Ban All Wild Animals in Circuses

“When I look at animals held captive by circuses, I think of slavery. Animals in circuses represent the domination and oppression we have fought against for so long. They wear the same chains and shackles.”
Dick Gregory – American comedian, social activist.

AT LAST! A ban on all wild animals in circuses has been passed!

By the end of 2015 there will be no performing animals in circuses here in the UK. Two years is though a long time for animals to endure the misery of constant travel and confinement , nevertheless it is a huge step forward in the fight to stop the exploitation of animals for entertainment.

The RSPCA and the Born Free Foundation have offered to help re-home circus animals

RSPCA senior scientist Dr Ros Clubb said:

“It is a great relief that the Government has listened to reason and we are back on track to getting a proper ban on the use of all wild animals in circuses.”

“As the Government has pointed out, there is absolutely no basis for protecting only a select group of wild animals, and no desire to do so from MPs, the public or animal welfare groups. No wild animals belong in a circus”.

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I am frankly shocked by some of the comments following the above article in favour of continuing the exploitation of animals in this way:

“Is this journalism? Where is the voice of the circuses? Where is the balanced reporting. According to a study by DEFRA the welfare of animals in British circuses is FINE. The public has been mislead with lies about cruelty and suffering. The animals in British circuses are healthy, mentally and physically.”

How can anyone possibly think that any animal is mentally and physically fine confined to a circus transported from venue to venue, made to perform ridiculous tricks, their freedom curtailed, their natural instincts suppressed. I wonder if the person who wrote this would like to find his or herself swinging  from a platform as was the case of the lion in the video further down

Here is a another commentator who describes the ban as dum:

“This is fairly dum.

Most animals can be domesticated.”

I think it is this person who is dum, though not a nice word, misinformed, unthinking perhaps but nonetheless misguided. Though animals can be domesticated doesn’t make it right does it. Elephants, lions and other wild animals are not here for our entertainment, they like us evolved to live the lives that nature intended in freedom, in their own environment , not to participate in childish tricks for uncaring unthinking and fickle minded people.

If anyone has any doubts and really cannot consider the injustice of treating animals this way check out the following video which clearly demonstrates the stupidity of human beings and the danger they put themselves in for the sake of so-called entertainment.

Note that unfortunately the linked video following this one on You Tube called”Skilled Elephants” is a prime example of the exploitation of these magnificent animals.

It is not often the UK government does the right thing, particularly the present government, but thankfully in this instance they have. This is a positive step forward in consigning such barbaric and unacceptable forms of entertainment to history where they rightly belong.

Now it is time to ban the exploitation of performing marine animals, animals used in sport such as dog and horse racing – well the list could go on there is so much animal abuse and exploitation which needs to be banned. Nevertheless this is a good start.

The UK joins the following countries in taking the decision to ban performing animals in circuses:

There is still a long way to go for a worldwide ban.

Please visit the following websites to learn more and take action:

There are just so many websites advocating the ban on animals in circuses it was difficult to make a selection. It is heart-warming to know that so many people care about what happens to animals. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the cruelty , exploitation and abuse of animals and at times it seems that no species is spared from the onslaught of unrelenting misery perpetrated against the myriad species with whom we share this world. However still there are millions of people who do not care or are indifferent to the plight of our fellow beings. Everyone knows the suffering that goes on when the lights are dimmed and the applause stops and the animals go back to their miserable existence yet this suffering continues day after day. A socially ethical and progress society should not allow such atrocities against defenceless animals.

Quotations concerning animal exploitation in circuses

“When children see animals in a circus, they learn that animals exist for our amusement. Quite apart from the cruelty involved in training and confining these animals, the whole idea that we should enjoy the humiliating spectacle of an elephant or lion made to perform circus tricks shows a lack of respect for the animals as individuals”

Peter Singer

Animal abuse is rampant in the U.S., right under everyone’s eyes, for the entertainment of the public. The brutal confinement and pain of training methods of wild animals in the circus, the aquatic and theatrical shows, leads to retaliation by the animals. Eventually they find the right time to strike out, and they will.

Tippi Hedren

“But for the use of physical punishment by, and fear of their oppressors, animals would never be a part of a circus.
Richard Pryor

Save Marine Mammals from Exploitation

“We must educate the public. The average person has no idea of what’s going on in factory farms, in laboratories, circuses, roadside zoos or rodeos.”

Bob Barker,

I would like to add marine parks and accquiriums to the above list.

Finally the public is being made aware of the cruelty, abuse and exploitation that takes place in Marine Parks in the name of entertainment – and profit of course.

