Animals Without Homes as Bailiffs Close Sanctuary

Help Save the Animals of Rainbow Ark Sanctuary

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Update Fed 16th

Please click the link below to watch the following video interview with Paula Campbell:

The Richie Allen Show: Paula Campbell interview – Rainbow Ark Sanctuary

There is another news story at the beginning. To listen to the interview with Paula you will need to move the red bar forward to about 02.28. – I regret for reasons I do not understand I am unable to embed the video in this blog.

Update February 6th – Good news many of the animals have been found new homes, please continue checking the above for further updates.

Though the above is good news, I and no doubt many other people including the owner of the sanctuary are concerned about the welfare of the animals during the interim stage before the animals can be removed despite reassurances from the RSPCA that they have no issues with the way the animals are being looked after by a security firm acting on behalf of Redstone Mortgage Company.  I would like to ask what experience security personal have with caring for animals, some of whom have complex needs. Take rabbits for example. Right now I am taking care of my rabbit who has recurring Gastro Intestinal Stasis the symptoms of which are a cessation of eating and defecating which if left untreated for as little as twelve hours is a veterinary emergency. It is time the owner and her helpers were allowed onto the property to care for the animals. This as far as I am aware has not happened. For further developments check the above link.

Continue reading for more action you can take and information about what has been happening at Rainbow Sanctury – Written 1st February

Hundreds of animals are without homes as Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary in Willington, County Durham has to close.


Heartless bailiffs who to my mind are nothing more then legalised thugs evicted the distraught owner of the animal sanctuary on Wednesday 29th January. Paula Campbell who has spent twenty years of her life caring for abandoned animals collapsed in the mud overcome by grief as bailiffs arrived to take possession of the sanctuary as a result of  mortgage arrears. Paula’s daughter, Jayne, was given just five minutes to gather all their possessions and pet dogs and get off the property.

Rising costs of caring for the animals as a result of soaring prices, no doubt the result of the on-going misery of austerity which effects all but the very rich, have proved too much for this courageous women and her helpers. Yet more victims of austerity measures that have plunged people into poverty, destitution and desperation.

The Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary has relied solely upon donations since its creation twenty years ago. While it is not known why mortgage payments for the sanctuary went into appears it could well be the result of fewer donations, which is the case for many charities since the onset of the so called financial crisis that has left most  people struggling to make ends meet.

Mrs Campbell has devoted most of her life to looking after sick and homeless animals.  This is a heartbreaking end to her selfless contribution to caring for these defenceless creatures. In this uncaring and greedy world her dedication is a refreshing change; while the one percent have dedicated their lives to acquiring wealth beyond their need at the expense of other people, animals and the environment, Paula Cambell dedicated her life to saving thousands of abandoned animals.

As a result of the recession many sanctuaries have been inundated with abandoned pets and no doubt in recent years this has been the case with Rainbow Ark. The sanctuary,  which has successfully re-homed thousands of pets throughout the North East, has contributed greatly to alleviating the suffering of many animals abandoned or neglected. But sadly with rising monthly bills,  such as the £1000 needed each month to feed the animals in her care, supporting them has become difficult in the extreme. Food of course is not the only expense, the cost of energy would be huge as well as mortgage payments on a property of this type,  which would be massive. And naturally vet fees would be significant.

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Shame on the lender Redstone Mortgages ­Limited which in 2010, was fined £630,000 by the Financial Services Authority for its poor treatment of some customers facing mortgage arrears. The FSA identified a series of failings, including customers being hit with unfair and excessive charges.

Action you can take

Donations needed to help find homes for the Sanctuary’s animals

We now have 14 days to find rescue places and arrange transport for them all as their lives are in jeopardy.

We have been working already with some rescue centres which have kindly agreed to take some of the animals but we still have to find many places for the others.

We also have the costly task of arranging transport to many different locations across the country – this involves moving large animals such as pigs, horses, donkeys, sheep etc. which will be extremely expensive.

We desperately need your donations to make this happen, any amount will help.

Please read more and donate:  Update Please Note this fund raiser is now closed, but worth a visit for information about the allocation of the funds raised 

Just over £40,000 has been raised by people donating small amounts.

As a  commentator  said in the above Daily Mail article:

“So far over £34,000 has been donated. If only a few millionaires chip in it would allow to buy the farm outright.”

Great Idea.

So if you are one of the privilege few do something worthwhile for once and help save Rainbow Ark.

Also see the sanctuary’s website –  to access the website scroll past the blank pink background that appears :

I cannot understand the mentality of those who could so easily make life better for others standing by and doing nothing.

Mind you it is not right that the resources of this world continue to be controlled by those who are wealthy at the expense of others. The fact that 85 people own more than half the population of the entire world is a grave social injustice that cannot continue.  But at that is another matter for another entry.

Please write to  Redstone Mortgages and express your concern. I don’t know much about finance but surely this is drastic and there has to be a better way to resolve this issue other than destroy twenty years of this woman’s endeavours to make this miserable world a kinder place for some of the animals with whom we share this world who are sadly abused, exploited, neglected and abandoned.

Write to Redstone Mortgages ­Limited

Postal address:

Redstone Mortgages ­Limited
Gateway House,
Gargrave road,
North Yorkshire,
BD23 2HL

Redstone mortgages company contact phone number 0844 8922730.

Fax: 0844 892 2731
DX: 21761 Skipton

The amazing generosity and compassion of people from all over the country despite the difficulties many are in financially puts to shame the callousness of this mortgage company who it seems lack basic humanity. It is said that there is no sentiment in business, sadly Redstone Mortgages proves this a valid truism. It would be wonderful if enough money is raised to pay off these parasites. Surely It is in their own interest with regard to public relations and their reputation to take a more reasonable course of action and find a compromise so that Paula can return to her home and the good work that she does.

Please share this information widely – lets help save Rainbow Ark Sanctuary

More information:

Latest from Rainbow Ark’s Facebook page:

It has been reported that at least one goat and a guinea pig have been put to sleep. There are fears that others will follow.The goat as a result of stress. Some of the animals have not been cleaned out and geese were left overnight in the cold. There is great concern over the welfare of the animals.

It has been suggested that as many people as possible contact the press and request that this story is reported. The more publicity the better, we need to raise awareness by writing to newsdesks:,, k,,

The list was provided by a commentator in the following link .  Note this fund raiser is now closed


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