Call on Canada to End the Seal Massacre

Please help to stop the slaughter of baby seals by writing letters and signing petitions – details and links further down.

Right now seals are being killed in the commercial hunt in Canada.


The Canadian seal hunt is a massacre of helpless animals. It’s gone on far too long, it’s cruel and it has to stop.

Warning: Horrific images


This year I really thought this awful massacre had not occurred, that finally this atrocity was consigned to history where it belongs. So many people worldwide boycott seal products including bans from the EU and Russia. The market for seal products is diminishing to virtually nothing yet the Canadian government refuses to ban this shocking cruelty, such cruelty to defenceless animals is not worthy of a country such as Canada.

People around the world continue to speak out against the seal massacre and boycott seal products, yet the Canadian government stubbornly endeavours to try to sell these products of cruelty. They continue to fight the European Union’s ban at the World Trade Organisation and overturn the Russian Federation’s ban on imported seal products. In 2011 the Russian Federation banned the importation of seal products. Russia is the largest importer, importing 95% of finished seal products, therefore there is hardly any market remaining. Yet the slaughter of these helpless animals continues as Canada refuses to ban this abhorrent inhumane practice.

Last year, 88,573 innocent baby seals were reported clubbed or shot – many as young as 21 days old. They were killed for products no one wants or needs. Last year, the sealers admitted dumping 6,000 pelts into the ocean because there were no markets for them.

You can help end the seal hunt once and for all.

Seal pups lie defenceless on the ice as hunters approach. But even the fastest pups are no match for men with clubs or rifles. The pups die in agony.

The seal hunt has a long history, but it’s a relic of the past. Rather than determine a plan to help sealers transition out of this failing industry, the Canadian government has thrown away over $50 million in tax dollars since 1996 trying to prop up the industry.

There’s no reason for this merciless slaughter to continue.

The fight to protect seals is more urgent than ever. Ask the Canadian government to end commercial sealing.

Thank you for caring about the animals.

From: IFW The International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Please Ask the Canadian government to end commercial sealing.
For more information and to send an e-mail please click the link below.

End the seal Hunt.

If you would like to send a send a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: – also contains on-line contact form, anyone can use the form not just Canadian citizens.

More ideas for action you can take from Sea Shephard:

More information concerning this atrocity


A new bill (Bill C-555) is being proposed by Conservative MP Grey Kerry in November 2013 will make it illegal for anyone to observe the commercial seal slaughter in Atlantic Canada. The bill “seeks to increase the distance that unauthorized persons or ‘unlicensed observers’ must maintain from seal harvesters” from half a mile to a full mile. The bill is reminiscent of the infamous Ag-Gag laws in the United States which makes it illegal to document and share images of factory farming. According to Kerry the purpose of the bill will be to “protect sealers and hunt observers, show support for the commercial seal hunt, and ensure that seal harvesters can go about their job ‘without fear of disruption.’”

Read More:

An Introduction to the Canadian Seal Hunt

“Harp seal pups are famous for their big black eyes and fluffy white fur. These are their trademarks in their first two weeks of life. But these beautiful and gentle creatures have the unfortunate status of annually suffering the largest slaughter of any marine mammal species on the planet (with the exception of a few years in which the Namibian Cape fur seal massacre took more lives.).

Every spring, great numbers of pregnant harp seals gather together on the stark ice floes off the Canadian Atlantic coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the east of Quebec to give birth to their babies”

Read More

It’s time for Canada to stop this barbaric behaviour, such shocking cruelty is not acceptable for any civilised country. The world is shocked by such horrific brutality to defenceless animals. It is time for the Canadian government to do the right thing. For many years I have signed petitions and written letters, as have thousands of people worldwide yet either nothing anyone says makes the Canadian see the abhorrent cruelty of the seal hunt, the senseless slaughter of innocent animals, or they simply don’t give a damn.

The assault on the other species with which we share this word is relentless. As a vegan I deplore the killing of any living creature. The massacre of these helpless seals is sadly not the only atrocity that takes places day in and day out in the course of the relentless exploitation of the other animals who live on this earth with us, including fish and insects. The oceans, the land, all are decimated in the cause of greed and exploitation. It can all seem so overwhelming at times. But please take a few small steps and sign petitions and write letters and bring an end to a vicious form of barbarity that has gone on long enough.


2 thoughts on “Call on Canada to End the Seal Massacre

  1. Shared on facebook.

    You know, I would hope that…were I in a situation faced with either harming those babies or having no money….I would say to myself if getting money requires this…then there is something wrong…very very wrong with getting/having money. If doing this meant keeping my family from starving…I would hope that I would figure out that maybe my family should starve. There are lines that exist…that once they are crossed we leave and/all semblance of living up to the notion of being someone needed/useful to the world or anyone in it.

  2. Thank you for sharing on facebook. I agree wholeheartedly that I would rather have no money, even starve than do this to any animal. I doubt very much these people would starve or really seriously go without in any way. It is as usual all about making huge profits for the few in this world who own the most at the expense of other animals, other people and the environment. There is no excuse for this cruelty and it is time that the Canadian government put an end to it once and for all.

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