Help Stop the Sale of Ivory


Shocking fact : At least 25,000 elephants possibly as many as 50,000 are slaughtered each year for their ivory. On average an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for his or her ivory.

You can help save elephants from extinction by taking the following actions:  signing petitions, sending a message to the Obama administration and supporting The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s  (IFAW) UK ivory surrender campaign.

Of course there are many other actions and campaigns concerning the increase of elephant poaching as there  is great concern globally about this threat to the survival of this intelligent creature.


Please urge China and  Myanmar (Burma) to crackdown on the illegal sale of ivory and help protect elephants

Despite laws prohibiting the sale of ivory thousands of pieces of ivory are being sold quite openly in a market in Mong La, Myanmar (Burma) one of the biggest unregulated ivory markets in Asia.

“In China, it’s illegal to kill elephants for their ivory and sell their tusks. But somehow, 30 tusks and thousands of pieces of ivory were recently discovered for sale at a market in Mong La. Investigations into wildlife monitoring and trafficking noted that this market could be one of the biggest unregulated ivory markets in Asia. How could this be if laws exist? Ivory is openly displayed at this market in the Eastern Shan State of China to cater to the many tourists that visit. There is obviously no form of government control to stop the sale of ivory throughout China and other Asian countries.

The problem has also reached epidemic levels in Myanmar, considered as the second largest elephant population area worldwide, just after India. It is believed that about 6,000 elephants in the wild still roam the lands of Myanmar. “

Read more and please sign the petition:

Demand that Myanmar and China crackdown on the sale of Ivory and save the Elephants!!

Please sign and share the above petition worldwide and help to stop the massacre of elephants for their ivory. China and Myanmar need to crackdown on the illegal sale of ivory in order to protect elephants.

More information:

Where the Chinese go to buy illegal ivory
Burmese town exposed as one of Asia’s biggest markets after thousands of trinkets are seized.

“It is clear that neither Burma nor China are effectively enforcing Cites’ regulations, as ivory is evidently moving across the border.”
Dr Vincent Nijman, of Oxford Brookes University

More than 3,000 pieces of carved ivory were found on the border between Burma and China last week by undercover researchers from Oxford Brookes University and Traffic, the wildlife trade monitoring network.

As China becomes more affluent and the wealth of many Chinese people increases so does the demand for ivory.

“There is a new wave of elephant poaching being fuelled by Chinese demand for ivory. The economy in China is growing and so is the wealth of its middle class. Ivory is seen as a luxury item and a status symbol, and demand for it has rocketed, making it so valuable that there is now a poaching frenzy which is brutally wiping out elephants in their tens of thousands.”

Read more and please sign the petition:
Stop China Wanting More Ivory! –

This petition, will be presented to the Chinese embassies in London and Manchester, however anyone anywhere in the world may sign.

It has been estimated elephants will become extinct in twelve years time unless the poaching of these animals for their tusks is stopped and the sale of ivory banned and laws to this effect enforced world-wide. As always it is all about greed at the expense of the other creatures with whom we share this world. It is shameful to kill a sentient being for his tucks for trinkets for the affluent and fickle minded who care nothing for the other creatures who inhabit this earth along side us. Ivory is an anachronism of a bygone age, a barbarism that should now be consigned to history.

Laws are of little value if they are not enforced , rather like the ban on Hunting with dogs here in the UK which as you can read in the
previous entry continues despite laws banning this cruel pastime. I have to wonder if such laws are for effect only.

We need a total ban on ivory

Help the IFAW’s  UK ivory surrender campaign.

Concerning ivory I think it is time that the sale of all ivory is banned as desire for these unethical trinkets continues and is encouraged further by the sale of antique ivory. Rather like faux fur encourages and promotes the market for real fur by sending a message that fur is fashionable, the sale of antique ivory stimulates the market for new ivory. Furthermore I am sure that it is not possible to tell the difference.

“February 12-13, governments from around the world are gathering in London to discuss how to end illegal wildlife trade. The IFAW is urging people in the UK to hand in unwanted ivory ahead of the summit. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has already collected some 50kg of ivory, donated in response to this appeal, to be crushed in central London next month.”

Please continue reading and take the suggested action:

As a matter of interest regarding fake fur from China it is often not possible to ascertain if there is either a mixture of real and fake fur as the Chinese have been known to mix them or the garment is labelled incorrectly.

Is that faux fur really fake?

Send a message to the Obama administration

The USA is one of the largest markets in the world for ivory sales – and it’s killing elephants

Please read and send a message to tell the Obama Administration: Lead the global charge to ensure a future for elephants. Ban the sale of ivory in the United States.

Please sign and share these petitions and other actions to help stop this appalling slaughter of elephants for their ivory.

Links of Interest

Keep up to date with the elephant crisis in Africa    – A blog dedicated to spreading awareness of the poaching crisis

And don’t forget to donate your ivory if you have any. Please read the information below if you have not already done so.

Donate your ivory

Help us protect elephants by supporting our UK ivory surrender

If you would like to donate your ivory please post it to:

Campaigns Department

International Fund for Animal Welfare

87-90 Albert Embankment



More details:


Sadistic Hunters kill Terrified Fox in Front of Children

Fox Hunting

As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.

