Shocking Though Not Surprising Statistics: Regions of The UK Are Among The Poorest in Europe

Seven areas of the UK are poorer than anywhere in France or Germany and  some areas of Britain are now poorer than Poland, Lithuania and Hungary

Poverty and social exclusion are rising in Britain – and Brits are now more likely than the average European to be at risk of either. New statistics show that 24% of Britain is at risk of poverty – putting us way behind leaders such as France and the Netherlands. The figures also show that an alarming 31% of children in this country are at risk from poverty – compared to around half that rate in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Read More Even more worrying, some British regions are at extreme risk – listed among the five poorest areas in Western Europe. UK regions among the poorest in Europe

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This comes as no surprise. Under the coalition government social progress has been set back decades. The welfare system is well on the road to destruction as is the free NHS. People are poor not only as a result of rising prices, unemployment and low wages but also as a result of the vicious welfare reforms which have left people with less income, and in some cases no income at all and seen the introduction of exploitative schemes such as workfare and benefit sanctions.

One of the most severely effected groups are young unemployed people between the ages of 18 to 25.

The under-24s are bearing the brunt of a punitive new system that stops payments without warning
Thousands of young people have been forced to go without food or other essentials after their benefits were wrongly stopped under a “draconian” new sanctions regime, research suggests.

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Poverty in the UK has seen the rapid rise of food banks, housing insecurity, homelessness and despair not seen previous to world war two. The fact that few challenge this disgusting state of affairs is appalling in the extreme. The pathetic acceptance of Nazi style Tory propaganda, such as the scrounger rhetoric concerning benefit claimants, is outrageous and shameful

In the above statistics researchers factored in what would happen if a household was faced with a sudden unexpected expense, at which point more than 40% risked poverty. This is the crux of the matter while some, though increasingly few – I mean who can live on nothing – struggle on the meagre incomes provided by greedy employers and begrudging benefits doled out by the government in what remains of the welfare system when something major comes along you know you are poor. For instance if your roof needs fixing or your boiler needs replacing. On the low earnings and miniscule benefits how the hell does anyone find over £3000 for a boiler – nearly half of the annual income of a single pensioner? How the hell does anyone on £72.40 per week job seekers – or £57.35  if under 24 or £72 for a lone parent over 18 – afford to live never mind repair their home, pay their mortgage/rent or replace an essential such as a boiler? A couple over eighteen get only £113.70 JSA per week and a single pensioner on a basic pension gets £113.10 per week, how on earth can these people survive on such a puny amount, how can they be expected to pay rent, council tax, food, clothing, heating and repairs? Of course we are one of the poorest EU nations.

As the divide between rich and poor opens into an ever more widening gap things can only get worse. According to the Huffington Post article Britain as a whole has an average income of £23,300 – ahead of the EU average of £20,750. However, this figure is massively distorted by incomes in Central London, where the average person is on a staggering £71,000 a year. Not mentioned in the article but should be considered,  British pensioners on a basic state pension have about £7,000 a year to live on. Averages are very deceptive and the above shows the huge disproportion of wealth here in the UK.

‘No other European country would tolerate such a gap between its rich and poor regions’ ‘To allow so many parts of the country to fall behind not only London, but most of Europe, is shocking. We’ve got to take more action to have balanced prosperity. ‘The challenge of the next few years is to help these parts of the country that have been left neglected.’ ‘It is shocking to think parts of Britain are now poorer than Poland and other areas of Eastern Europe. ‘When you start to take into account the prices people are having to pay in these areas – especially after seeing their incomes squeezed for years now – the contrast with Europe is even more stark.’

Chris Leslie, Shadow Treasury Minister

So why the hell are we tolerating this deplorable state of affairs? I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of hearing the phrase heard “working people”. Yes people work hard all right, bloody hard in fact, long hours for low wages but little financial reward it seems. People in the twenty-first century should no longer be wasting their precious lives slaving away on subsistence wages for huge swaths of their time. It has been estimated that no one need work more than fifteen hours each week. After all with the arrival of automation and so many people to do all the necessary work there should be more leisure time. But this will never happen while we cling to the currupt immoral and unfair capitalist system of greed and exploitation of the many by the few.

When are we going to say enough is enough? When you find that when you retire you have no pension; when you are sick and thrown out onto the streets to starve because the welfare system exists no more or when you die of a curable or preventable disease because you cannot afford medical care as millions do worldwide. But by than it may be too late, the progress of the last sixty years will be gone for good, destroyed by the over privileged in our society who are driven by an insatiable and pathological greed who think they are better than the rest of us and deserve more for, in many cases, doing significantly less.

More Information and related issues

Top Tory lord Norman Tebbit admits hard-up food bank families are wrongly being denied benefits

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2 thoughts on “Shocking Though Not Surprising Statistics: Regions of The UK Are Among The Poorest in Europe

  1. I have been in pain for 7 years! I have had virtually no treatment what so ever!
    Last week, I had a MRI scan I’ve waited 7 years for!
    A year ago, Atos found me fit for work with zero points!
    I have ended up hospitalised as I hadn’t eaten for 5 days!
    The CAB helped to get tye Atos’s fit for work ruking overturned!
    Now Maximus after another kangaroo court test, has found me fit for work?
    In two weeks, I am meant to begin the treatment I have waited 7 years for!
    Now I can’t go!
    The DWP has left me penniless and destitute and no money to get to the clinic?
    I’ve waited 7 years for this treatment!
    I feel like committing suicide!
    Another figure to add to the Tories genocide tally!
    And yet the British people do nothing?
    We should storm Parliament, and hang the entire Conservative Party from lamp posts around London……starting with Ian Duncan Smith and Esther McVey, who I would willingly smash their faces in with a baseball bats if it wasn’t too painful for me to do!

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences. The more people share their stories maybe just maybe things will change. I know what it is like to suffer with pain over a long period of time and for you to have to go through such a nightmare with ATOS and now Maximus adds to the misery of chronic pain and other illness.

      Your situation is similar to so many people and is shocking. This government is vile, IDS in particular and like you I cannot understand why the British people do not speak out. Sadly many people have fallen for the Tory scrounger propaganda which vilifies sick and disabled people. At least now the UN is investigating the government’s treatment of sick and disabled people.

      Please please whatever you do, do not commit suicide. While there is life there is hope; an old cliché I know but true nonetheless. Life is precious, do not take your life.

      Seven years is a long time to wait for treatment. If you see your doctor or telephone your surgery they will arrange for a volunteer or an ambulance to take you to your appointment if you cannot afford the cost of transport. Or perhaps a neighbour or a family member could take you? You would be surprised that even neighbours who do not know you well may be willing to help in such a situation. Failing that try your local church even if you’re not a member, many churches understand the situation and may be willing to help. There has to be some way for you to get to this appointment. Telephone the Samaritans – maybe they will have some advice including how to help you get to your appointment, you can find your local branch telephone number here:

      Or contact your local Trussel Trust food bank: – they may be able to help not only with food but getting to the clinic; it’s worth asking.

      I wish you well and understand your anger, which is felt by myself and so many, many people in your situation. But please whatever you do, do not take your own life. One day hopefully we will be rid of this vile Tory blight, the sooner the better. It’s difficult enough being ill without this nightmare of social injustice, its time sick and disabled people received more help – not less.

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