Scrap the Bedroom Tax – Debate in Parliament 12th November

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent social injustice , But there must never be a time when we fail to protest.

Elie Wiesel

Please read carefully the following blog entry from Dairy of a Benefit Scrounger and take action. If you cannot take some of the actions please at least write to ask your MP and ask him or her to vote to scrap the bedroom tax, In the comments section someone has included a template letter to give you an idea what to write but do personalise as much as possible. But please do write even if you just simply request that the bedroom tax be scrapped.

This is urgent please act before 12 November! There will also be a virtual campaign.

Scrap the Bedroom Tax – Vote in Parliament
Rachel Reeves confirmed yesterday that Labour is calling an Opposition Day debate on scrapping the Bedroom Tax on the afternoon of 12th November. That’s only eight days away, so if we’re going to make any difference to the vote, we need to let our MPs know as soon as possible

She’s asked you all if you would consider coming to the Commons on the day. She’s booked a wheelchair accessible room in Portcullis House (Boothroyd Room) from 10am-12.30 on the morning of the debate – the idea is to orchestrate a mass lobby from there – and she’ll also be able to come and meet as many of you as possible.

We’ve also been told they’ll try and get tickets for as many people as possible to attend the debate in the afternoon over at the Commons.

For those who can’t attend in person, we’re told there’ll be a mass “virtual lobby” at the same time and the Mirror are supporting the last minute calls to MPs.

If anyone would like to attend either event – or has any questions – contact her parliamentary assistant Keir Cozens – – and hopefully see you there…

You can email your MP from here just by entering your postcode.

A short note, outlining why you think the Bedroom tax is unfair and asking them to either meet you at the parliament lobby, or if you can’t attend, to vote to scrap the tax.

Please continue reading

You can also contact  your MP by clicking and entering your post code.


You need not be personally affected by the bedroom tax to write, the more public support the better. Like all social injustice whether or not we are affected makes no difference we need to stand up for what is right and protect those who suffer from this grave social injustice. The government’s divide and conquer strategy has set people against one another. The labelling of benefit claimants as scroungers has tuned people, who would otherwise have opposed the government’s extreme and unjust welfare reforms,  against those unfortunate to need benefits as a result of disability, chronic illness or unemployment.

 “The suffering caused by the bedroom tax is now well documented in thousands of individual stories of hunger, stress and homelessness, not least those of disabled people who make up two thirds of those affected.”
Dave Weltman, campaign co-ordinater  Bristol

Though the bedroom tax does not affect only disabled and sick people it has added to the impact of already devastating welfare reforms which has plunged sick and disabled people into poverty driving many to suicide. Up and down the country people are struggling to survive the vicious welfare reforms compounded by the Bedroom Tax. Many are struggling without heating or food. Some people are so poor they cannot afford to heat food donated to them from food banks. Many struggle with debt and cannot pay their rent.

The bedroom tax has added to the misery of profoundly disabled people including children plunging them and their carers into financial crisis. The story below from the Daily Mirror highlights the injustice of the bedroom tax :

“Warren Todd isn’t like a lot of 13 year olds. There’s only one person like him in the UK, and less than 100 in the world.

He was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Potocki Shaffer syndrome, which affects the development of his bones, brain and other organs. He has epilepsy and autism, skeletal problems and learning difficulties. He also has a beautiful smile.

One of the few words Warren can say is “Ganpa”. He lives with his grandmother Sue Rutherford and her husband Paul who, for years, have provided extraordinary round-the-clock care for Warren, even though Paul is also disabled.

Then, 200 days ago, the Coalition brought in the Bedroom Tax – cutting the family’s support by nearly £60 a month and plunging the Rutherfords into a financial nightmare that could still lead to Warren going into care.”

Please continue reading

Please take as many of the recommended actions as possible if you have not already done so.

Also please take the bedroom tax survey:

We live now in a culture of fear not knowing what will happen next to make our already miserable lives more difficult and the saddest things is those who are healthy and able bodied allow this atrocity to happen to those for whom life is  already a day to day struggle as a result of illness, disability or unemployment.

More Information
Bedroom tax: “Thousands forced to pay because they have nowhere else to go”
Two thirds of council/ social housing tenants are behind with their rent
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6 thoughts on “Scrap the Bedroom Tax – Debate in Parliament 12th November

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  3. Keir Cozens never replied to my enquiry. I wantd to join the virtual protest as I am totally unable to get to London. I emailed my MP and understand he is a rebelling LibDem which I hope I influenced.

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