A helpless terrified fox was dragged from a badgers’ set,  where she had hidden to escape six men and their dog,  and was viciously slaughtered in front of three children.

As you can see from the photograph below three children look on as the poor animal meets a cruel end at the hands of terrier men and their dog.


A shot was fired and another unfortunate fox was dragged from the hole and laid before the children.

“This horrific incident of animal cruelty shows not only a total disregard for the dogs and foxes but also for the welfare of the ­children. Terrier work is abhorrently cruel.”
Joe Duckworth, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports

The RSPCA is now investigating to see if it breaches the laws which govern huntsmen. The 2004 Hunting Act, which banned hunting foxes with a pack of hounds, doesn’t cover the use of dogs to flush out animals underground.
Read more

Don’t know what a terrier man is:

“Terrier Men – This unsavoury character will ‘dig out’, shoot or ‘bolt’ the fox when it has gone to ground using terriers. Terrier men are recognisable by their flat caps, Landrovers and leers! Many of them double as pest controllers, and have connections with badger digging.”
Read More about this sickening blood “sport”

An unsavoury character indeed though that is putting it mildly,  such persons to my mind are sadistic, cruel and probably sociopaths – really what kind of mentality enjoys killing another living creature for pleasure, hardly normal or rational is it. In this instance the vile deed is compounded further as these reprehensible excuses for human beings allow three young children to watch.

Child abuse? In my opinion most defintely. Animal abuse ? Most certainly.

Fox hunting or more precisely hunting with hounds was banned on the 18th February 2005, a day celebrated by most decent people and those who genuinely care about animals. It was a day that many thought would never come when finally decency and morality would prevail and such barbarism would finally be consigned to history where it rightfully belongs, and where future generations would cringe in horror that an advanced civilisation in the twenty-first century should allow those who sadly seek pleasure via the pain of other sentient creatures to have the choice to indulge in their sickening perversion.

Sadly despite the ban fox hunting continues and many Tories would like nothing better than to see the ban rescinded.

This is my no means an isolated occurence. Hunts all over the country have been flouting both the spirit and letter of the law ever since the Hunting Act was passed. Partly because of weaknesses and loopholes in the Act and partly due to weak enforcement they can almost always get away with it. They’re allowed to use a full pack of hounds to ‘search’ for their quarry, then, surprise, surprise, the hounds start chasing it. But they can escape conviction unless it can be proved that one or more of the hunters INTENTIONALLY ‘engaged or participated’ in the chase of the unfortunate wild mammal. This is extraordinarily difficult to do. Their standard get out is to claim that they were ‘trail hunting’ – a ‘sport’ invented after the Hunting Act was passed specifically to make it easy for them to make it look like the hounds are following a pre-laid scent trail when what they’re really doing is hunting live quarry much as they ever did. Then, if the fox goes to ground, the thuggish terrier-men are called in to dig-out and shoot [if it’s lucky] the terrified fox, a process that can take hours [I’ve seen that often pre-ban] with the fox and terrier underground squaring up to, and often biting one another. This is allowed by an exemption in the Hunting Act – all they really require is landowner’s permission. Hunts will continue getting away with bloody murder until the Hunting Act is significantly strengthened to make enforcement easier and increase deterrence. See

Commentor Alan Kirby from Protect Our Wild Animals Mirror comments section

Many Tories want fox hunting reinstated regardless of the overwhelming public support for the ban to continue.

According to RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant “The Prime Minister has said the hunting law is unenforceable and has no place in a civilised society.”

So ripping foxes apart has a place in a civilised society does it Mr Cameron?

The cruel and barbaric pastime of Fox hunting or indeed any hunting has no place in any civilised ethical society. The fact that Cameron seems to think it has says a lot about this man who has brought about such suffering and misery to the lives of many people here in the UK, particularly concerning the vicious welfare reforms and the introduction of Workfare and sanctions plunging people into poverty, driving many to suicide and despair, destroying lives and hope.

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals
Immanuel Kant

What does Cameron’s passion for hunting say about the character of this unpopular prime minister whose callous indifference to the suffering he has caused during his term in office is beyond comprehension for those of us who endeavour to be compassionate.

This article provides good insight into his intense like of this blood “sport”

“I have spent all week in a state of complete fury.

Like a man possessed with an advanced case of Tourette syndrome, I have been shouting at traffic and assailing my fellow men (and women).

What has brought on this demented state? The hunting debate

It is difficult to explain why this one issue makes me so furious.

Read more of this insane rant:

And my entry here on this blog about this tirade:

Action to take
Fox hunting has been banned lets keep it that way

Click the following link to see how you can strengthen the hunt ban:

Read the full story –  Digging Out: the hidden shame of hunting

And  sign up for e-mails to learn about the League of Cruel Sport’s campaigns about how you can help protect animals from cruel sports.–the-hidden-shame-of-hunting#

To report a wildlife crime :
Wildlife Crimewatch Line: 01483 361 108

Support the league of Cruel Sports End Hunting Campaign

A selection of quotations about hunting and animal cruelty 

“Most people accept there is no place for animal cruelty in a civilised society.
Mary Creagh MP

“Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.”
James A. Froude

“Cruelty to animals is contrary to man’s duty to himself, because it deadens in him the feeling of sympathy for their sufferings, and thus a natural tendency that is very useful to morality in relation to other human beings is weakened.

