Take Action for Tibet: Help to Stop China Using Twitter as a Propaganda tool

Please take action to stop China spreading lies about Tibet. Print Hash Tag Stop #ChinaSpam: https://twitter.com/hashtag/ChinaSpam?src=hash Please send a messages to Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo and ask him to stop his company supporting China’s brutal occupation of Tibet.

Free Tibet has identified a web of more than 100 fake Twitter accounts being used to spread China’s propaganda about Tibet. Tweets are circulated pretending to be from real people and include attacks on the Dalai Lama and news stories from Chinese state media portraying Tibet as a contented Chinese province. Within 24 hours of Free Tibet contacting Twitter, a number of accounts were suspended but many remain and China is still able to use Twitter to tell lies about Tibet.

Please continue reading and send the message by clicking the following link http://freetibet.org/email_targets/2048

As always please edit if you can but if you cannot for some reason just send as it is.

Every message helps in the campaign to free Tibet from the oppression of China. China is using Twitter to spread lies about Tibet and it must stop. It is bad enough that the west, including the UK government of course (no surprises there), does not support Tibet’s struggle for freedom. This shocking state of affairs, when the west openly turns it back on the grave violations of human rights in Tibet, is compounded further when a western based company assists China in this way, it is simply not acceptable and we must speak out.

Also If you have a Twitter account, please tweet Dick Costolo (@dickc) calling for an end to the #ChinaSpam.

Around 100 fake accounts have been identified but hundreds more remain . These accounts are dedicated to attacking the Dalai Lama and spreading false propaganda about Tibet portraying China’s occupation as an idlyll of contentment. One such Tweet attacking the Dalai Lama has been retweeted more than 6,500 times.

Read more and view sample tweets:

Please read the detailed dossier submitted to Twitter by Free Tibet: http://freetibet.org/sites/default/files/Free%20Tibet%20Twitter%20Dossier%20July%202014.pdf

Please take action, it is up to us and organisations like Free Tibet to stand up for the People of Tibet as here in the west most countries have turned their backs on the oppression of the Tibetan people and even aid and abet China’s repressive regime either knowingly or unknowingly, as is the case with Twitter. Denied Internet access Tibetans have no voice to tell the world of the their plight under the yoke of China’s domination. Penalties are severe and Tibetans can face a stiff sentence of up to life imprisonment for online or email content criticising China’s regime. Now that the deception is in the open Twitter must act to remove these fake accounts. Some have been removed but hundreds remain, with your help we can persuade Twitter to remove them all. Please take the above actions and also spread the word.

More information:

New York Times article:

Free Tibet is a London-based international campaigning organisation, working for the Tibetan people’s right to determine their own future, an end to China’s occupation and for the fundamental human rights of Tibetans to be respected.




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