Elephant weeps

An Elephant weeps as he is rescued after forty years of misery.

©Press People Raju the elephant takes his first steps to freedom, after 50-years in chains

Unfortunately in many parts of the world elephants continue to be exploited for entertainment or used as labour. Even if left in their natural environment they are killed and exploited for their tusks. These highly social and intelligent animals are forced to live miserable lives in confinement carrying out tasks or performances to serve and or entertain human beings. Fortunately Raju the elephant was rescued, so great was his relief and understanding of the circumstances he actually shed tears. This poor animal suffered unimaginable misery for fifty years of his life until his rescue.

For 50 years Raju the elephant was held in chains, beaten and abused – a pitiful sight with his legs bleeding from spiked shackles and living on handouts from passing tourists.

Day after day he was forced to hold out his trunk, begging for a few coins, on the streets of India – so hungry he’d eat plastic and paper to fill his empty stomach.

But, last week, a North London-based charity Wildlife SOS stepped in to save Raju from dying in his bonds in a daring midnight rescue operation, finally freeing him one minute into July 4th – independence day.

And incredibly, as the team moved in to save him, tears rolled down Raju’s face, as though he wept in gratitude that he was finally being released.


Elephants both in Africa and Asia are on the brink of extinction. Poaching is one of the more serious crimes against these iconic animals. Nonetheless we should not overlook the crime of exploitation for labour or entertainment.

Help Elephants around the world

Please sign the following petitions:

Kenya: Give presidential armed protection to your last ‘great tusker’ elephants.

The largest ‘great tusker’ elephant in Kenya was killed by poachers in late May. Pictured with this petition is Satao, killed only weeks ago in Kenya by poachers for the ivory trade.

The death of Satao, one Kenya’s few surviving elephants whose tusks weigh over 100lbs, has sent shockwaves around the world.

As a consequence, conservationists are asking the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, to provide armed protection for the country’s remaining ‘great tuskers.’

Read More and sign the petition

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/761/234/291/kenya-give-presidential-armed-protection-to-your-last-great-tusker-elephants/  “Great tuskers” are elephants whose tusks weigh over 100 pounds. These elephants are in extreme danger from poachers.  Sato was the largest “great tusker” on earth before he was murdered for his tusks.

Four decades ago, the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, saved a famous “great tusker”called Ahmed by granting him official protection from poachers. Four armed guards protected him around the clock and he died of old age.

Kenyatta’s own son, the current president of Kenya, should provide the elephants with the same kind of protection his father did four decades ago.

Next is a petition concerning another captive elephant

Urgent! Take Action to Save Lonely, Miserable, Elephant

Imagine, if you can, a youngster, shipped to a strange and frightening place, never to see her family or home ever again. But no alert is ever issued, no reward for her safe return offered. This is because the victim is an elephant, Mali the lone elephant at the Manila Zoo.

This nursing baby was taken from Sri Lanka in 1977 and has spent the last 36 years in a small, concrete pen.

Read More and please sign the petition:

Petition to save the Asian Elephant

The magnificent Asian elephant is of environmental, cultural and spiritual importance. But tragically, this iconic animal is on the brink of extinction due to massive habitat loss. It is simply running out of space and time.

Please sign our petition to make your voice heard by those who can act now before it is too late.


There are many more petitions on-line, enter Elephant petitions in your favourite search engine and please sign as many as you can.

You will find a good selection of information about elephants and actions you can take included in the following:

More information on this blog:






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