If [man] is not to stifle his human feelings, he must practise kindness towards animals, for he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”
Immanuel Kant

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.

We need a boundless ethics which will include animals also.

The thinking [person] must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition and surrounded by a halo. When we have a choice, we must avoid bringing torment and injury into the life of another…”
Albert Schweitzer

“There will be no justice as long as man will stand with a knife or with a gun and destroy those who are weaker than he is.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

“Killing animals for sport, for pleasure, for adventures, and for hides and furs is a phenomenon which is at once disgusting and distressing. There is no justification in indulging in such acts of brutality.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Whenever I see a photograph of some sportsman grinning over his kill, I am always impressed by the striking moral and esthetic superiority of the dead animal to the live one.
Edward Abbey (1927 – 1989), A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this creature who was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning.
Marv Levy

Modern Slavery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – and elsewhere

I can only say that there is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do to see a plan adopted for the abolition of slavery.
George Washington

Many of us consider slavery as an evil of a bygone age, abolished a couple of centuries  or more ago. There are however more people living in slavery today than the total number of people taken from Africa to America in the slave trade between the 17th and 19th centuries.

One of the places where modern slavery flourishes is the Democratic Republic of the Congo where in the bloodiest conflict since world war 2 over 5 million people have died as a result of conflicts between the government and rebel forces.

Where the government is not in control local people are intimidated, sexually abused and forced to work in the tantalum mines – Slavery. The proceeds are then used to finance further conflict. Tantalum is a mineral used in many devices of modern technology such as your mobile phone. Most electronics devices contain minerals that originate in the mines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, referred to as“conflict minerals.”

In fact 85 percent of tantalum comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Many big electronics companies have already taken steps to get rid of conflict minerals in their supply chain: Intel recently announced that all of their new microprocessors will be free of conflict minerals with Chief Executive Brian Krzanich urging the “entire industry” to follow suit.

But Nintendo continues to lag behind and has yet to join the electronics industry audit program for conflict-free smelters nor has it required its suppliers to use only conflict-free smelters – the bare minimum requirement for taking action on conflict minerals.

Please take time to watch the video below and take action either by clicking the link in the video or the link which follows below calling on Nintendo to take the first step toward ensuring their products are free of conflict minerals mined with slavery by auditing their supply chain according to industry standards and making this information public.

If you do not need to watch the film for any reason you can access the petition by clicking this link and scrolling down to Take Action Nintendo: Slavery is not a Game and click Act Now.

The petition is simple requiring only a few details.

I admit that I knew virtually nothing about this country or the terrible consequence of these conflicts, the fight for control of the Tantalum mines and the tragic  loss of life in yet another struggle between greedy war mongering governments and rebel forces and those who wish to accrue wealth at the expense of other people to extract this lucrative mineral.

Though I knew so little  about the shocking incidence of slavery in Democratic Republic of the Congo  from time to time I have come across mention on the internet by way of petitions, but as far as I am aware nothing much elsewhere, absolutely no mention in the media here in the UK. How can such appalling treatment of other human beings take place day in and day out and there is no action to prevent this and barely any mention in the mainstream media.


Slavery is a serious problem world-wide yet few are aware of its existence.

Twenty-nine million people world-wide are living in modern day slavery:

Including here in the UK:

Please click the following link to commit to mobilising governments, businesses and communities to end modern slavery:

More detailed information about Slavery in the Democratic republic of the Congo

“Slavery is calling for its own end. We must answer that call.”
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Lets not overlook the more subtle forms of slavery such as here in the UK the government’s Work Fare schemes based on the threat of losing benefit for non compliance with being forced to work thirty hours each week for no pay.

Or the even less obvious wage slavery, the enslavement of millions of people by big corporations for a subsistence wage which to my mind amounts to slavery.

Are you a Wage Slave:

Or the new prison slavery:
The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery

Or the slavery of animals:
“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.”
Martin Luther King Jr. – not sure how animals are enslaved be sure to click this link:

But these are subjects for another post. Though it should be said that one should not make comparisons regarding degree of injustice. Obviously being forced to work in the mines in the Congo at gun point is worse then being forced to work for nothing stacking shelves here in the UK. However all are social injustices as we all value our freedom and the degree of severity of slavery is little compensation to those who have to spend their lives enslaved to others. Animals too wish to lives their own lives as nature intended and while many will not agree with me to enslave any creatures is unjust and unethical.

Benefits Street: Open Letter to Channel Four

The documentary Benefits Street features residents of a deprived Street in Birmingham. The programme sets out to demonise poor people who live in James Turner Street and has resulted in threats of violence to residents and has increased prejudice towards those who through no fault of their own need to claim benefits.

Many people including myself consider this documentary to be an unbalenced prejudicial and  negative portrayal of benefits claimants.


