Help Stop the Sale of Ivory


Shocking fact : At least 25,000 elephants possibly as many as 50,000 are slaughtered each year for their ivory. On average an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for his or her ivory.

You can help save elephants from extinction by taking the following actions:  signing petitions, sending a message to the Obama administration and supporting The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s  (IFAW) UK ivory surrender campaign.

Of course there are many other actions and campaigns concerning the increase of elephant poaching as there  is great concern globally about this threat to the survival of this intelligent creature.


Please urge China and  Myanmar (Burma) to crackdown on the illegal sale of ivory and help protect elephants

Despite laws prohibiting the sale of ivory thousands of pieces of ivory are being sold quite openly in a market in Mong La, Myanmar (Burma) one of the biggest unregulated ivory markets in Asia.

“In China, it’s illegal to kill elephants for their ivory and sell their tusks. But somehow, 30 tusks and thousands of pieces of ivory were recently discovered for sale at a market in Mong La. Investigations into wildlife monitoring and trafficking noted that this market could be one of the biggest unregulated ivory markets in Asia. How could this be if laws exist? Ivory is openly displayed at this market in the Eastern Shan State of China to cater to the many tourists that visit. There is obviously no form of government control to stop the sale of ivory throughout China and other Asian countries.

The problem has also reached epidemic levels in Myanmar, considered as the second largest elephant population area worldwide, just after India. It is believed that about 6,000 elephants in the wild still roam the lands of Myanmar. “

Read more and please sign the petition:

Demand that Myanmar and China crackdown on the sale of Ivory and save the Elephants!!

Please sign and share the above petition worldwide and help to stop the massacre of elephants for their ivory. China and Myanmar need to crackdown on the illegal sale of ivory in order to protect elephants.

More information:

Where the Chinese go to buy illegal ivory
Burmese town exposed as one of Asia’s biggest markets after thousands of trinkets are seized.

“It is clear that neither Burma nor China are effectively enforcing Cites’ regulations, as ivory is evidently moving across the border.”
Dr Vincent Nijman, of Oxford Brookes University

More than 3,000 pieces of carved ivory were found on the border between Burma and China last week by undercover researchers from Oxford Brookes University and Traffic, the wildlife trade monitoring network.

As China becomes more affluent and the wealth of many Chinese people increases so does the demand for ivory.

“There is a new wave of elephant poaching being fuelled by Chinese demand for ivory. The economy in China is growing and so is the wealth of its middle class. Ivory is seen as a luxury item and a status symbol, and demand for it has rocketed, making it so valuable that there is now a poaching frenzy which is brutally wiping out elephants in their tens of thousands.”

Read more and please sign the petition:
Stop China Wanting More Ivory! –

This petition, will be presented to the Chinese embassies in London and Manchester, however anyone anywhere in the world may sign.

It has been estimated elephants will become extinct in twelve years time unless the poaching of these animals for their tusks is stopped and the sale of ivory banned and laws to this effect enforced world-wide. As always it is all about greed at the expense of the other creatures with whom we share this world. It is shameful to kill a sentient being for his tucks for trinkets for the affluent and fickle minded who care nothing for the other creatures who inhabit this earth along side us. Ivory is an anachronism of a bygone age, a barbarism that should now be consigned to history.

Laws are of little value if they are not enforced , rather like the ban on Hunting with dogs here in the UK which as you can read in the
previous entry continues despite laws banning this cruel pastime. I have to wonder if such laws are for effect only.

We need a total ban on ivory

Help the IFAW’s  UK ivory surrender campaign.

Concerning ivory I think it is time that the sale of all ivory is banned as desire for these unethical trinkets continues and is encouraged further by the sale of antique ivory. Rather like faux fur encourages and promotes the market for real fur by sending a message that fur is fashionable, the sale of antique ivory stimulates the market for new ivory. Furthermore I am sure that it is not possible to tell the difference.

“February 12-13, governments from around the world are gathering in London to discuss how to end illegal wildlife trade. The IFAW is urging people in the UK to hand in unwanted ivory ahead of the summit. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has already collected some 50kg of ivory, donated in response to this appeal, to be crushed in central London next month.”

Please continue reading and take the suggested action:

As a matter of interest regarding fake fur from China it is often not possible to ascertain if there is either a mixture of real and fake fur as the Chinese have been known to mix them or the garment is labelled incorrectly.

Is that faux fur really fake?

Send a message to the Obama administration

The USA is one of the largest markets in the world for ivory sales – and it’s killing elephants

Please read and send a message to tell the Obama Administration: Lead the global charge to ensure a future for elephants. Ban the sale of ivory in the United States.

Please sign and share these petitions and other actions to help stop this appalling slaughter of elephants for their ivory.

Links of Interest

Keep up to date with the elephant crisis in Africa    – A blog dedicated to spreading awareness of the poaching crisis

And don’t forget to donate your ivory if you have any. Please read the information below if you have not already done so.

Donate your ivory

Help us protect elephants by supporting our UK ivory surrender

If you would like to donate your ivory please post it to:

Campaigns Department

International Fund for Animal Welfare

87-90 Albert Embankment



More details:



4 thoughts on “Help Stop the Sale of Ivory

  1. The genocide of elephants can be stemmed by replacing their ivory tusks by stainless steel tusks and selling the ivory. The elephants can be shot with anesthetics instead of massacring them. A team of elephant dentist could quickly saw off the tusks leaving a stump of suitable length to hold stainless steel tusks which could be fitted in a short time. The elephants would wake up and go about their business unaware of the change. This being possible, the killing of elephants now would deserve the death sentence.

  2. Thank you for commenting. A good idea if all else fails, though I would not sell the ivory. I know that some Rhinos have had their horns removed to prevent poaching. Maybe much harsher penalties for both poachers and those who trade in ivory, including buyers. I think the sale of antique ivory needs now to be banned as this encourages the continuation of the trade. I hope a solution is found soon.

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