This Christmas 80,000 Children Face Homelessness

‘Home is a sanctuary for me and the place where I can relax. Everyone should have the right to a safe and secure home.’ 
Corinne Bailey Rae

Eighty Thousand Children are Homeless this Christmas in the UK


Before you read anything else please make sure you sign the urgent petition  The same petition can be found on care2’s website International visitors may sign also.

Also see Shelter’s Campaign

Would Cameron want his children to wake in a cold cheerless hostel Christmas morning? Of course not. Than why should any other child wake to Christmas in such deprivation?

It is hard to believe that here in the UK 80,000 children will be homeless at Christmas time and of course after.

While Cameron and others like him wake to Christmas morning in a warm centrally heated home to a luxury breakfast prepared for them while he and his over privileged family open expensive Christmas presents many less fortunate families will wake to Christmas in a cold depressing hostel. No Child should wake to such deprivation anywhere in the world let alone in the sixth richest nation.

In a just and fair society no one should go without the essentials of food, shelter ,clothing and warmth, the fact children do so in the UK, in the sixth richest country in the world, is a disgrace. This situation has to stop.  Cuts to welfare and the bedroom tax have plunged people into poverty. As have rising rents, soaring bills such as energy and food, and unemployment. While many live in luxury with wealth far in excess of need, including greedy self-serving MPs who have been granted a pay rise of 11 percent,  more and more people in the UK sink further and further into poverty. Keep in mind that MPs’ present pay rise alone is far more than many people have to live on.

While most people struggle on low wages, insignificant pay raises or no rises and even wage cuts and drastic cuts to benefits including sanctions these greedy MPs and the rich, whose wealth has in fact increased, have been insulated against the so called financial crisis that has devastated so many lives.

Time to demand better from our government, time to demand they take action against poverty. The greatest problem is that for the most part it is the government who have plunged people into poverty and deprivation on a scale unimaginable as a result of austerity measures, including vicious welfare reforms.

This government need to do something now to rectify this disgusting situation. The government of the UK need to do more to provide affordable homes where each child and indeed each person can live full and meaningful lives and feel safe and secure. Scrapping the bedroom tax would be a good step in the right direction as would ensuring employers pay each person a living wage: last year nearly two million children lived in households where their parents or guardians earned less than the living wage

More Action you can Take

While charities do a marvellous job the onus is on the government to do something about poverty and homelessness, rather than adding to the situation the government should make the relief of poverty and homelessness a priority. Abolishing the bedroom tax would be a good start as will building affordable homes, more social housing and  introducing a living wage and abolishing the present vicious welfare reforms that have added nothing but misery poverty and homelessness to lives already blighted by illness and disability. The sad thing is that many ill-informed people here in the UK have swallowed the poisonous rhetoric that has been spewed out by the government against benefit claimants willingly disseminated by most of the media. These ignorant bigoted people should keep in mind that the recently implemented horrendous welfare reforms affect children also, destroying young lives.   No only should no one in the UK go without adequate shelter, food, warmth and clothing, but the fact that they while few speak out about this is a disgrace. 

Demand change

Please write to David Cameron and your MP:

Other Charities and campaigns that help homeless children and young people

Centre Point – Christmas appeal

Save the Children
While normally considered by many as a charity that helps children in developing countries Save the Children now also campaign to improve the lives of impoverished children right here in the UK

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Speaking of her son Teddy a homeless mother living in a B&B says:

“It’s so hard to give him a balanced diet as it’s impossible to make proper meals here, let alone a Christmas dinner.

“He’s getting really pale and is so tired all the time. He gets so scared but it’s difficult when I’m scared myself. This is no place for a child to live. We’re desperately hoping we won’t be here for Christmas.”

Her son, Teddy, said: “Sometimes it’s scary. There’s no room to play here and I miss having my friends over.”

Read more

According the Save the Children: Britain remains one of the least fair countries in the developed world. Grow up in the UK today and your opportunities and chances in life can be largely determined by the time you’re seven – not because of your own ability or efforts but because of the economic circumstances you are born into.

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