Please Help Save The Life of a Six Year Old.

Please help save the life of the little boy below by signing a petition to ask CEO Flemming Ornskov of Shire Pharmaceuticals to provide the life-sustaining treatment he needs.


The last effort to save 6-year old Jack Fowler may come from signing the Care2 petition. If Jack does not get the treatment developed by Shire Pharmaceuticals he faces death. This is urgent as Jack’s health and cognitive abilities are declining rapidly

“Jack is suffering from a rare disease called Hunter Syndrome, and without treatment, the disease will cause permanent damage to Jack’s organs, including the brain.

Shire Pharmaceuticals has the medicine that can treat and save Jack’s life. However, when the Fowler family finally got their meeting with the CEO of Shire, it only lasted minutes. Their response? “We don’t deal with patients or families.”

Please add your signature help reach 75,000 signatures to convince Shire to help save Jack’s life.

It only takes a minute or two and every signature counts.

Also please sign a second petition:
Demand Shire Pharmaceutical approve treatment for Jack Fowler now!

This is a pledge to boycott any and all Shire Pharmaceutical products until the life-saving treatment for Jack Fowler has been approved. I will speak with my doctor about switching to generic medications or other treatments available so that I will no longer be padding the pocket of a company that puts dollars before the life of a child. Shire Pharmaceuticals we will not go down without a fight. Shire products:

See more suggestions further down for actions you can take

Watch the heart breaking video:

VIDEO: Mundelein boy ‘denied access’ to life saving drug treatment:
An interview with Jack’s Dad on the meeting with Shire Pharmaceuticals and their continued denial of life-saving treatment for Jack Fowler.

Jack’s mother sums up her plea very simply. “We won’t sit by and watch our son die. Shire’s motto is ‘Be As Brave As The People We Help’. Please, live up to the promises you make to the world. Be brave and save my son.”
Source and more information

Jack is clearly battling a life-threatening condition. He clearly needs access to the treatment that Shire has developed as his health and cognitive abilities are rapidly deteriorating. And he needs it now, or he faces certain death. The case for expanded access has never been more clear.

We made it known to Shire that we have a location where Jack can receive his treatment. Funding has been made available to ensure all baseline studies are completed and to ensure on-going evaluations and safety monitoring are put in place. We have a physician who has agreed to treat Jack, and we are confident that any Independent Review Board will approve that treatment. FDA guidelines allow for expanded access for such a therapy. Once again, we know it’s safe, and we know it works. The only roadblock to providing Jack with his fair chance at life is Shire. To many, this is inhumane and unacceptable. Please help to save Jack!

Click the following link to read more and sign the petition if you have not already done so:

You could also write to Shire pharmaceuticals: – I have tried to find an e-mail or postal address for the CEO Flemming Ornskov but this is proving difficult and I do not wish to delay posting this entry. There is a contacts page with contact information for head offices worldwide. The Us Address is:


Shire plc
(US Headquarters)
725 Chesterbrook Blvd., Wayne, PA
19087-5637 USA
Tel +1 484 595 8800
Fax +1 484 595 8200

Also the following contact page from their website:

How can people be so heartless, it is shocking that Shire Pharmaceuticals is prepared to let this little boy die.


Please share widely and help save Jack’s life

Check out facebook page please Save Jack for more information and actions to take


2 thoughts on “Please Help Save The Life of a Six Year Old.

  1. I think the head of this company must be made of ice. You’d have to totally turn off your humanity not to help this little boy. I’m sure there will be a lot of people who will sour on this company if they don’t do the right(and only) thing.

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree with you, the head of this company is cold and callous and lacks humanity. I hope that public pressure will change his mind and he and his company do the right thing.

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