Ensure That Future Olympics Do Not Include the Slaughter of Stray Dogs.

Mass dog extermination programs as part of Olympic preparations stand in stark contrast to Olympian values. The socially responsible and ethical way forward is to adopt and implement easily available humane methods rather than hunting down and poisoning these animals as all the world watches. Just as Olympic athletes became role models for billions of young people, so do host countries’ preparations serve as examples for future Olympic venues to follow.”

Olympian Tom McMillen-  Olympian Tom McMillen Says “Nyet” to Street Dog Slaughter

Sochi's Dark Side

In addition to human rights abuses as discussed in the previous entry  the Sochi winter olympics was marred by the massacre of around 7000  stray dogs, though the exact number is not known as the killing continues.

Before reading further please sign the following three petitions

Don’t Let Dog Slaughter Like in Sochi Happen Again

Please sign a petition to ensure that future Olympics do not include the wholesale slaughter of innocent stray dogs.


Don’t let this happen again!

While thousands of street dogs in Sochi were being killed in the most inhumane ways to clear the streets for the Olympic games, The International Olympic Committee, the governing body of the Olympics, looked on and did absolutely nothing to stop the cruelty.

In its charter, the IOC is responsible for promoting”a positive legacy from the Olympic Games to the host cities and host countries.”

Letting hundreds of street dogs be violently killed is in stark contrast to Olympic values. It’s simply unacceptable.

Tell the IOC to heed its creed and never allow for such cruelty under its watch again.


Please tell the IOC to immediately and publicly condemn the Sochi stray dog killings, and to recommend that the Sochi city government cease and desist from this activity. Demand that the IOC add to their binding Code of Ethics that future host cities must neither conduct nor condone the inhumane treatment of animals in order to prepare for an Olympic event.


More Information

“Just think how much you can help the animals and deserving poor Russians with the 51 billion dollars rather than for something no one is remember in 2 months other than incompetence and animal cruelty”
Robert Ot – Comment in Washington post article comments section

As the 2014 winter Olympics commence stray dogs are being slaughtered on the streets of Sochi. The mass killing of stray dogs has been undertaken by the authorities in a misguided attempt to  “clean up” the streets  for the athletes and visitors.

Petitions to abandon the cull were ignored and despite assurances that dogs would not be killed a private company was hired to hunt and poison the dogs whom they contemptuously described as “biological trash.”

It is not known how many dogs have been or are yet to be slaughtered. However  it has been reported that the company was told to kill “as many as possible” before the opening ceremony.

Russia spent an enormous  $50 billion on the Olympics. Surely some of this amount could have been utilised to sort out the problem of stray dogs in a humane way. Better for the animals and for Russia’s reputation, both this issue of callous cruelty and the discrimination of  LGBT people have marred this event in the eyes of caring people the world over.

Russia however  is not the only country to attempt to solve it’s stray dog problem inhumanely

In Romania on the 10th September 2013 a law was passed that legalised the mass killing of homeless dogs,  even those who are housed in shelters. The result, a horrific on-going massacre.

One dog even made it into the stadium during a dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony. City officials said it would be embarrassing if a stray dog wandered into the stadium during the actual event.

And because of embarrassment, appearances and to impress athletes 7000 dogs are killed. Shocking in the extreme and a reflection of the attitude that many people have regarding the animals with whom we share this world who like you and I wish to live.

The sad thing is this slaughter could have been avoided.

Last summer, Humane Society International offered to help Olympic organizers set up a mass-vaccination-and-sterilization program. There was no response to this offer from Olympic officials.


“Humane Society International has long rejected mass culling as unethical and ineffective. Instead, HSI works around the world to humanely address street dog populations and problems. For nearly two decades, we’ve successfully implemented spay/neuter/vaccination programs. Working with governments and communities, our initiatives incorporate mass animal sterilization, vaccination and community education.”


Please sign the above petitions,  this must never happen again. Animals are not here for our convenience discarded like so much trash, as was the case in Sochi, when they are no longer needed or appreciated. They are sentient beings with lives of their own.They suffer as you or I.

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6 thoughts on “Ensure That Future Olympics Do Not Include the Slaughter of Stray Dogs.

    • Thanks for commenting. You are so right, there is nothing cool about the slaughter of these dogs , this could have been avoided if the dogs were looked after properly in the first place. l hope this does not happen again.This is not the first time. Prior to the 2004 Olympic games in Athens thousands of dogs were poisoned as where dogs in China for the 2008 games.

      • Those who choose the locations of such events need to stop considering locations where they can’t even look after their pets properly. If anywhere has a problem with dogs, it is because they have a problem with the humans who share their environment.

  1. Hi Ceejay Perhaps the solution is for the games to be held in one venue, a place specially constructed for that purpose and no other, where the games would be held each and every time. That way dogs would not gain access and the cost of these events would be one time only. I cannot see the point of a different venue every time the games are held , the cost is enormous and has a detrimental effect on both local people and animals. Besides I can’t see what the problem was with dogs roaming about anyway

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