Twitter Backlash as Popular Author kills and Cooks a Rabbit

Below is a guest blog by Luis Leonel an animal rights activist.


After the British writer, broadcaster, activist and former vegetarian Jeanette Winterson caught a rabbit eating her roses and sprouts in her Cotswolds garden, she killed, skinned, boned, cooked the animal, fed the innards to her cat and took several photos which were posted on her Twitter account. Winterson even joked about crafting a glove puppet with the animal’s head.

The Twitter backlash, she’s now facing, hasn’t frightened her. She defies animal rights activists and pledges to continue to cull rabbits because she considers them a pest. What Winterson seemingly doesn’t know is that the last few decades have seen the rabbit population of the UK almost destroyed due to the highly contagious rabbit hemorrhagic caused by a calicivirus that affects only wild and domesticated European rabbits.

“Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit” was the first novel of Jeannete Winterson. Perhaps, she’d now write a new book about the culinary arts with the title “Rabbits Are Not the Only Animal”.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Backlash as Popular Author kills and Cooks a Rabbit

  1. Indeed you are right. This women has no remorse, no shame and continues to gloat over her shocking cruelty. What right has she to take the life of this defenceless creature. Rabbits are not pests they are just one of the many animals with whom we share this world and have as much right to life as we do.

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