Open Letter to David Cameron

You and your government are an absolute disgrace. In just two and a half years you have destroyed sixty years of social progress. You and your perverted polices have plunged people into unimaginable poverty and destitution. I say perverted as to my mind deliberate policy making that will destroy lives and set social progress back decades is perverted as is putting the interests of the rich before those of the poor. Most people of good character would prefer to be remembered in history for the good that they have done, for the progress they have brought about that resulted in a better society, an equal and just society where no one goes without. A society were each individual is important, where everyone contributes what they are able and takes only what they need, where those who cannot contribute at all because of ill-health or disability are looked after and given every opportunity to live a full and satisfying life. A society where no one need fear unemployment, ill-health, poverty, homelessness, hunger and destitution. Where everyone has an opportunity for education, if they are able to progress in this way, and where those for whom a higher or any education is not possible because of a different level of intellect; that their contribution will be of equal value and worth, with opportunities to enjoy and improve whatever abilities they have. A society whose members do not dread old age because of poverty after years of working away their precious lives to make another man rich, and usually for a pittance. A society where leisure is as important as work and the work is shared among all those who are able (as I am sure you are aware that if this was the case people would work far less hours than they do now) Where no one dreads the winter because they cannot heat their homes or in some cases cannot even heat donated food that is given to them by food banks, or buy warm clothing.

Instead, you Mr Cameron will go done in history as an infamous and unelected dictator who has ignored the wishes of the public and set aside democracy to do precisely what you please. You and your government or at least the four most vile; namely yourself, Osborne, Duncan-Smith and Freud, sometimes dubbed the gang of four after the Chinese counter-revolutionaries, have used Nazi style propaganda to set people, who would otherwise be more sympathetic, against those unfortunate to be sick and disabled, labeling them scroungers and skivers. You and your cronies have even turned people against those who are unemployed through no fault of their own, people unable to find work because you and previous governments destroyed our industry and allowed all the jobs to go abroad in order for greedy corporations to get rich on the backs of impoverished people exploited as cheap labour. Even more heinous yet is the attempt under the guise of work experience programmes dubbed ‘workfare’ to enslave the unemployed, even the sick and disabled. In the latter instance engaging the evil, amoral, French IT firm ATOS to, in the vast majority of cases, falsely declare even profoundly sick people ‘fit to work’ or able to work at some point. Furthermore you and your cohorts have poisoned the minds of the British public who have allowed this atrocity, this breach of human rights to go virtually unchallenged though now thankfully more and more people are waking up to your evil, corrupt and insane ideologies. You should be grateful that people are so well-behaved, so law-abiding otherwise you would not be where you are today, but you know this don’t you, you know the British public are unlikely to revolt or break the law in any significant way – at least the vast majority, you know that your warped polices will meet little real opposition.

You have allowed so many people to suffer to pay for a financial crisis that in reality does not exist, and even if it did so – is not the fault of the people who are being made to suffer for it. The Financial crisis is a crisis of the corrupt capitalist economic system that exploits the vast majority of the earth’s people, other animals and the environment for the sake of the few who have an insane need to accrue vast wealth they do not need or will rarely utilise. The economy and the whole system of finance is an insane and complex web of insatiable greed and exploitation. The present fiasco is nothing more than a corrupt attempt to control the lives of millions, enslaving them to corporations and the government controlled by the corporations. In reality there is no financial crisis. The world’s resources more or less remain the same; it is just how the rich and elite control the way the world’s resources are distributed that has caused the financial crisis. There are still the materials to build homes, the land to grow crops, the means to produce food, clothing and shelter. We still have our technology, our factories and our people to produce enough for everyone’s needs. There are still the fuel resources though depleted of course as oil, coal and gas are not replenished, however they are not depleted any more than they would have been if there had been no financial crisis. So in reality there is no crisis in any real sense of the word. The whole nightmare that has plunged people into poverty and despair is not real. It has provided the rich with an excuse to enslave us further, an excuse to cut wages, cut welfare and reduce our standard of living. Simplistic yes but true nonetheless. The whole system needs to be changed and the resources of this world fairly distributed without damage to the environment and threat to future generations and the other creatures with whom we share this world.

The whole system of capitalism and right-wing politics is either insanity or evil. Ask yourself is it rational for a few people, the ‘one percent’, to own 46 percent of all global assets and the richest 10 percent to own 86 percent of the wealth which is in effect control of the world’s resources while other people die from starvation and other preventable deprivation? Is it moral? Is it ethical for you and others like you to have vast wealth which you have not earned in any real sense of the word while others slave all their lives for a pittance and suffer in old age for want of basics such as a warm home, enough food and clothing. It is neither rational nor ethical for a child to die every three minutes from want of food or clean water or anyone to suffer any other detriment born of your greed and the greed of others like you who have far more than they need.

Time to say enough is enough, time to see an end to capitalism, exploitation and inequality. Time for a fair world, a world in which our descendants will have fulfilling lives where no one is exploited; no man, no animals, or the earth itself for the satisfaction of the few.

I hope people will have the common sense to be rid of you in the next election and are not swayed by false promises as they were this time. Promises that you would care for the sick and disabled and that you would not interfere with the NHS.

This government has no sense of decency, of morality, of compassion, or empathy

“Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being.”
Quotation from Saadi a 13th century Persian poet

You Cameron most certainly do not deserve to be called a human being.

Note: In the above open letter when writing to Cameron  I cannot bring myself to use the salutation Dear as is customary. The word to my mind is an outdated form of greeting that implies a person who is highly esteemed or regarded, an endearing, lovable, or kind person: Cameron is anything but.

This government led by this grossly callous sociopath is the most vile and despicable I have ever known in my life-time.

They have no moral compass, no sense of ethics or compassion. They care nothing about democracy or human rights. They are a disgrace, parasites and hopefully in the next election we will be rid of them, though the damage they can do before this time is likely to be considerable. The greatest problem though facing voters is who will replace them as sadly Labour I fear will do little to rectify the damage the conservatives have done to people’s lives, most particularly to disabled and chronically sick people. As far as I am aware, with the exception of the bedroom tax, labour have no plans to right the grave social injustice and violations of human rights that have been perpetrated towards the most vulnerable in our society. I never thought I would see the day when any UK government would use what amounts to Nazi style propaganda to turn the public against vulnerable people and that so few would seriously oppose them.

Action to take
Please help sick and disabled people affected by vicious and devastating welfare reforms

Please sign the WOW petition Which call s “for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform, and a New Deal for sick & disabled people based on their needs, abilities and ambitions”

There is only a few days left the more people who sign the better.
More information:

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“This group is established to galvanise opposition to the current vicious attack on the fundamental human rights of disabled people by the Government of the United Kingdom utilising “Work Capability Assessments” (as administered by ‘AtoS Healthcare Ltd’ on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions ‘DWP’) to re-classify sick and disabled individuals as “fit for work” – in flagrant violation of all  accepted medical, and human, ethical standards.”


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