Stop the Torture of Rabbits in Factory Farms in Spain

“We are shocked by these images, where farm workers kill young rabbits by blunt force trauma, and sick animals are left for days crammed inside filthy cages with no veterinary treatment. We as a modern and civilised society, should not tolerate these abuses.”
Matteo Cupi, Head of Investigations Animal Equality

If you watch or read nothing further please at least sign the petition to stop this hideous cruelty to rabbits:

Farm Eduardo Pazos Beariz, Ourense – Galicia

Farm Sant Martí de Sesgueioles – Barcelona – Catalunya

Please watch the undercover video by Animal Equality – warning very distressing.

Also see shocking photos on flickr from where the above pictures came

Please also read the following information, particularly if you cannot watch the video, and sign the petition

During a two-year long undercover investigation, which included a total of 72 farms and 4 slaughterhouses, it was found that rabbits were killed by blunt force trauma, farmers were observed killing rabbits by hitting them with iron bars, smashing their heads on concrete floors and punching them. Rabbits, including new born undersized babies, were thrown onto concrete floors and both babies and injured rabbits were thrown live into garbage containers left to die slowly from starvation. Sick and injured rabbits with seriously infected wounds were left in tiny cages in their own faeces without veterinary care. Many rabbits cramped into tiny cages bit and fought each other as a result of stress. Shockingly in the above video one vet boasts of animal cruelty while smashing a helpless rabbit on the concrete ground leaving him twitching and writhing in agony. Dead animals are left in cages with live rabbits and rabbits have their throats cut whilst still alive.

Read more and please sign the form letter if you have not already done so.

It is possible to edit this and use your own words,  but if for some reason you cannot do this send it as it is. It is more effective to edit but not everyone can do this.

Two of the farms investigated are linked to the English distributor C&D Wines, and the meat was served at English restaurants.

Each year in Europe an astonishing number of rabbits – 332 million –  are slaughtered mainly in France, Italy and Spain.

Doesn’t that shock you, 332 million , about the population of the USA in 2006 , living sentient beings kept in shocking conditions and slaughtered to provide you with a food that you really do not need and is not natural. Rabbits have a brain and nervous system and feel pain and suffer as you or I. In fact it is known that rabbits are particularly sensitive to pain. They also experience stress and fear, so sensitive are these gentle timid creatures that a rabbit will scream in fear and may have a heart attack.  Moreover like all creatures rabbits simply want to live.

When I mentioned the terrible cruelty that was taking place on Spanish rabbit farms my husband immediately assumed I was speaking about farms in China. Yes indeed we cannot imagine such atrocities taking place within an EU country, a country which we assume is more ethically progressive than most, after all a law was passed in the Spanish Parliament granting human rights to apes the first, and as far as I know, only legislation of its kind anywhere in the world. Yet seemingly nothing is done to ensure rabbits are treated humanely.

Under no circumstances, anywhere in any part of the world can such hideous cruelty be justified. Such shocking callous cruelty to sentient creatures who feel pain, experience fear and suffer just like you or I is morally wrong and cannot be ignored. Rabbits suffer pain just like your cat or dog, yet often rabbits are not regarded in the same way when it comes to abuse. To say I’m shocked in the extreme to find such atrocities taking place on Spanish farms is no exaggeration. To reiterate, rabbits were beaten, left to die in agony cramped in tiny cages in their own excrement, left to suffer the ravages of disease in awful pain and fear and… well I could go on the level of abuse is unbelievable. Shocking, just shocking, how anyone can treat animals so cruelly is incomprehensible to me.

Thankfully someone cares and Animal Equality has taken legal proceedings. The Spanish government has the legal responsibility to take a stand against this dreadful inhumane cruelty, which is not worthy of any ethical nation. Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
What does this treatment of helpless rabbits say about Spain?

Please sign the petition if you have not already done so:

Urge the Spanish government to investigate rabbit farms and stop this shocking cruelly. I am certain there are laws in the EU that prohibit this kind of abuse so please take action to end this suffering for these defenceless animals.


