Bison Butcherers

This is so shocking in the extreme! Is no animal safe from man. What right have human beings got to murder animals whenever they so please. This is not our world to do with as we wish, we share it with myriad species of animals, it is their world too and they have as much right to live as we do.

Indeed it is very similar to the badger cull here in the UK. We will never have a peaceful just world while we mercilessly kill the earth’s other inhabitants. I always thought bison were protected, which of course they should be. But then badgers where protected until the government decided they were an inconvenience and needed to be massacred.

Walking with the Alligators


A beautiful Bison, still wearing its winter coat, taken many years ago.

As some of you may know, I have recently started another WP Blog named tahtonka.

It was created for two reasons, one to deflect the often intense pain from frequent postings,  (like today’s story) on this Blog and second to reflect my education and passion for Global Culture.

The name tahtonka  has become extremely meaningful to me for several reasons and those reasons for choosing it for the new Blog, were explained on its very first posting:

Now,  in light of that revelation, you can only imagine how reading the stories in my email today has sickened me.

May I say,  that if you have never been to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, you have  cheated yourself of an unforgettable experience.

One of the many things that make Yellowstone so remarkable,  are its beautiful, wild wildlife.

And, of all of them,  the Bison/Buffalo reigns supreme, at…

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