The perfect Storm: Thank You Oxfam For Speaking Out

Lifting the lid on austerity Britain reveals a perfect storm – and it’s forcing more and more people into poverty.   Bpc-oZ6IMAAQ-MaWell done Oxfam! Finally a charity has spoken out in no uncertain terms concerning the cause of the dramatic increase in devastating poverty here in the UK. I once worked as a volunteer for Oxfam in one of their shops some twenty years ago – back than the very idea that Oxfam would need to speak out against poverty here in the UK was unthinkable. How times have changed. The fact that a charity such as Oxfam, dedicated to helping poor people globally, needs to turn its attention to the UK is shameful.

Conservative backbencher Conor Burns has said people who support Oxfam will be left “shocked and saddened.”

Why? Oxfam have told the truth. Austerity has plunged people into poverty, thirteen million to be exact, including 1.3 million children, destroying lives of all but the very rich.

How many know that almost a third of all children live in poverty and that 1.6 million of these children live in severe poverty. 

Oxfam support the poor and oppressed in this greedy manipulative world where the rich exploit others to gain wealth beyond the imaginations of most people, even here in the rich west, in the 6th richest country in the world. Though the UK is one of the world’s richest countries, many of it citizens most certainly are not.

More from Oxfam:
“Ben Phillips, Oxfam’s director of campaigns and policy, explains why we campaign and why we’re talking about poverty in the UK.”

It is time more charities took Oxfam’s lead and spoke out instead of supporting or ignoring the violation of human rights here in the UK. In fact it is time more of us spoke out, how can we sit by while thirteen million people live in poverty while Britain’s richest people are wealthier than ever before with a combined fortune of almost £520bn. During the past year the total wealth of the richest 1,000 individuals, couples or families jumped by 15% while millions of people become devastatingly much much poorer.

Just six years after Lehman Bros collapsed, sparking the worst recession since the Great Depression, the world’s rich have never been richer — and more of them are based in Britain than ever before:

Why do we allow this, why do we not question the morality of a small percentage of the population having vast wealth while the majority of us live impoverished lives, slaving away our precious existence for low wages simply to make others rich, watching our children face the same prospects or even bleaker prospects. There can be few people who do not fear for their children’s future. Things have to change and more of us need to speak out.

The truth is the truth and Oxfam have stated the truth and I appalled them.

I would like to say the following to Oxfam:
Thank you so much for speaking out for poor people in the UK . Your amazing poster says it all. Thank you for supporting those who are struggling under the weight of austerity measures, it is just so refreshing to know that finally there is someone brave enough to challenge this violation of human rights, this the gravest of social injustices here in the UK.

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