Residents of James Turner Street where not told that the programme’s title would be Benefits Street.

If you are not familiar with this controversy please see related links at the end of this post.

Below is an open letter to Channel Four regarding their documentary Benefits Street.

I write concerning your documentary “Benefits Street.” I am appalled that for the sake of sensationalism, high ratings and of course money you have exploited vulnerable people and have aided the government’s campaign to label all benefit claimants as scroungers, rogues and fraudsters. In real terms for profit and all the reasons above you have aided and abetted the Coalition’s Nazi style propaganda which has singled out benefit claimants including disabled people as a drain on the economy. While most of your participants so far may not fall into the category of disabled with the exception of Fungi perhaps who has a drug problem, the intention is the same and that is to turn the public against those who are unfortunate enough not to be able to get a job.

The programme has excited hatred and prejudice which is clearly demonstrated by vicious hateful Twitter comments. I quite believe that this was the intention of this program. You know full well that the people featured in this street are the kind of people that most of the misinformed public associate with the concept of “benefit scroungers”, therefore reducing any sympathy that the public may have. The people in this street are not representative of people everywhere on benefits. They have their problems, no doubt as a result of years of neglect by society as they struggle on a pittance on the edge of destitution made even more so since the vicious welfare cuts by this government. You have exploited their misery and hopelessness and added further detriment to their difficult lives.

The quick shot of a few satellite dishes was no doubt deliberately intended to promote the idea that people on benefits can afford this luxury. These dishes could have been anywhere in the street as there are people who live there also who do have jobs.

Were the people featured in this program paid for their appearances? They claim to have been led into thinking that the programme featured their community spirit, which I might add is a good and caring one. A refreshing change in a divided country where everyone adopts an every-man for himself attitude where few give a damn about their neighbour or the struggle many people have to cope with the increasing poverty inflicted upon them by this government of the rich for the rich.

I am appalled that you can so easily collaborate with the vile evil of the governments’ malicious propaganda maligning benefit claimants and the calculated destruction of our welfare system. You are lucky you have good jobs you enjoy and gain satisfaction from even though to my mind the context of this particular documentary is perverse and unjust, you are no doubt quite self-satisfied. One day you too may not have a job or you may be too ill or disabled to work, what will you say then when there is no welfare state to support you? I cannot understand people like yourselves who would rather sow the seeds of hatred rather than good, who would divide people against those who are struggling with poverty rather than unite people to seek justice and bring an end to the vicious welfare reforms that have set the clock back decades to a time and a way of life that decent caring people never thought we would see again in the UK. Such distorted programmes propagate discrimination and injustice and incite hatred and violence. Personally to give my life meaning I would prefer to gain notoriety from the good I did for the improvement of society towards a just and fair world for everyone.

The people of James Turner street need help, not exploitation. People do not choose to live on benefits, it is not a life-style choice, who would want to spend their lives struggling on £71 per week. A pittance which can now so easily be taken away under the guise of sanctions set in place to deprive people of this miniscule income for such petty things as arriving a minute late for an appointment at the job centre. Shame on you exploiting a shocking situation of social injustice. Injustice that I never thought would happen here in the UK and about which so few would protest.

Instead of focusing on a couple of petty thieves why not focus on the real criminals in our society, the greedy bankers and corporations and the corrupt governments that support them? No; because they support you? The greed of the few is destroying the lives of millions of people world-wide increasing hunger, poverty and deprivation on a scale unimaginable. The world has to change for the sake of every man, woman and child, for every creature and indeed the Earth itself. If not, the legacy of future generations will be enslavement to multinational corporations, the devastation of our planet and the extinction of the other creatures with whom we share this world. By dividing people against those less fortunate we are taking a step backwards, and will be remembered in history along with all the other evil perpetrators of social  injustice.

Action You Can Take

Please sign a Petition to tell Channel Four to:

Stop broadcasting Benefits Street and make a donation to a relevant charity for the harm caused.

Join a protest

Join the protest outside Love Productions, the company behind this programme this Monday 13th Jan at 3pm, 43 Eagle St WC1R 4AT.  More info on facebook.  Please spread the word.  Love Productions are on twitter @LoveProdHouse

Source and more information :
Let’s Kick Poverty Porn Producers Off Our Streets

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Benefits Street: A healthy media would stand up to the powerful and wealthy. Ours targets the poor and voiceless – Owen Jones:

How edgy Channel 4 must think it is, courageously reinforcing widespread prejudices, heroically hammering away at a message that is heard relentlessly already, bravely echoing the Government mantra about skivers. I hesitate to write about Benefits Street, their miserable programme which aired this week, knowing as I do that I’m partly satisfying its producers’ lust for attention.

Read More:

This article includes examples of the abusive reaction on Twitter including threats of violence.

Threats of death and violence after Channel 4 programme Benefits Street

Channel 4 executives should be proud of themselves.

Their attempt to stereotype and demonise all of Britain’s 2.49 million unemployed by focussing on just 6 carefully chosen people and showing them in the worst possible light in their programme Benefits Street last night was so successful that Twitter exploded with threats of violence and even death against the participants:

Read More

Benefits Street is a ‘misrepresentation’ of life on welfare, says MP

The controversial Channel 4 series Benefits Street has been attacked by a senior MP, who described it as a “misrepresentation” of life for people on social security.