Farm Cunicultura Hermanos Vicente – Altura – Comunidad Valenciana

I am a vegan and do not eat or use animal derivatives so do not condone the exploitation of animals in the way. The way to stop this and similar atrocities is to stop eating meat. However in the meantime until the human race develops compassion and respect for the right of life to all beings we need to tirelessly campaign for the banning of such cruelty and the closing down of such places of torment which are not worth of any country which wishes to make ethical progress. In the short-term stiffer sentences need to be applied such as incarceration, fines I feel are not much of a deterrent in the long-term. I hope that one day animals will be left to live their lives as nature intended free from exploitation and negative interference by human beings.

8 thoughts on “Stop the Torture of Rabbits in Factory Farms in Spain

  1. Hi my name is courtney and I am a student at penrhos college in perth. I would love to help out stopping this horrible topic hurting these poor innocent rabbits. If there is anything I can possibly do please let me know! Thanks

    • Hi Courtney, so nice to know there are people like you out there who care. I am not sure about further action you can take to stop this. It might be best if you contact Animal Action to see if there is anything more you could do to help stop this horrific and cruel treatment of rabbits if you scroll down there are contact details at the bottom of the page with a postal and e-mail address. which I have included here:
      (+44) 07538 431754
      BM Box 2732 · London · WC1N 3XX

      Here are a few more ideas

      Here is another petition concerning rabbit farming in Europe

      Protest Inhumane Rabbit Farming: A petition to European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Ciolos

      You could write to the commissioner about the appalling treatment of rabbits in farms in Spain:

      By post:

      Dacian Cioloş
      Member of the European Commission
      B-1049 Brussels

      Via e-mail:

      More information:

      The above petition to the European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Ciolos focuses on animal welfare, humane treatment in farms rather than a complete ban. My opinion is that rabbits and other animals should not be killed for their meat or fur and I would therefore like to see a total ban on rabbit farming or indeed any live stock farming.

      While looking for some information for you I came across the following which you may be interested in: if you click the “Take Action Now!” tab there are a number of actions you can take.

      After looking into the issue of cruelty on rabbit farms it seem the problem is very wide spread and is sadly world-wide.

      If I think of anything else I will include it here.

      Thank you for commenting and wanting to help rabbits. I hope one day such cruelty towards defenceless animals will end and animals will be left to live their lives as nature intended, free from exploitation of any kind.

  2. I watched the horrific acts of cruelty being committed to what are innocent, precious and loving animals. The torture and suffering they face is unthinkable. How “humans” can justify this I cannot comprehend.
    I appreciate that there are people who share the pain I feel and my perspective and people who really care for these loving animals.
    I am deeply grateful that we have brave animal rights activists to expose these evil acts of cruelty, and for that I am so deeply thankful.
    I myself am a long time vegetarian, and I have had the beautiful experience of loving rabbits as part of my family.
    We may not be able to change the world overnight, but through sharing the truth and spreading our message we are definitely at least helping to spread the word that all the more further than it has ever gone before.

    • Hi Renne

      Thank you for your comment. I agree that it is incomprehensible how humans can be so cruel to helpless animals, I cannot understand the mentality of such people. There is something deeply wrong with them.

      Like you I have shared my home with rabbits who contrary to what many people believe are amazing creatures. They ‘re gentle, sensitive, self-aware animals it is heartbreaking just how much these animals are abused and exploited.

      Yes I think we can change the world little by little by simply speaking out against the many atrocities committed to the other species with whom we share this world.

      With the Internet we are more and more aware of the cruelty and abuse and just how wide spread it is thanks to the dedication of caring people. It can no longer be hidden and as more and more the truth is known the more it is likely that things will change for the better.

      Thank you for caring, its always good to know hear from people care deeply what happens to animals.

  3. have told sheba whose brand ive been buying for my cat i wont buy again until they remove rabbit from the boxes , if everyone did this with all manufacturers and supermarkets we can put a stop to this .

    • Thank you for commenting. I am not sure about the outcome of this campaign or if the petition is still available. You are right if more people wrote to manufacturers, supermarkets and restaurants and also governments the situation would improve.

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