SEALS OF NAMIBIA: A club to avoid

This is so shocking, how can people be so cruel to harmless creatures .I have to ask myself what kind of a person commits such an atrocity. Rather like the Canadian seal hunt/ massacre this must be stopped. Sadly there seems to be less publicity about the Namibian seal slaughter which is just as horrific. The protection of fish stock is an excuse and besides as a vegan I consider that it is time we stopped eating fish, before the oceans are decimated. The abuse and exploitation of most every animal on the planet sickens me, most of it occurs as a result of greed. Sad that these harmless and defenceless creatures should die so that some fickle minded person can wear their fur. Shame on the Namibian government for allowing this barbarity. Time to ban the fur trade and consign it to history where it belongs.


  Me, demonstrating against the clubbing of seals in NamibiaCape fur sealsNamibia, a country on the West coast of Africa and bordering on South Africa, has the most incredible natural beauty. It has vast desert expanses and a rugged coastline named the Skeleton Coast, which is known for its deep red sand dunes.                                                                                                                                                                                                  …

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