Benefit Sanctions Killed David Clapson

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Sign The Petition For An Inquiry Into The Benefit Sanctions That Killed David Clapson

The family of David Clapson – the former soldier who recently died after his benefits were stopped as punishment for missing a meeting at the Jobcentre – have launched a petition calling for an inquiry into benefit sanctions. In his sister’s own words: “My brother, David Clapson, a diabetic ex-soldier, died starving and destitute because he was penalised by the Job Centre for missing a meeting. “David had his £71.70 weekly allowance stopped meaning that he couldn’t afford food or electricity. He was penniless, starving and alone. His electricity card was out of credit meaning the fridge where he should have kept his diabetes insulin chilled was not working. Three weeks after his benefits were stopped he died from diabetic ­ketoacidosis – caused by not taking his insulin. “David wasn’t a “scrounger”. He had worked for 29 years; 5 years in the Army – including two years in Northern Ireland…

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David’s sister Gill quoted in the Daily Mirror said:

“I don’t care even if they do not admit it as long as they look at it again in the background.” She added: “If my brother had been a murderer he would have been fed and watered with a roof overt his head. “People talk about human rights but where were my brother’s human rights and dignity? “They took away his rights and dignity.”

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Facing the possibility of sanctions?

You can get help from Job Seekers Sanction Advice about what to do if you are sanctioned

We’re a small network of 3 disgruntled ex, Department of Work and Pensions civil servants who left the service for a variety of reasons, not least of which was our dissatisfaction with the pressures being placed on staff to achieve what many of us saw as targets, which were designed in our eyes, to punish people financially for the smallest error or indiscretion. Rather than regard that as the end of the matter, our small group decided to actually do something about the reason for their premature departure from the civil service and with their new found freedom launched Job Seeker Sanction Advice.

Read More: Job Seeker Sanction Advice Home Page

Please read the following if you have not already done so. This is an excellent article which well sums up the shocking situation today here in the UK when benefit claimants are vilified, labeled as scroungers and skivers, plunged into poverty and destitution, even starvation and death.

As a result of Tory propaganda against benefit claimants we are a divided society where few speak out either against the treatment of the most vulnerable or the destruction of our welfare system. For make no mistake this is the agenda of the Tory’s and maybe even Labour. These are very worrying times, who would have thought that such a violation of human rights and the mistreatment of sick and disabled people and the unemployed would happen here in the UK and that moreover few would challenge this.

Sadly David is not the only one to die after having had his benefits cut off. Recall the case of a man with Asperger syndrome who died of starvation when his Employment and Support allowance was stopped:

Also the case of a man who died of kidney failure and starvation in the affluent town of East Grinstead after his benefits had been cut off.

These are just three cases among many, among thousands who have suffered death, committed suicide, been plunged into poverty, destitution and misery at a time in their lives when they need help and support as a result of loss of income because of unemployment, sickness or disability. The welfare system needs to change to avoid more tragedies of this nature.

Shocking that anyone in this world of plenty dies of starvation but when it happens in the sixth richest country in the world where food is readily available this social injustice seems more shocking. When shops are filled with an abundance of food, when the rich gorge themselves on the access of decadent living it is shameful that a sick person should die or indeed anyone simply on the whim of a government ruling. Benefit sanctions are unjust and mostly issued unfairly. For missing one appointment with his adviser this person lost his life!

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Read the heartbreaking story of David Tovey a seriously ill man who was driven to destitution, homelessness and attempted suicide as a result of government reforms.

The reality of the governments welfare reform:

In Memory of all Who Have Died as a Result of Government Welfare Reforms:

On 28th September last year a ceremony of remembrance and solidarity took place in London for all who have suffered and or died after ATOS assessments and as a result of the government’s viscous welfare reforms:
The suffering continues.

Britain’s Welfare  Reforms have come under the condemnation of the UN

Letter by UN poverty experts including Raquel Rolnik blasts welfare reform:

“… a 22-page letter was sent to Karen Pierce, Britain’s ambassador to the UN, criticises George Osborne’s indications that welfare reform will continue until at least 2017. It also criticises the benefits cap and raises concerns about the bedroom tax. The letter says:

‘We would like to bring to your government’s attention information we have received concerning the… impact of reductions in public expenditure, in particular to social security, to an adequate standard of living… and to equality and non-discrimination, especially for people living in poverty.

According to concerned sources, the package of austerity measures enacted could amount to retrogressive measures prohibited under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, ratified in 1974.’



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