“Part of the problem of projecting the extreme cases is that people then extrapolate that and say that applies to everybody who is on benefits. There wasn’t anybody who was a typical benefit claimant featured on the programme at all. There was a huge imbalance.”

Read More

Mother’s plea for son who lost benefits after missing signing on because of cancer op

This is just so heart breaking, so shocking it makes you want to cry and never stop. The lack of compassion, empathy and plan common humanity, it’s outrageous in the extreme. This poor man needs his money now. To have a financial worry such as this when someone is so ill is disgusting. He and his mother should be focusing on getting well not have to fight the DWP for this entitlement. The government should be ashamed of their policies that have ruined so many peoples lives. The treatment of sick and disabled people is a violation of our basic human rights, article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says everyone should have the “right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

He should write to his MP immediately. I had a help when I wrote to my MP about my son and the situation was not nearly as dire. So it’s worth writing. Who is his MP? If we can have details I am sure many people would be willing to write also.

All my best wishes to this lady and to her son for a quick recovery and some help sorting out this awful situation.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A letter from a desperate mother:

Trish Lewis Walton

My son was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 28th nov so he couldn’t go for an jobseekers appointment on 4th dec. He rang them and explained why he couldn’t go and they still sanctioned him. He had his op on 12th dec to have cancer removed and a further ct scan on 17th dec revealed the cancer has now spread to his lymph nodes in chest and stomach and both of his lungs so he was immediately admitted to hosp to start intensive chemo. A social worker from click sargeant rang them and explained he would not be signing on because of this and they are still refusing to give him any money. He’s had nothing since around 23rd nov. Apart from a horrible xmas, he has now filled in forms for esa which…

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Thought Provoking and Inspiring Quotations for New Year

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. We are a part of the earth and it is part of us
Chief Seattle

our task must be

I am not sure where I stand concerning the emphasis on New year, it is after all just another segment of time like any other. It’s only advantage is that it is often a time when people reflect on their lives and make resolutions though mostly personal, such as loosing weight or giving up smoking. But it can also be a time when collectively we reflect on our ethical and social progress and what has or has not happened in this regard – at least some of us do.

Progress has been made but there is so much to do and man’s inhumanity to man and the other animals with whom he shares this world continues to make thousands or more accurately millions mourn.

I hope this year we see more progress towards a fairer and more equal world for both human and non human animals. Sadly ethical social progress regarding both humans and animals – for example the slaughter of badgers – has taken a step back here in the UK and in other rich so called developing countries. Here in the UK the present unelected government enter another year of its unrelenting destruction of our welfare system, our NHS and its increasing agenda of inducing poverty and deprivation while allowing the rich to accrue more and more wealth. In the USA it is much the same as millions of unemployed people are set to loose their unemployment benefit. How are these unfortunate people supposed to live? How are they to feed clothe and provide shelter for themselves or their families. How are those here in the UK expected to do likewise as more and more people face up to three years of benefit sanctions for petty trivial and unreasonable violations of the rules, such as being a minute late for a job centre appointment. As incredulous as it may seem people have been sanctioned for attending a job interview instead of their Job centre apointment with their adviser. Ludicrous! Deliberate?

Even more serious, though it doesn’t of course mitigate the suffering of people in richer countries, is the continuing hunger and poverty in poor developing countries where thousands die day in and day out from want of food and clean water, all of which is here in abundance. During a meeting with Students of Jesuit Schools 6/7/13 Pope Francis said:

The times talk to us of so much poverty in the world and this is a scandal. Poverty in the world is a scandal. In a world where there is so much wealth, so many resources to feed everyone, it is unfathomable that there are so many hungry children, that there are so many children without an education, so many poor persons. Poverty today is a cry.”

The unremitting exploitation of the other creatures with whom we share this world continues and while progress is made in one area other atrocities continue from the live plucking of rabbits in China to the slaughter of dolphins in Peru. And don’t lets forget the suffering of billions of sentient beings in factory farms the world over to provide man with a food that is not natural at the expensive of not only these poor animals but other humans and the environment.

There appears to be no creature that man does not exploit, it is as though he thinks the world his is own to do with as he pleases, at least those who have all the power in the world, the rich elect, the one percent.

All creatures suffer the onslaught of the assault on our environment, on the very earth that sustains us. Driven by greed the human animal destroys not only the world for those of his own species and the myriad other creatures that inhabit this beautiful planet but for future generations. From the unthinkable mountain top removal to the assault on the pristine environment of the Arctic for oil the insane destruction of his own habitat continues unabated.

There is such a huge list of atrocities, outrageous and injustices committed to humans, nonhumans and the earth itself, were they listed and categorized the toll of misery and suffering would be overwhelming in the extreme.

I would like to share a few quotations concerning ethical progress, social justice, human and animals rights, ideas about how the world should be from notable thinkers both past and present.

