Help stop Cruel Sheep Experiments

To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.
Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi.

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BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) have uncovered cruel experiments taking place at Cambridge University using sheep imported from New Zealand – yes of course all experiments are cruel,  animals are not here to experiment upon or use in any other way for man’s convenience. Such is an anachronism of past thinking, not worthy to be of consideration in a modern world and not worthy of a just society.

Please watch the video.

Warning! Disturbing footage. The film becomes increasing more distressing as it progresses.

The discovery came as a result of an undercover investigation by BUAV that has revealed the inhumane use of sheep for research into neurological disorders, including Batten’s disease a rare genetic disorder, and Huntington’s disease.

It is important to note that sheep’s brains are not the same as ours and though they sufferer similar conditions the disease does not manifest the same and mimics only some of the abnormalities which present in humans. In addition the main genetic mutation responsible for Battens in humans is not found in sheep. Consequently the experiments are unreliable.

During the course of the experiment the unfortunate animals suffered intensely including, having a brain implant – one poor creature suffered additionally as an impatient member of staff rammed her into the crush cage breaking her leg.

The sheep have a condition that mimics only some of the abnormalities seen in people with Batten’s disease. The animals suffered greatly, in particular experiencing eyesight loss and disorientation. As their condition worsened they struggled to walk in a straight line and would bang their heads into stationary objects. They experienced weight loss and strange head movements. One sheep called Janet suffered severe weight loss and became virtually blind. She was eventually killed because of her suffering but was inexplicably left for several days in a pitiful state, even though it was acknowledged she would have to be killed. Some sheep had invasive implants inserted into their brains. The implant caused a large head wound, which if the sheep knocked their heads could worsen. Packs connected to the implant recorded brain activity for 24 hours. The sheep were kept in this facility undergoing behavioural tests and monitored as their condition deteriorated until they died or were killed.

Continue reading and please take the recommended action and write to Home Office minister Norman Baker and to Cambridge University Vice chancellor Leszek Borysiewicz:

Please write polite letters/e-mails to Home Office Minister Norman Baker urging him to terminate the project licence for this sheep research at Cambridge University:

Home Office Minister Norman Baker
The Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Write polite letters/emails to Cambridge University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz and raise your concerns about the use of sheep in research at the University:

Vice-Chancellor’s Office,
University of Cambridge,
The Old Schools,
Trinity Lane,
Cambridge CB2 1TT

The above information is from BUAV website link below.  I have included a postal address for Professor Borysiewicz for anyone who wishes to write a letter. Though E-mail of course is effective, a letter is less easy perhaps to overlook.

It is important to be polite even though like me you may be angry. The brutality and callous indifference with which people harm animals, such as those who conduct experiments upon helpless creatures, never ceases to disturb and shock me. I cannot understand the mentality, the lack of humanity and compassion for a sentient being, a creature who, like the person who conducts the experiment, suffers pain, experiences fear and wishes to live a life free from such. Experiments on any sentient being are unethical in the extreme and make no mistake sheep are sentient creatures.

In fact sheep are amazing creatures – I created a whole website about them which evolved into an animal rights information site about all farm and other animals including the human animal:

Did you know sheep are very independent, get jealous of each other, love cuddles and will come running when you call their name. Most incredibly sheep recognise and remember people and just like us they carry emotional baggage and grieve for their loved ones. They enjoy sitting in the sun and know how to self medicate when ill, selecting the right plants to eat, and they, like most animals, know when you are up to something:

If you think you can outsmart a sheep, think again. If you’re up to no good, then they’ll be on to you in no time. Whether you want to trim their hooves or administer medication, they’ll know about it even before you do!

Read More: 10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Sheep:

Sheep are sentient intelligent creatures: Janet Taylor founder of Farm Animal Sanctuary tells this delightful story in answer to the question – are they stupid:

“Are they stupid… ? Janet laughs: “You must be joking. There’s the gang of three and working together they can open any gate on this farm. They stick their tongues through the holes in latch gates; if a bolt is stiff, one will lean against the gate to ease the pressure while another slides the bolt back with his mouth and the third kicks it open.” Adopt a Farm Animal org This amusing account indicates quite clearly that sheep are not only intelligent, but intelligent with a good deal of ingenuity, they have an obvious ability to solve problems and work things out and to also work in groups indicating communication between them. Even though we may not in any way be aware of such communication it obviously takes place as the above clearly demonstrates. The sheep here have clearly worked out between themselves how to open the gate.

Read this and other stories and information concerning sentience in sheep:

The world appears to be a very uncaring place, where callousness, indifference, cruelty, exploitation and all manner of abuse is rife. With the event of the Internet the atrocities towards human and non-human animals alike are laid bare. The facts can be mind blowing, shattering , so overwhelming at times that one can lose faith that there is goodness in the world. Please watch the video further on, which shows you what amazing creature’s sheep are and that there are people who treat them with the respect and the love they deserve, as indeed do all animals.

There are many delightful antidotes about sheep concerning sentience and intelligence, however the main thing to consider is their potential to suffer.
The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?”
Jeremy Bentham.

Time to show some compassion, the cold-blooded indifference to the suffering of animals in the form of animal experiments needs to end, experiments should be banned once and for all. No animal whether a sheep, a primate, a rabbit or a rat – or a human being for that matter – should ever be experimented upon for any reason whether it is the more fickle waste of a precious life for the sake of vanity as in the testing of cosmetics or the use of animals in the fight against disease.

If you use cosmetics or medication you should do so at your own risk. Many medicines have been licensed for use as a result of animal experiments only to find a couple of decades later that there is a health hazard. Never forget the disastrous tragedy of thalidomide; how many animals suffered to test a drug that in the end resulted in deformities of babies growing in the womb?

We have to ask what right have we to experiment on other animals, are their lives less significant? Do humans do this because we simply can as the dominant species? Though I rather think it is a small minority who do so we are complicit if we continue to allow it and never speak out.  Do we allow such atrocities to take place on defenceless creatures because animals are, according to our perspective,  less intelligent, less aware and therefore of less value. What if there were no animals, would we experiment on one another, upon those lives we deem less worthy? Would scientists experiment on sick people for instance as is the case with the sheep or the elderly perhaps, the less intelligent, the poor or simply any category of person other than the dominant group. I am sure scientists would come up with all manner of rationale to justify cruel experiments.

Someone commenting on You tube pointed out the sheep were already ill as though this justifies these experiments. In most societies it is thought cruel to allow an animal to suffer if he or she is pain and is facing death. Therefore allowing these animals to suffer the misery of the disease was cruel and inhumane, as was subjecting them to added torment such as the brain probe and the careless treatment of the sheep whose leg was broken, it is shameful, unforgivable and grossly immoral.

Thankfully there are many people who care about animals, dedicating their lives to their care and well-being. I would like to share with you the following article and video which I found so uplifting.

Sheep Survives Fire and Gives Birth to Miracle Lamb:

Read the whole story here: Please take the time to write letters to the above people.

Please take the time to write to Home Office Minister Norman Baker and Cambridge University Vice-Chancellor Professor Borysiewicz

2 thoughts on “Help stop Cruel Sheep Experiments

    • Thank you for your comment and support. Hopefully the more people become aware about what happens to animals in labs and elsewhere things may change. it is difficult to get these awful things stopped though.

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