Bedroom Tax Debate Update


For more information about the bedroom tax debate and details of protests please visit :
Lobby of parliament as it debates abolishing the bedroom tax (Tues 12 Nov,1  Pm) as called for by the Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror article:
Bedroom Tax: Labour MP Rachel Reeves condemns disgraceful squeeze on hungry families which affects 375,000 children

If you cannot attend please e-mail your MP

Here are same draft e-mails. Try to personalise if possible. Also a convenient list of MP’s contact details

See earlier entry:

Also check out:

Please attend if possible, sadly for me distance and ill health prevent me from doing so. If you like me cannot attend please e-mail your MP.

There are about 660,000 households directly affected by the bedroom tax both able and disabled. The bedroom tax is a serious detriment and everyone effected suffers in some way or another. For people claiming benefits who have seen a reduction in income as a result of benefit reforms or, increasingly more common as a result of benefit sanctions, no income at all this is an extra burden and all of them are suffering in different ways.

Read the account of how a homeless veteran is affected by the injustice of the bedroom tax

A HOMELESS Scottish veteran has been hit by the bedroom tax because the temporary accommodation provided by his council has three bedrooms.


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