Save Marine Mammals from Exploitation

“We must educate the public. The average person has no idea of what’s going on in factory farms, in laboratories, circuses, roadside zoos or rodeos.”

Bob Barker,

I would like to add marine parks and accquiriums to the above list.

Finally the public is being made aware of the cruelty, abuse and exploitation that takes place in Marine Parks in the name of entertainment – and profit of course.

I recently received the following e-mail from PETA  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Please read and watch the review of the documentary Blackfish. You do not have to be a US citizen to take some of the actions. You can even sign the white house petition though you will need to register to do so.

Did You Watch ‘Blackfish’? Take Action Now! – even if you didn’t please take action.

“Last week, CNN aired the highly anticipated documentary Blackfish, and as a result, PETA has been receiving e-mails and phone calls from activists all over the country who want to help the animals imprisoned at SeaWorldBlackfish features interviews with former SeaWorld trainers and experts as well as shocking, never-before-seen footage depicting the capture, forced captivity, and cruel treatment of these remarkable animals.

Here are four things that you can do to help marine mammals:

  1. Urge Macy’s to cancel SeaWorld’s float in its Thanksgiving Day parade.

  2. Ask the White House to abolish the capture of dolphins in U.S. waters! One hundred thousand signatures are needed, so please sign and ask your friends to sign, too!

  3. Share this list of eight reasons why orcas don’t belong at SeaWorld with everyone you know!

  4. Pass out our brand-new SeaWorld leaflets in public places or to anyone you know who has talked about visiting SeaWorld! E-mail me at with your name and mailing address, and I’ll be happy to send you free leaflets about SeaWorld!”

With the recent release of the Documentary Blackfish SeaWorld have been exposed internationally for their cruel treatment of marine animals such as Orcas ( Killer whales) and dolphins. These highly intelligent and social creatures are housed in small tanks –   which to them, are the size of a bathtub –  after being violently captured from their natural habitat and forced to live their lives as performing animals. Methods of training include such cruel things as withholding food. The results of such abuse is psychological damage born of intense boredom, and aggression that results in orcas gnawing on the metal gates and concrete corners of their tanks and damaging their teeth.  Captive animals at SeaWorld and other marine parks often die prematurely from stress and other captivity-related causes.

In captivity, all male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins as adults, which is a sign of an unhealthy orca and is not normal and rarely happens in their natural habitat.

In nature, orcas choose their own mates. But at SeaWorld, orcas are forced to breed on a regular basis. Male orcas are trained to float on their backs, and their trainers masturbate them to collect their sperm. Females are artificially inseminated and forced to breed at a much younger age than they would in nature.

A scientific study by Newcastle University found that dolphins in close proximity to humans experience extreme stress, “preventing them from resting, feeding or nurturing their young.”

Read more:Ten Things You Didn’t Know About SeaWorld

SeaWorld and similar places throughout the world deprive these animals of their freedom to live lives as nature intended, to breed, raise their young, set territorial boundaries, socialize and freely swim. As a result of such privations these intelligent and social animal eventually go insane from loneliness and boredom.

This is not entertainment, it is not education, it is cruelty.

Such cruelty to these intelligent animals must stop. One of the greatest barriers in banning the use of animals as entertainment is ignorance. I recall many years ago in my less aware days of going to a dolphinairium in Brighten. I simply did not think this through. It appeared the dolphins were willing to perform the silly tricks however unbeknown to me behind the facade of supposed entertainment is a situation of exploitation, abuse and psychological and physical cruelty.

Perhaps the film Blackfish will do something to dispel the ignorance and highlight the cruelty behind such places as SeaWorld and the many similar places all round the world. We all know that animals such as Orcas. other Wales and Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures who want their freedom. Dolphins swim for 100 hundred miles each day. Imagine how it must feel to be confined in a tank year after year after year. Dolphins are kept in small tanks in which they go slowly insane because the reverberations from their sonar bounce off the walls. if this was done to a humane we would call it torture for indeed that is what it is.

Here is a shocking incident as a family shoots a  video of a beached pilot whale at SeaWorld Orlando.

More information:

“Audience members at a recent aquatic show at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida were left angered and upset after witnessing a young dolphin left to struggle for several minutes to try and get back in the water.
Disturbing video footage shows the short-finned pilot whale – a member of the dolphin family – appearing distressed, while members of the crowd can be heard calling for staff to help it.
The footage was posted on YouTube and has gone viral, provoking a row over whether the animal was subjected to cruelty by park staff or was simply ‘having fun’ as a spokesperson has claimed.

Read More:

it is unlikely the animal was having fun, this would not happen in their natural environment, whales and dolphins do not beach themselves to have fun. The lack of immediate response to the situation tells us a lot about the care or rather lack of care of these animals.

We can never give any captive animal a natural, wholesome, physically and mentally healthy life no matter how good our intentions and no animal should be confined and made to perform tricks under any circumstances.

Please take the suggested actions above

It is time to end the exploitation of animals for entertainment.

More From PETA:


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