Human Rights

“Social justice is for everyone, including people with disabilities.”
Marlee Matlin

There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.
Mahatma Gandhi

We may never be strong enough to be entirely nonviolent in thought, word and deed. But we must keep nonviolence as our goal and make strong progress towards it.
Mahatma Gandhi

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

“A way has to be found to enable everyone to benefit from the fruits of the earth, and not simply to close the gap between the affluent and those who must be satisfied with the crumbs falling from the table, but above all to satisfy the demands of justice, fairness and respect for every human being.”
Pope Francis, Address to the Food and Agricultural Organization, 6/20/13

In this context, some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system. Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting.
Pope Francis

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defence than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King

The declaration of Human rights  Article 25.

(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
(2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

I include this article here as it seems to be overlooked by most countries the world over including the UK where vicious welfare reforms have made people destitute, homeless and hungry and has result in the deaths of 10,000 people who were wrongly declared fit for work,  in addition thousands have committed suicide.

Animal Rights
Ethical social progress includes the other beings with whom we share this world – non human animals.

“Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet. By loving and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other.”
Louis J. Camuti

“We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.”
Henry Beston

When we understand that all animals are our relatives, perhaps then we can treat them as our brothers and sisters
Antony Douglas Williams

I have spent my life fighting discrimination and injustice, whether the victims are blacks, women, or gays and lesbians. No human being should be the target of prejudice or the object of vilification or be denied his or her basic rights.
But there are other issues of justice–not only for human beings but also for the world’s other sentient creatures. The matter of the abuse and cruelty we inflict on other animals has to fight for our attention in what sometimes seems an already overfull moral agenda. It is vital, however, that these instances of injustice not be overlooked.

I have seen firsthand how injustice gets overlooked when the victims are powerless or vulnerable, when they have no one to speak up for them and no means of representing themselves to a higher authority. Animals are in precisely that position. Unless we are mindful of their interests and speak out loudly on their behalf, abuse and cruelty go unchallenged.

It is a kind of theological folly to suppose that God has made the entire world just for human beings, or to suppose that God is interested in only one of the millions of species that inhabit God’s good earth.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“Now, with regard to animals, they not only have life, but feelings of pleasure and pain too. We should treat their lives with respect, which we Tibetans are accustomed to do.”
The Dali Lama

“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The environment

Ethical social progress includes respect for the earth, our environment, the planet that gives us life and belongs to no one but is home to all creatures – our only home,

“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us.”
Henrik Tikkanen

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
Native American Proverb

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain,
For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain.
America, America, man sheds his waste on thee,
And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea.”
George Carlin

“It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”
Ansel Adams

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”
Theodore Roosevelt

And finally my favourite:

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.
Cree Indian Proverb

Action to Take
There may be times when we are powerless to prevent social injustice , But there must never be a time when we fail to protest.
Elie Wiesel

Please support campaigns to bring about a more just world for both man and other animals and a safe environment. Write letters, sign petitions, peacefully demonstrate and protest, do not accept what is happening to our fellow beings and the earth itself.

Here are a few suggestions to start the year.

Stop and penalize dolphin hunting off the coast of Peru:

I just saw a report on the news in Peru showing how fishermen are slaughtering up to 15,000 dolphins every year — for bait to catch endangered sharks. The entire story made me sick — and now I’m fighting to end this nightmare. Will you join me?

Save The Children
Every year, 6.6 million children die before their fifth birthday around the world. And here in Britain, 1.6 million children live in severe poverty.

Together we can end these scandals. But we need YOUR help to make it happen.

Several ways to help children world-wide

This New Year Resolve To Help The Planet
It’s Time to Protect Our Wild Places

The care2 petitions above may be signed by anyone world-wide

I hope the new year is a happy and more peaceful time for us all, and that there will be positive progression towards a more ethical world where all beings may live in peace in a safe environment.

Though such thoughts seem hollow as we know that happiness is an elusive state of being for most and that progression towards an ideal world for all creatures is a slow and painful process, I would nonetheless like to send some good thoughts your way.

More Action to help Angora Rabbits Plucked Alive – Includes Updated Retailer List.

Please click the links below to read previous posts if you have not already done so

Rabbits Scream in Pain as Their Fur is Plucked While They Are Alive!:

Please Help Rabbits Tortured For Angora:  –  Scroll to the end of this post for a simplified and updated list of retailers for you to write to.


There follows more action you can take to help rabbits.

Please help PETA with their continuing campaign to stop this shockingly cruel treatment of rabbits.  Most of the information below is from PETA’s USA website however the suggested actions may be either taken by anyone or adapted to your own country.

Firstly an e-mail form to Tell Gap to Stop Squeezing Profits From Screaming Rabbits! Gap have stores worldwide so wherever you are please send an e-mail.

Warning distressing graphic. If you are likely to be effected please scroll down quickly to send the e-mail.

As you can see there has been an update so please edit the template letter to reflect this and make sure that Gap goes all the way by writing—and also encouraging everyone you know to write—to urge the company to BAN angora NOW!

Check out the link below for action taken by Animal advocates  who went to a Gap, Inc., store in both Hollywood, California, and Victoria, British Columbia, in order to “return” “bloody rabbits” meant to represent those whose angora fur had been ripped from their sensitive skin to make sweaters sold by the retailer.

