A thought for Homeless Children

Prior to Christmas the following petition asked people to make a pledge to pause on Christmas day and give a thought to children who will be homeless.

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/424/391/149/ So far there are 8,000 signatures

While this is a nice gesture, I think more needs to be done than simply thinking about this outrageous situation which has no place in any civilised ethically progressive country.

I doubt if Cameron or his cohorts who have done much to make people homeless gave these children even a passing thought as they gorged themselves on fine food and expensive drink and other luxuries in their centrally heated homes with many spare rooms.

While many people spent Christmas in unheated homes, sometimes not even able to afford the gas or electricity to heat the food they have had donated from their local food back, these callous arrogant politicians no doubt enjoyed the festive season to its fullest and self indulgent extent content with their 11 percent rise while many people face increasing poverty, deprivation and homelessness as a result of low wages, unemployment, savage cuts in benefits and prices rises including huge hikes in energy tariffs. Cameron and Milliband both publically decry the rise in pay but say that they have to accept it nonetheless, yet overlook the obvious solution of giving it to charity as does the president of Uruguay who has donated 90 percent of his wage to charity while living in very modest accommodation as you an see in the following video interviews:

Talk to Al Jazeera : Jose Mujica: ‘I earn more than I need’


If you do not have time to watch the above video please watch:  Uruguay’s Jose Mujica, the poorest president in the world, BBC News


And this article:Jose Mujica, President Of Uruguay, Donates 90 Percent Of Salary To Charity


What a wonderful man if only our prime minister and MPs where so noble, so thoughtful, so ethical, so decent and compassionate. Sadly greed rules their lives and they care nothing for the people whose lives their polices have destroyed .

Did you know that in this so called developed country Thousands of families had to rely on emergency food handouts this Christmas.


Twenty things you need to know about food hunger in the UK


The debacle in the house of commons recently was a disgrace, when Duncan Smith sneaked out after smirking through Ester Mcveys speech during the Labour Party’s Opposition Day debate to discuss the dramatic rise of food bank use and the increase in hunger in the UK.

Hear the tirade of perverse justification by this despicable women – apparently we have all got to suffer for the financial crisis:

In the UK it is right that more people are… going to food banks because as times are tuff we are all having to pay back this £1.5 trillion debt which spiralled out of control under Labour, we are all trying to live within our means, change the gear and make sure we pay back all our debt which happened under them.”

Esther Mcvey quoted in the Independent:

All but these greedy callous self-serving MPs . An eleven percent rise is hardly suffering is it.


View McVey’s speech during the food bank debate labelled by Labour’s Sir Gerald Kaufman as the nastiest he had heard in his 43 years as an MP .


This Christmas, around 60,000 people in Britain faced going hungry and will continue to go hungry in the New year and every following year with more and more people suffering poverty and destitution in the sixth richest country.

Please sign the following petition if nothing else you can make some suitable comments concerning this particularly evil injustice

Here is one signatory’s comment:

Given many good hardworking people in this country are impoverished and struggling, given your decimation of the benefits system and the NHS, given your failure to control fuel profiteering, given your blatant criminal behaviour re expenses and your attempts to control a free press for your own benefits – my polite response to your plan to give 11% pay rises to yourselves is: it is immoral and disgusting.

David Cameron: Stop the 11% pay rise for MPs’ salaries:  stop the MP pay rise
I very much doubt that Cameron will gave a thought on Christmas day for the lives of those he has destroyed for the suffering and misery deprivation.

Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle said

“It’s a scandal which is getting worse and the Government now has the humiliation of the Red Cross helping to collect and distribute food aid in Britain for the first time since the Second World War.”

Why not write to Cameron let him know what you think about this injustice. Perhaps you could suggest he follows the example of the president of Uruguay and gives his 11 percent rise to charity.


E-mail Form: https://email.number10.gov.uk/contact.aspx

Write also to your MP and make the same suggestion:



4 thoughts on “A thought for Homeless Children

    • Thank you for your comment. Indeed you are right. Hopefully more people will speak out and things will change. It is sad though that things will get much worse before they improve and people wake up to what is happening not only here in the UK but world-wide.

  1. Thank you for you comment. I am sorry to hear you were homeless, I cannot imagine what that must be like particularly for a child who needs the security of a home. Having a home to my way of thinking is a basic human right. I will read your blog as soon as I can.

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