Urgent Action:Stop the hunting Amendment

Our humanity isn’t measured by how we treat other people…Our humanity is measured by how we treat animals.
Chuck Palahniuk

What The Fox E-Action banner 2The government is trying to bring back fox hunting, please contact your MP now!

Tell your MP that you don’t want a  repeal by the back door. Click the link below,  there is a template letter for you to sign.
http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=122&ea.campaign.id=26535 – you may personalise and edit, but if this is not possible please just send it as it is.

Click this link and scroll down for details of other actions you can take including tweeting your MP or David Cameron:

Please do Tweet Cameron even if you are not a UK citizen

This is an urgent action the vote could take place on Wednesday 26th March so you need to contact your MP immediately and urge him or her to vote against this devious attempt to bring back this hideous cruelty.

The hunting act has been in force for nine years, yet it is in danger of amendment unless we can put a stop to this. Despite the fact that the majority of people here in the UK oppose hunting with hounds,  the devious Tory government, with no regards as usual to democracy, is doing its utmost to bring back this sadistic pastime.

I urge you to contact your MP and get this stopped now!

Hunting with dogs for sport has been illegal in England and Wales since 2004. Since that time those who have nothing better to enhance their lives except the hunting and slaughter of a defenceless animal have ceaselessly campaigned to repeal or overturn the ban.

Not only do the majority of the public support the ban but so do most MPs including Tory MPs making the possibility of  overturning the ban unlikely. As a consequence these desperate hunters are attempting a different route to getting their own way – amending the bill. The concern is that this amendment will have exactly the same effect as repealing the bill, and that is it will bring back hunting

The Federation of Welsh Farmers’ Packs and the Countryside Alliance are pushing for an amendment to the Hunting Act which would allow a full pack of hounds, rather than just two as allowed at present under an exemption,  to draw out a fox to a waiting gun.

Those in favour of this amendment are selling it to the Government, to MPs, and will ultimately try and sell it to the public, as simply an amendment to ‘help the farmers’. This is far from the truth. The League looked at the argument back in October when the call was first made, and we exposed the myths underpinning the ‘research’ upon. You can read this here.”

Continue reading

And please contact your MP either by using the links above or by using your own e-mail. To find contact details of your MP click the link below and enter your post code:
http://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-your-mp/contacting-your-mp/ – Please do e-mail Cameron even if you are not a UK citizen, animal cruelty is the concern of every decent caring  person worldwide.

If you have any doubt about the sickening barbarity of this so called “sport” or that foxes are thinking feeling sentient creatures much like your dog watch this video.

Surely any sane compassionate person would not want to chase this defenceless animal with packs of dogs and watch while the poor creature is torn to pieces. You have to ask what is wrong with people who are so determined to bring back this hideous pastime. What kind of mentality enjoys the brutality, the suffering and death of another living being?

Here is the kind of person who really enjoys this sadistic “sport”

“I have spent all week in a state of complete fury.

Like a man possessed with an advanced case of Tourette syndrome, I have been shouting at traffic and assailing my fellow men (and women).

What has brought on this demented state? The hunting debate

It is difficult to explain why this one issue makes me so furious.

Our Prime Minister of course, leader of the so called “compassionate conservatives“, David Cameron
Read more of this insane rant:

They think it’s all over
Tory MP David Cameron sees red during this week’s hunting debate and looks forward to a fierce battle against the introduction of a ban.


Also see dramatic video of the rescue of a fox:

Fox Rescued from the snapping Jaws of Hounds 

Such is the brutality of fox hunting. What a brave women , thankfully there are still caring people in this word who value the lives of the other animals with whom we share this world. Animals who are sentient creatures, who suffer as we do, who fear death and wish to live.

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4 thoughts on “Urgent Action:Stop the hunting Amendment

    • You are right, they look for all sorts of reasons to try and justify fox hunting, except the real reason and that is those who participate enjoy it. Sad cruel people. I can’t understand the mentality.

    • Thank you for sharing on Facebook, the more people who know the better. We can’t see the return of this cruel sport. It is sad that these people put so much energy and determination to get their own way so they can kill a defenceless animal.

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