Please write letters and e-mail to the Chinese ambassador to your country

If you live in the USA you can use a PETA e-mail form to write to the Chinese Ambassador Scroll down to send an e-mail. Please use as a template and add your own thoughts. If this is not possible just send as it as it is.

Or if you prefer using your own e-mail or write a postal letter the contact details of the Chinese Ambassador to the USA follows.  Also details for other countries.

If you are not sure how to address the ambassador here are some suggestions:

According to this website the correct salutation for a letter or e-mail is Dear Ambassador and His or Her Excellency followed by full their full name on the envelope May apply only to UK foreign ambassadors.


Confusing? Isn’t it always.  I think it will be okay to  write His Excellency Ambassador Mr.  – add full name –  at the left hand corner of your e-mail or letter along with the embassy address  and address him as Dear Ambassador.

Whether these formalities make any real difference or not I have no idea, to my mind such salutations and others matter of etiquette are an anachronism and elevate one person above another. But that perhaps is another matter for another time. The most important thing to remember when writing is please be courteous.

Ambassador: Cui Tiankai
Address: 3505, International Place, N.W., Washington DC 20008

If you live elsewhere in the world please send an e-mail or postal letter to the Chinese Embassy in your own Country. There follows a short list, if your country is not included please use a search engine for details of contact information.

The UK

H.E. Ambassador MR. Liu Xiaoming

Address: 49-51 Portland Pl, London W1B 1JL



Ambassador: Chen Yuming


Address: 15 Coronation Drive, Yarralumla, ACT 2600 Canberra


Ambassador: Wu Hongbo
Address: Markisches Ufer 54,10179, Berlin



Ambassador: Zhang Junsai
Address: 515 St. Patrick Street, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 5H3


Ambassador: Kong Quan (concurrently Ambassador to Monaco)
Address: 11, av. George V, 75008, Paris



Ambassador: Zhang Yan
Address: 50-D, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021



Ambassador: Ding Wei (concurrently Ambassador to San Marino)
Address: N0.56, Via Bruxelles, 00198 Rome



Ambassador: Sun Yuxi
Address:Bonifraterska St.1,00-203, Warsaw



Ambassador: Mr. Zhang Jun
Address: Willem Lodewijklaan 10 2517 JT, The Hague


Don’t forget to write to retailers in your country

I have written to every retailer here in the UK

There have been some successes

Here in the UK Zara and Gap finally ban angora as shoppers threaten to boycott shops over the horrific plight of rabbits plucked alive for their fur

Success is possible . Please carefully read : Retailers Who Have Dropped Angora – the List

Things are moving extremely fast in the campaign against angora. More and more companies are listening to their customers and ditching angora

If you have not already written please do so to all or as many retailers as you can included on the list below. Please write also to those who have indicated a ban to ensure all commitments to bans and investigations are followed through.

Store Update

The following  is an updated and simplified list now all in one place of retailers that sell angora. New Additions – scroll to the bottom . There are no doubt many more that I am not ware of please let me know about any retailers not on the list

Marks and Spencer

The Registered Office and Head Office of Marks & Spencer is

Marks and Spencer Group plc
Waterside House
35 North Wharf Road
W2 1NW

Telephone: 020 7935 4422

To send an e-mail click the link below the only e-mail I can find is for customer services where after clicking “Contact us by e-mail click here” you are taken to a page where you will be asked to ” Select a subject for your e-mail” I choose “instore service and feedback”


Head Office

United Kingdom – London
120 Regent Street
Tel. 44 20 78514300
Fax 44 20 78514301

Contact by e-mail

John Lewis

e-mail  Contact us – from what I can ascertain it is only possible to e-mail a specific shop. In which case I would e-mail the shop nearest to you or send a letter to head office

Head Office

John Lewis Partnership
Partnership House
Carlisle Place

Tel: 0207 828 1000

Laura Ashley

Contact details by e-mail and post

Head Office

Laura Ashley
27 Bagleys Lane
Tel: 0207 880 5100
Fax: 0207 880 5200



Scroll down there is a subject selection I chose general enquires

1 Welbeck Street, London, Greater London, W1G 0AA

Ted Baker


Head Office

Ugly Brown Building
6a St Pancras Way
Tel: 020 7255 4800


So difficult to find this contact link in tiny letters right at the bottom of the customer information page

e-mail form

Head Office

Lidl Head Office
19 Worple Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4JS

Regional Offices

This is the only on-line contact information I could find

twitter   Facebook

Head Office

CUSTOMER CARE, Customer Care
Building 2. Peoplebuilding
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead Industrial Estate
Hemel Hempstead



other enquires- feed back and suggestions:

Head Office

The Village Offices
Westfield London Shopping Centre
Ariel Way
W12 7GF

La redoute.

Customer Services. Phone Number 01274-729544.

No-one at their HQ in the UK could give me the address for the HQ in France, they just gave me a

telephone number in Paris to ring…. 0033 156 929800.