I recently received the following e-mail from PETA  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Please read and watch the review of the documentary Blackfish. You do not have to be a US citizen to take some of the actions. You can even sign the white house petition though you will need to register to do so.

Did You Watch ‘Blackfish’? Take Action Now! – even if you didn’t please take action.

“Last week, CNN aired the highly anticipated documentary Blackfish, and as a result, PETA has been receiving e-mails and phone calls from activists all over the country who want to help the animals imprisoned at SeaWorldBlackfish features interviews with former SeaWorld trainers and experts as well as shocking, never-before-seen footage depicting the capture, forced captivity, and cruel treatment of these remarkable animals.

Here are four things that you can do to help marine mammals:

  1. Urge Macy’s to cancel SeaWorld’s float in its Thanksgiving Day parade.

  2. Ask the White House to abolish the capture of dolphins in U.S. waters! One hundred thousand signatures are needed, so please sign and ask your friends to sign, too!

  3. Share this list of eight reasons why orcas don’t belong at SeaWorld with everyone you know!

  4. Pass out our brand-new SeaWorld leaflets in public places or to anyone you know who has talked about visiting SeaWorld! E-mail me at with your name and mailing address, and I’ll be happy to send you free leaflets about SeaWorld!”

With the recent release of the Documentary Blackfish SeaWorld have been exposed internationally for their cruel treatment of marine animals such as Orcas ( Killer whales) and dolphins. These highly intelligent and social creatures are housed in small tanks –   which to them, are the size of a bathtub –  after being violently captured from their natural habitat and forced to live their lives as performing animals. Methods of training include such cruel things as withholding food. The results of such abuse is psychological damage born of intense boredom, and aggression that results in orcas gnawing on the metal gates and concrete corners of their tanks and damaging their teeth.  Captive animals at SeaWorld and other marine parks often die prematurely from stress and other captivity-related causes.

In captivity, all male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins as adults, which is a sign of an unhealthy orca and is not normal and rarely happens in their natural habitat.

In nature, orcas choose their own mates. But at SeaWorld, orcas are forced to breed on a regular basis. Male orcas are trained to float on their backs, and their trainers masturbate them to collect their sperm. Females are artificially inseminated and forced to breed at a much younger age than they would in nature.

A scientific study by Newcastle University found that dolphins in close proximity to humans experience extreme stress, “preventing them from resting, feeding or nurturing their young.”

Read more:Ten Things You Didn’t Know About SeaWorld

SeaWorld and similar places throughout the world deprive these animals of their freedom to live lives as nature intended, to breed, raise their young, set territorial boundaries, socialize and freely swim. As a result of such privations these intelligent and social animal eventually go insane from loneliness and boredom.

This is not entertainment, it is not education, it is cruelty.

Such cruelty to these intelligent animals must stop. One of the greatest barriers in banning the use of animals as entertainment is ignorance. I recall many years ago in my less aware days of going to a dolphinairium in Brighten. I simply did not think this through. It appeared the dolphins were willing to perform the silly tricks however unbeknown to me behind the facade of supposed entertainment is a situation of exploitation, abuse and psychological and physical cruelty.

Perhaps the film Blackfish will do something to dispel the ignorance and highlight the cruelty behind such places as SeaWorld and the many similar places all round the world. We all know that animals such as Orcas. other Wales and Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures who want their freedom. Dolphins swim for 100 hundred miles each day. Imagine how it must feel to be confined in a tank year after year after year. Dolphins are kept in small tanks in which they go slowly insane because the reverberations from their sonar bounce off the walls. if this was done to a humane we would call it torture for indeed that is what it is.

Here is a shocking incident as a family shoots a  video of a beached pilot whale at SeaWorld Orlando.

More information:

“Audience members at a recent aquatic show at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida were left angered and upset after witnessing a young dolphin left to struggle for several minutes to try and get back in the water.
Disturbing video footage shows the short-finned pilot whale – a member of the dolphin family – appearing distressed, while members of the crowd can be heard calling for staff to help it.
The footage was posted on YouTube and has gone viral, provoking a row over whether the animal was subjected to cruelty by park staff or was simply ‘having fun’ as a spokesperson has claimed.

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it is unlikely the animal was having fun, this would not happen in their natural environment, whales and dolphins do not beach themselves to have fun. The lack of immediate response to the situation tells us a lot about the care or rather lack of care of these animals.

We can never give any captive animal a natural, wholesome, physically and mentally healthy life no matter how good our intentions and no animal should be confined and made to perform tricks under any circumstances.

Please take the suggested actions above

It is time to end the exploitation of animals for entertainment.

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