Demonstration To End the Badger Cull

Urgent Action  – if you don’t live in the UK or live too far away from London to attend you could write to David Cameron and or send him a Tweet,  details further down.

Join a demonstration March 13th 2014 to bring and end to the Badger Cull

A House of Commons debate to review the future of the badger cull to be supported by a public demonstration.


This debate is perhaps the most important badger debate in Parliament, and is absolutely critical in the campaign to stop the badger cull, with the possibility that the Government could announce two new cull zones in early April, initiating the national roll out of the badger cull.

Please also write to your MP, details about this can be found further down.

Lets show this government we mean business,  please attend if you can, but at the least please contact your MP. This is a peaceful demonstration which I hope many will attend

Date & Time

13 March 2014
12.00pm – 2.00pm


Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London

“To coincide with an all-day debate on the badger cull on Thursday 13 March, we are going to be attending an anti badger cull Demo at Old Palace Yard, Westminster between 12-2pm.

League Chief Executive, Joe Duckworth and Wildlife Expert and League Vice President, Bill Oddie will be speaking alongside other high profile anti cull campaigners and MPs.

We are hoping to gather a ‘Badger Army’ to show MPs and the media how opposed the public is to this cruel senseless slaughter of Badgers.”

More details including a map

badger cull march 188x20

Click the link above to view and download a larger pdf version of the above which you may use as a poster to display in your window or elsewhere.

Be sure to write to your MP and ask him or her to attend:

There is a similar request and draft letter for you to send from the  IFAW International Fund for Wildlife

Please try to personalise if possible as individual correspondence gets more notice but if you cannot for some reason please just send either of the above as they are.

You can also use the following link to find your MPs contact details if you prefer to use your own e-mail or write a letter:

Contact David Cameron:

Cameron’s Twitter Page: and Facebook

The government need to be reminded about the strength of public opinion on the matter. The majority of people do not want the cull. I don’t care for the use of the word cull as it tends to mitigate the fact that this is a massacre of innocent defenceless animals. It is barbaric cruel inhumane and totally unnecessary and not worthy of any country that wishes to be considered as civilised. Badgers are a  protected species, yet when they are deemed an inconvenience by this callous and undemocratic government it seems they can be murdered regardless.



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