On-line Form:

There is the following UK address on their website under Head Office Contact details:

Redcats (UK) plc
2 Holdsworth Street
West Yorkshire

Phase Eight

There is an on-line form on their website: – Choose General enquiry

Head Office

Phase Eight (Fashions & Designs) Ltd,
90 Peterborough Road,
London SW6 3HH.

New Look

Tel. Customer Services 0844-499 6690

Or there is an on-line form on their website. Go to their contact us. Then go to their help

centre….then scroll down to the bottom of the page to Ask Your Question and you will find the email form. – choose general feedback may be the best option

This sounds like a pretty unconvincing address, but I was told that this is where the knitwear buyer

is located….

New Look
PO Box 782

Other contact addresses –
Also Facebook and Twitter

Main Office

Main office
New Look Customer services
PO Box 782


E -mail

Head Office:

183 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1BU


A really hard-to-find online form to contact them with.

Head Office:

69-77 Paul Street ,
Tower Hamlets,
London EC2A 4NQ.

House of Frazer

Tel. 0845 602 1073

On line contact form on their website.

A long list of enquiry options though none for a general enquiry. I would choose “other store enquiry”

Head Office:

House of Frazer,
Granite House
31 Stockwell Street
G1 4RZ

UK address:
American Apparel UK
123-125, Curtain Road

US Postal address:

American Apparel
747 Warehouse St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

American Apparel

Online contact form at their website.

Facebook :


On-line Form
Head Office
Next Retail Ltd
Desford Road


Head Office
Gillibrands Road, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9TB


This retailer is number one with regards to difficult to find contact details.

On-line form – There are two on-line forms .  I would worry about the reliability of either concerning this issue and recommend that you write a letter if possible.

Evans / Arcadia
Head Office
This is the only address I could find other than one for recruitment.
This is the head office for the Arcadia group which includes Evans and a number of other high street shops.


Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols Head Office
365 Chiswick High Road,
Chiswick, London,
W4 4HS.
Customer Services – email

Twitter –


Registered office:
400 Oxford Street,
London W1U 1AB

(Head Office and Department Store).
39 Northumberland Street.
Newcastle upon Tyne. NE99  1AR


Edinburgh Woollen Mill
On-line form
Postal address
The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ltd.
Waverley Mills
DG13 0EB
French Connection
On-line form I choose product question

Postal address
French Connection
3rd Floor
Matrix Beta
Matrix Business Park
River Island
On-line form

e-mail –

Postal Address

Customer Service Dept.
River Island
Chelsea House
London, W5 1DR

British Home Stores
On-line form

Postal Address

Bhs Limited,
6th Floor North West House,
127-129 Marylebone Road,
London, NW1 5PX

Top Shop/Topman
Concerning Top Shop. This store is really unhelpful as regard to any obvious contact information on its website other than by telephone. I tracked down a customer service e-mail address included in the Terms and Conditions Page right at the bottom customer. service@TOPSHOP.COM.
I recommend that for this store a letter would most certainly be the best option.

Top Man have an on-line contact form – choose Stock Query

Heard Office
Topshop Topman
47-48 Berners Street, London, Greater London, W1T 3NF
On-line form for customer service –

There appears to be no head office address for Wallis
Wallis however like Evans is part of the Arcadia Group.

This is the address of the head Office of Arcadia

Harrods LTD
On-line Contact form

87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL

Simply Be/Fashion World,

I think Simply Be and Fashion World belong to the same group – all very complicated as I am unfamiliar with either. Below is the best I could do with tracking down their contact details. if anyone has any further contact information regarding either please let me know.
Really hard work finding contact details for this retailer. –

On-line form. I choose the “our products” option



This is the only postal address I could find
Griffin House
40 Lever Street
Greater Manchester
M60 6ES

Yours Clothing,

On-line Form:
Registered office:

Yours Clothing
1184 Lincoln Road,
PE4 6LA,
United Kingdom.

Don’t overlook the  supermarkets
On-line Form

33 Holborn
On-line form –
I think it is best if you can to send a letter by post as there is no real e-mail or online form- at least one that looks reliable. The above which is for Tesco Direct is probably the best way to make  contact on-line. I would not recommend on-line contact with this store.

Postal Address
Tesco Head Office
Shire Park, Falcon Way
AL7 1TW Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


There appears to be no on-line contact address for ASDA. Clicking on their contact link right at the bottom of the homepage takes you to this page which as you will see is anything but a contact page, no e-mail, no on-line form. Anyone would think they do not wish to hear from their customers.

So please if you are able to write only one postal letter please write it to  ASDA.

Great Wilson St,
West Yorkshire LS11 5AD

If for some reason letters are not possible please send a tweet
Or contact by their Facebook page


E-mail –

Postal address

Customer Services,
Liberty Store,
Regent Street
London W1B 5AH

Ralph Lauren Ltd

Head Office UK
16 Cork Street, London, Greater London, W1S 3LU

E-mail form UK


Head Office

650 Madison Ave C1, New York, NY 10022, United States

For more countries see a drop down list of Ralph Lauren shops world wide by clicking the link below than click Shop for a drop down menu and store locator. Select your country than scroll down the opening page for contact details Customer Assistance.