Stop Cameron’s Fracking Law

“Even putting to one side the evidence of environmental and health risks posed by fracking, the easing of trespass laws within this Bill is a completely unacceptable violation of homeowners’ rights across the country. The public have spoken clearly on this proposed new fracking law: 75 per cent don’t want it. The Government hasn’t listened. So now it’s steamrolling through legislation that will deny people any say in what happens to the very ground beneath their homes. Positive spin on this is pure hot air: the evidence speaks for itself.”
Caroline Lucas MP Green Party

Again this may seem like old news but I think from time to time we need reminding of the devious proposals of this, the worse government in history, as rarely a day passes without some outrage or another by the coalition and vital issues such as this get easily overlooked or forgotten.

Cameron wants to change the law so he can get his own way. It seems that if the government are thwarted from doing whatsoever they please as a result of the democratic process – 74 per cent of people have said they will not give permission for fracking to take place under their property – they change the law.

Cameron and his unelected government wants to pass a law to modify the trespass laws which are hundreds of years old to allow fracking companies access to run shale gas pipelines deep under private land without getting prior permission.

Without our permission the fracking industry’s plans are on shaky ground. Recently Cuadrilla boss Francis Egan claimed that if firms like his aren’t allowed to drill under our homes without permission, fracking in the UK could grind to a halt.

So we have the power to stop fracking here in the UK, unless the government alter the trespass laws.

I have previously written here and here about the dangers of fracking to our health, wild animals and the environment.

Do not be led astray by promises of cheaper energy.

Lord Browne the chairman of fracking company Cuadrilla says fracking is not going to reduce gas prices in the UK.

We should protest against fracking and not be led astray by promises of cheaper energy. Such will never happen, the only people to benefit will be the energy companies who will make more profit. Fracking is a serious threat to the environment and as usual all for the sake of profit for the few at the expense of the many. The promise of cheaper energy bills is unlikely, and even if this were the cost to our health and our environment is simply not worth it.

Fracking is one of the more outrageous forms of insanity which will destroy our countryside, our environment and endanger our health.

France has banned Fracking so should the UK. France and Poland have the greatest potential for recoverable shale gas in Europe. France banned fracking in 2011 and cancelled exploration licences held by companies including Schuepbach and Total SA, the country’s biggest oil company, after protests by environmental groups.

Action you can take – petitions for you to sign

Please click the links to sign two Green Peace petitions

74% of the British public are against David Cameron’s plan to allow companies to drill without permission . So in the coming weeks, he’ll be going on a huge charm offensive, hoping to convince MPs. Sign the petition, and help push back
“It’s already making news websites and getting the attention of MPs – but it’s voters they listen to most. So sign to add your voice:

Please sign:

After hitting our local councils with endless budget cuts, Cameron’s now tempting them into dirty fracking deals by offering financial incentives that could be worth millions. He’s also trying to undermine the tens of thousands who’ve said no to fracking under their homes by overhauling ancient trespass laws.

France has banned fracking so Cameron has invited French owned energy company, Total, to frack over here. Tell him what’s not ok in France, is not ok here either.

Please Sign:

More information from Green Peace:

Friends of the earth

Please sign the following two petitions

Ask MPs to stop companies fracking under homes without permission

Fossil fuel companies fracking under people’s homes without asking them. That’s what David Cameron wants. And he’s sneakily trying to change the law to make it happen.

Please don’t let him get away with it. Sign our petition below. And share it far and wide. Thank you.

Why the petition? We need as many MPs as possible to vote against this change in law.

A petition with tens of thousands of our names will put great pressure on MPs to vote no.

What’s more, we’ve teamed up with Greenpeace to get as many names as possible.

Please sign – please sign even if you have signed the Green Peace petition, it is important to show the strength of our feelings against this proposal. Whatever the issue we cannot allow any government to run rough shod over the will of the people and manipulate the law in order to do so.

Ask Cameron to say no to fracking:

David Cameron promised his would be the ‘greenest government ever’

Yet he has come out in clear support of fracking, a new way of extracting yet more dirty fossil fuels, just when the UK should be leading the world in moving to clean renewable power.

Help us call on David Cameron to focus on clean, safe and renewable energy solutions instead.

Sign the petition:

More information and action ideas

Why not write to your MP or David Cameron

Cameron’s contact details:

E-mail letter to sign to send to your MP from 38 degrees.

Edit if you can but if for some reason this is not possible please send as it is.

 With less than a year before the General Election MPs will think twice before voting for a controversial law that would give fracking companies the green light to drill under their constituents’ homes.

And the more pressure MPs feel right now, as they get back to parliament for the first time this session, the more likely we can stop fracking in the UK for good.

It takes 2 mins to email your MP:

More information

Fracking map: –  unfortunately the consultation deadline has passed there is however important information on this page.




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